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10 Best Essential Oils For Cleaning Air Naturally

Essential oils are an excellent way to optimize air quality. Why pollute the air more with toxins. Traditional sprays only mask odors with harmful chemicals or replace one impurity for another. Instead, use the best essential oils for cleaning the air naturally and effectively.

best essential oils for cleaning air

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Cleaning the air in your home is a great way to alleviate unnecessary impurities in the air. Essential oils act as a natural disinfectant and is great for air purification. They prevent and kill germs with their antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 90 percent of the time of the average American is spent inside. This is concerning since the indoor air quality of homes are between 2 to 5 more times contaminated than the outdoor air.

Therefore, I make sure that we use essential oils in our all purpose cleaner and other cleaning products to get rid of the stale air. I also only use our favorite essential oils that I know are effective for air purification. However, I only use these cautiously because essential oils can be effective but potent.

I am sharing with you the best, natural essential oils to use to get better air quality in your home.

This Post gives the best essential oils for cleaning air to get rid of airborne germs and promote a healthier lifestyle.

 10 Essential Oils that clean the air

A major component of clove oil is eugenol. Eugenol has been found to be effective against 31 strains of H. Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori), candida activity, strains of bacteria as well as fungal bacteria.

It also helps with oxidative stress, which means the body will get these benefits from inhaling clove from the air. Additionally, it prevents the growth of bacteria as well as yeast growth

Clove oil's chemical composition makes it one of the best oils to include into your cleaning routine. 

Another essential oil that tops the list for attributing to cleaner air is oregano oil. Its antifungal, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties contribute to its excellent purification effects. Additionally, oregano oil has antiviral properties which makes it a great oil for air purification around flu season.

Thyme essential oil is another excellent oil to use to purify the air in your home. This oil is highly effective at killing bacteria and also helps with respiratory issues. Therefore, using thyme in a diffuser and breathing it in would give you benefits of cleaner air in your home and positively impact respiratory health.

Peppermint oil is also a helpful for cleaning the air. Respiratory inflammation in regards to pollution in the air include asthma and lung diseases.

Therefore, finding a non-toxic way to purify the air around you without the use of harmful chemicals is important. Peppermint is known to open airways in the longs when breathed in.

Additionally, it is antimicrobial, so using it as an air purifier will help kill bacteria in the air as well as depart a fresh scent on the air. This oil would be useful blended with tea tree, lemon, lavender, orange, eucalyptus, or rosemary oil.

orange oil for cleaning air

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Another great essential oil that is beneficial to purifying your home is orange oil. It is helpful for killing bacteria in the air. Therefore pairing it with an oil like clove oil adds a nice citrusy scent as well as offers antibacterial properties to your surroundings.

Tea tree oil is a great versatile essential oil. Using it for air purification is one of its many great features. It provides a fresh scent and gets rid of unwanted odors.

This oil is handy for combating mold and fungal as well as using it for fungal prevention. The oil's antiviral as well as antibacterial attributes only further benefit the air around you. 

It is great to add this essential oil to many essential oil blends for cleaning the air because it blends well with so many oil scents.

Lemon has been added to cleaning products for many year. This is because lemon oil helps with microbials in the air. This study shows the reducing effects lemon oil had on bacteria and fungal pollutants in a hospital ward. 

Not only does it provide air purifying effects, it provides a pleasant aroma to the air and provides mood boosting results.

Lavender is often chosen as an oil to add to cleaning solutions and diffusers. Lavender oil is one of the most used natural oils for creating a less stressed place.

This is due to the relaxing and calming effect of lavender as well as the oil's bacterial fighting properties. Diffusing it in the air cleans the air and promotes a sense of well-being.

Rosemary essential oil is great to add in to a diffuser or cleaning blend. According to the USDA, rosemary oil has shown the ability to prevent fungal growth when dispersed in the air.

Additionally, rosemary oil has shown to be beneficial to asthma sufferers and provide respiratory relief.

Last on the list of most helpful essential oils for cleaning the air is eucalyptus oil. This oil naturally eliminates odors from the air and gets rid of nasty odors as well.

It is great to add in especially around cold and flu season to ward off any possible flu symptoms. Additionally, it is great for respiratory illnesses and congestion.

Disclaimer:  No content on this site should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor, a qualified clinician or other qualified health care professional.

(Use essential oils in moderation. Always check for safety concerns. Make sure you are aware of the ingredients in the products you use so you know the amount of essential oils you are exposed to.)

How To Use Essential Oils For Air Purification

There are several great ways that these essential oils can be used to create clean air indoors. Whether you choose one or all of the ways below, not only will you get fresh air, you will also get other health benefits according to the essential oil blend you choose.

Using an aromatherapy diffuser is a popular choice for naturally cleaning the air in a room,  This is a better choice that chemical filled air fresheners filled with synthetic fragrances. 

There are many oils that have antibacterial properties and can be used as an air purifier. They also help with the respiratory system by removing contaminants from the air and helping the immune system.

  • Pick the right essential oils for you. Using an essential oil blend is a great choice to most effectively clean the air. Also, make sure to use only pure essential oils. There are better quality oils than others.
  • Put several drops in the diffuser of your choice. This nebulizer diffuser is a good choice for an electric diffuser. It uses the fluid's speed and pressure to disperse the essential oils through the diffuser. Therefore, less energy is used while still being effective.
essential oil diffuser

#2  In Everyday Cleaning

Adding drops of essential oil to a cleaning mixture is an easy and effective way to clean the air. Mold and impurities in the air will be killed when essential oils are sprayed into the air. Regular cleaning with these oils or using a diffuser both will produce good results.

Essential oil Cleaning Recipe

1 3/4 cup water distilled water

1/4 cup vinegar

10 drops orange essential oil

  10 drops tea tree essential oil

5 drops thyme essential oil

5 drops clove essential oil

#3  Purifying Room Spray

You can also create a room spray with witch hazel and essential oils of your choosing. Spray the room or area as needed to combat air and leave a refreshing scent. This is a quick and convenient way to make sure the house has a clean scent as well as clean air.

#4 Reed Diffusers

An alternative to an electric diffuser is a reed diffuser.  These are convenient because you fill the base with some coconut oil and essential oils and let the reeds work on their own. The oil works its way up the reed dispersing a scent into the air. 

This post Covered the 10 best essential oils for cleaning air and the top ways to use these essential oils.


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