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Best Essential Oils For Car Diffuser (And Blends)

Have you ever thought about using essential oils to create a better driving experience? You should give it a try. Ditch the toxic air fresheners. These best essential oils for car diffuser will create better air to breathe and set the mood designed just for you and your passengers.

best essential oils for car diffuser

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We only use natural ways to freshen the air and add scent to our cars. We have an air purifier in our car to keep the air that we breathe while we drive as clean as possible. 

However, we also add in essential oils when we want a natural way to add scent or set a mood. We add them more often to our vehicles that do not have the purifier thought.

We use these in place of the toxic air fresheners you see hanging in the cars driving by. I do not know how they can stand them smell without having some type of negative reaction.

Essential oils will offer your so much more to your small space, but you need to use them with caution. They can be powerful, especially in a confined space. Their benefits are great if you are aware of this.

The essential oil combinations are many, but I break down the top must-try oils and combos to use in a car.

This post offers the different essential oils to use in a car diffuser and the many benefits of using essential oils in a car.

Best Essential oils for car diffuser

Make sure that any essential oils that are used in an enclosed space like a vehicle are safe for all riding members. This includes babies and children, pregnant woman as well as furry friends.

Wild Orange is a great air purifying oil and natural air freshener. It also is great for creating a positive vibe and uplifting spirits. The fresh citrus oil scent may help reduce anxious feelings and departs a vitalizing feel into the air to increase energy levels. This oil is great for using in an essential oil diffuser but also is effective when used in a car cleaning spray.

Peppermint essential oil is a great oil to include on a long drive. This oil is known to help with alertness and mental clarity. Therefore, when one feels drowsiness coming on from the long hours in the car, a hint of a peppermint scent coming from an air vent diffuser can come in real handy.

Peppermint essential oil is also great to include during the cold and flu months. Additionally, it is a great way to relieve the effects of a headache while driving.

Rosemary is another one of my favorite essential oils to use to on a long drive or while driving home after a long day. It helps increase focus and attention while driving.

Not only does it help you focus, but it helps to enhance memory and mood as well. If you are tired, anxious, stressed, or having difficulties paying attention, then rosemary is an oil that would be extremely useful for your portable car diffuser.

Another oil you should consider putting on the list to use in your car diffuser is eucalyptus oil. This oil comes in handy during cold and flu season. Breathing in Eucalyptus can be helpful in fighting congesting and a stuffy nose. Also, it promotes a healthy and strong immune system.

Ginger oil is helpful for people who struggle with car and motion sickness. I recall my sister and I always getting car sickness on our twisted road trips to Vermont. It is an awful feeling.

Ginger has been shown in studies to provide helpful benefits when it comes to this. Keeping it handy in the car is a great idea for any sufferer of car or motion sickness.

Lemon essential oil blended with Eucalyptus essential oil is a great car diffuser combination. Lemon is great for freshening the air, getting rid of unpleasant odors, and can help with feelings of anxiety and depression.

Eucalyptus oil, as mentioned above, also has positive effects on strengthening the immune system. Adding the two together into a blend creates a pleasant smell which may become your new favorite scent.

This is the essential oil blend to use in your car if you looking to better the air quality and get rid of a stinky car smell. It will help to lift spirits and reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, it could help defend and protect against bacterial and fungal problems.

The blend consists of lemongrass, tea tree, lavender, rosemary, myrtle, and citronella essential oils. Keep in mind, however, that this oil should be used for those over the age of 10.

To create an uplifting and happy atmosphere on a car ride, put citrus burst blend by Plant Therapy in your essential oil car diffuser. These citrus oils should give you better energy levels for the drive.

It will also help family members maintain a positive mood. This citrus blend additionally helps with unpleasant odors and air quality.

Tension Ease blend is for anyone dealing with problematic stress and anxiety while driving. This is a great blend for anyone dealing with headaches often as well. 

Peppermint, rosemary, lavender, and chamomile are all used which have been noted to be helpful oils for dealing with headaches. Peppermint and rosemary will also help increase your focus while driving, and lavender will help to ease and soothe tension.

Tension ease essential oil is also made with certified organic oils. Therefore, you will get the best aromatherapy benefits of these pure essential oils.

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Another best essential oil blend to use in a travel diffuser is this energy blend. This blend combines essential oils designed to target your motivational system. This is great for a long road trip or for the tired driver. Energy blend also uses only certified organic oils in its creation. 

Essential Oil Blends Safe For Kids

These blends are designed specifically for young children. They contain safe amounts and oils when used according to specified directions. If you are worried about using essential oils in the car around your little ones, then consider one of these essential oil blends.

This is a great essential oil for the whole family. It is safe for pregnant women, children, and doggies. The oil is designed to keep senses focused and uplifted on road trips. It also helps with those that suffer from motion sickness. This is a great already formulated find.

Calming the Child blend says it all in its name. It is created to encourage a calm and peaceful mood. It also relaxes the nervous system. Some of the ingredients include mandarin orange, lavender, and chamomile oils. Calming the Child is also safe for pregnant women as well as the puppy or dog who is riding along.

Parents will love using this oil for the times when colds and stuffy noses hit. Sniffle stopper helps clear congestion and helps with difficulty breathing. The crisp scent offers a calming sensation to the respiratory system. This blend is also safe for pregnant women.

Best Car Diffusers

Here is a list of the best car diffusers that I have found for using these essential oils in the car. 

Car Vent Diffuser

These car diffusers clip to the venting system of the car. When the warm air blows, the scent is carried through into the air. The air needs to be blowing through the vents in order for the scent to be fully activated.

The diffusers are wooden and you put drops of essential oil on the rod that is enclosed in the center. 

I like the fact that the oil is not already on the sticks. You are able to choose the oils and combinations that work best for you instead. You also have the option of getting the diffuser engraved or leaving it plain.

Car Vent Diffuser

Here is another vent diffuser made of glass with a wooden topper and reeds. You fill the jar with the essential oils, and the scent makes its way up the sticks. This mini diffuser uses the air from the vents to blow the scent throughout the car.

Diffusing Stone

A natural way to diffuse an essential oil scent into the air is with this stone diffuser. You simply put drops of essential oil onto the stone, and the stone omits the scent into the air. This diffuser is not always as strong at first but adds scent over time.

The stone is able to be lightly washed in order for you rotate essential oil scents.

USB Diffuser 

This USB diffuser from Aura Cacia is wonderful out of the plug-in diffusers to use. The oils are soaked up by a pad in the USB and dispersed when heated. You only need 4-6 drops of oil according to the manufacturer. This is an easy and convenient essential oil car freshener.

Hanging Mirror Diffuser

I chose this hanging car diffuser specifically because it came without the essential oil. You can pick your own favorite essential oil to use, which I prefer to do for the most part. This way I know that I am using high-quality pure essential oils.

This post Showed you the bet essential oils for car diffuser and the best diffusers to use in the car. Creating a driving space that is best for you and your family is easy to do with the smart and safe use of essential oils.

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