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The 10 Best Car Diffusers For Essential Oils

Want to get the most out of your essential oils? Then you must get the best essential oil car diffuser. It allows you to get the most benefits from your oils. There are so many reasons people use essential oils in their car. Here we will explore why this is as well as which essential oil car diffuser is best to use.

best car diffuser for essential oil

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The natural scents of these oils offer purification as well as many other therapeutic benefits. Adding drops of essential oil to a diffuser is a simple way to alleviate the use of artificial car fragrances. I cringe when I see the amount of artificial air freshening decor hanging on car mirrors.

Using essential oils can be very useful, however, you will want to be selective with your oils if you will be having young children or pets in your car. Some oils are safe, but others can be harmful or even toxic to certain passengers.

So what types of diffusers are there? And what are the different ways they can help you?

This post gives you the best car diffusers to use in the car to get the most benefits out of you essential oils.

Types of Car Diffusers

  1. USB Port Diffusers (Plug-in diffusers) - These diffusers plug into your car's USB port socket. This means that the diffuser will need to be placed close to the port unless you have a long cord. Many are designed to fit into the car's cup holder.
  2. Vent Clip Diffusers - Another type of diffuser is designed to clip to the venting system. The basis for these is that the air vent will help to disperse the oil's scent throughout the air.
  3. Hanging Diffusers - Hanging diffusers are simple yet can be very beneficial. Often times they are inexpensive and do not take up much room. Some of these are more productive at actually diffusing a scent than others. They are created with natural materials like wool, wood, cork, etc. that absorb essential oils and release their odor.
  4. Rechargeable Diffuser / Battery Operated -Lastly, we have the rechargeable diffuser. These diffusers come with batteries that need to be charged to activate the diffuser. Sometimes they can be charged through the USB port as well.

Benefits of a Car Essential oil diffuser

There are many benefits of aromatherapy. Adding a diffuser into the car helps one get the aromatherapy benefits on the go. For instance, a car diffuser makes a great car freshener. Pure essential oils can add a fresh scent to the air. Additionally, they are a great way to help with things like car and motion sickness, energy levels, unpleasant odors, air purification as well as other health benefits including stuffy noses.

Want to know more about essential oils for the car? Click the Post linked below.

Best car Diffuser for essential oils

best car diffusers

Plant Therapy is a wonder supplier of all your essential oil needs. This diffuser is no exception to the high-quality they offer. This portable diffuser comes with 4 different setting options allowing you to choose how strong of a scent you would like.

It will run on a battery for 3 hours or through your USB port via a cable for up to 8 hours. The running time is dependent on the setting options you put the car oil diffuser on.

The diffuser comes in a stylish wooden grain color. You can easily set it in the cup holder and enjoy the pleasant aroma. The company also includes a free essential oil blend that is safe for the whole family including the doggy.

Rocky Mountain Oils makes a simple diffuser for the car. You can hang the mini diffuser anywhere in the car you want the oils to give off their scent. It is wooden on the outside and ceramic in the center creating a non-toxic product.

The downside is that it is small and that you may need to purchase several in order to get a strong enough scent throughout the car. The strength of the scent will depend on various factors such as size of the car, other competing car odors, and the strength and amount of oils used in the diffuser.

The upside is that this natural diffuser does not require water, battery, or electricity. It is a wonderful all natural diffuser alternative that is inexpensive enough for you to buy several.

car diffuser for essential oils

Stosa Designs is an Etsy seller that have created a cute diffuser. It can easily be used too add a whimsical decor touch to your car as well. The diffusers are created out of lava. The lava absorbs the oils and then omits their scent throughout the air.

These diffusers are designed to hang in the car but can actually be hung anywhere. Many different color options are offered. The lava shapes are hung from a cord with a bead at the top.

Eden's Garden also makes a great diffuser. This car vent diffuser omits the essential oils as the air blows through the vent. The oils are placed on the wick held within the diffuser. These wicks come with 4 replacements and more can be purchased separately as needed.

You have the option to use any pure essential oils of your choice. Eden's Garden offers a wide variety of high-quality essential oils to use as well. 5-15 drops of essential oil blends are all you need to get started, depending on how strong of a scent you want omitted throughout the car.

best car diffusers

Fifth of May Shop is another Etsy seller that has designed a very creative option for the car. The diffuser is made from wool balls hanging on a twine. The wool absorbs the oils. Then hang them in the car for them to work as a car air freshener.

The oil diffusers work well for the car and any other small space you may need it for. They come in neutral color options that will blend well into any space.

This portable car diffuser option comes from Simply Earth. The diffuser is another one known for its ease of use. Additionally, this works well as a car air freshener. It also sports an elegant simpleness in its design. 

The glass container is where you pour in one of your favorite essential oils. The wooden top is then placed on after filling. The scent is omitted after tipping the bottle to activate the smell. The wooden top absorbs the oil giving off a lovely aroma.

We have used several like these and they work really well. You do need to reactivate it to work every so often by tipping it on its side. However, the smell is delightful, and I love the fact it does not require water.

best car diffuser

Aurara Cacia is a USB portable diffuser. You plug it into the USB Port outlet for it to work. The oils are placed on the pad inside and omits a smell when heated. The diffuser comes with refillable pads as well.

This diffuser is convenient, however, be careful if you have a car that charges without the vehicle being on. If this is the case, then you will need to remember to unplug the diffuser when the car is not in use.

Seedseel is also a great travel diffuser because you can use it in the car as well as in other places on the go. Therefore, you can use it on a road trip and then use it in your hotel room as well.

This diffuser does require water. You plug the ultrasonic diffuser into a USB power outlet and the diluted oil heats up and omits one of your favorite scents. It also adds a colorful element due to its LED lighting. There are 7 different colors that are displayed as the diffuser operates.

car diffusers for essential oils

This car diffuser is a similar concept to the glass one that hangs from the rear view mirror mentioned earlier. However, this one comes pre-filled already. You may ask if they offer the option to use your own instead if you have a particular brand of essential oils you prefer. The Etsy seller does claim that their oils are pure without any nasty chemicals.

The diffuser clips to the venting system of the car. The air vents add to the distribution of the oil's scent. Remember, too high of heat will alter the effectiveness of the oils. So if you are using the oils for its health benefits, keep this in mind when deciding on the intensity of your heat setting.

These metal diffusers also work well but more of them may be needed depending on the oils you use. They come in many designs and with a variety of colorful felt pads. Refillable pads are includes as well for easy replacement.

The essential oils are placed onto the pad with the metal covering placed over it. It is then clipped onto the vent. The clips are light in design and come in many design options. The essential oils may need to be used more often than some diffuser options.

Are Car Diffusers worth it?

Absolutely. They are worth it if you are looking for a healthier way to purify or scent your car. They have many health benefits to offer as well from antibacterial and antimicrobial to calming and brain boosting properties.

You will have to take the necessary precautions though if you are pregnant, have children or pets. Certain essential oils are better tolerated by children and pets than others. Follow the guidelines or ask a knowledgeable professional.

How To Pick A Diffuser

First of all, think about what you want to use the diffuser for. Secondly, decide how much room you want it to take up. If you use your cupholders often, then you may want to consider this. Also, if your car charges things plugged into a USB port whether the vehicle is on or not, then you may not want to get a USB port diffuser. The hanging and vent ones are usually more inexpensive to begin with if you want to take a gander at how they work.

This post Gave you the best car diffuser for essential oils that will provide you the most benefits in the most natural and non-toxic way.

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