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Best Non Toxic Hand Soap (Clean Brands Guide)

Many brands are coming out with cleaner hand soaps. It is important to know which ones are just spouting the fact they are cleaner and which ones actually are. If you are on a mission to live a cleaner life or if you are sensitive to an overload of toxins, you will want to try one of the brands below.
best non toxic hand soap

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Hand washing is something most people do frequently (hopefully). Not only is it important to use clean ingredients on your hands because it is better for you, but it also can be effect the way your skin looks in the long run.

I have had issues with dry hands for a good portion of my life. Part of this problem is due to environment as well as internal health issues. I need to cut the load of harsh chemicals down as much as possible.

I also want to give my family the best options, especially the members prone to chemical sensitivities. This is a simple way and one of the cheaper ways to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into your every day routine. 

This post Shows you the best non toxic soap for hand washing and why this easy transition is better for you and your family.

Why is it important to use A hand soap with clean and Natural Ingredients?

Toxins are able to seep through the skin and even work their way into your bloodstream. These harmful chemicals are not recognized by the body nor are they well-tolerated. The liver helps to excrete some. However, we are bombarded with an overload of toxins everyday in skin care products, food, our environment, and so on. Implementing non toxic routines wherever we can is vital for a healthier body.

What to look for and Avoid in a hand Soap

  • Clean ingredients that are mostly recognizable by a quick scan of the eyes.
  • Natural ingredients that are plant-based in nature.
  • Organic ingredients whenever you can.
  • Essential oils for fragrance or unscented for the extra sensitive individual.
  • A shorter list. Some soaps use a combination of oils for a nice, moisturizing combination, therefore, the list may be a little longer.

The Best Hand Soaps To clean Hands With

Liquid Soap

ecos liquid soap

This is my favorite on the list. We use this regularly because of its clean scent and it works exceptionally well for sensitive skin. It is also great for skin rashes and irritations as well. We found it not to leave a stinging sensation.

Although we loved this at the time our family was dealing with sensitive skin, we still find it a great option and use it regularly. The soap comes in several options including unscented. Their ingredients are free of toxic chemicals and use essential oils for adding scents.

everyone liquid soap

Everyone is another popular choice for personal care products. This is because the ingredients are clean and the soap is effective.

This Brand is a B-Corporation which prioritizes not only clean product ingredients but also transparency of sourcing ingredients, employee treatment, and the manufacturing process.

Additionally, there are a variety of scent blends available to accommodate to everyone's senses. Natural essential oils are what contribute to the soaps lovely smells.

Lastly, the bottles are created from recyclable plastic making lessening plastic waste. Therefore, this a great eco-friendly hand soap option.

EO Liquid hand soap is a clean formulated hand soap free of harmful ingredients also. Instead of harsh chemicals being used, many plant-based ingredients are used in their place.

Some of the specific EO soap formulations are made with organic ingredients such as organic aloe, chamomile, and calendula among others.

The peppermint and tea tree combination enlightens the senses as you wash your hands. It is a refreshing scent. This soap is a great choice.

Alaffia liquid soap

Another useful soap to use in the home is Alaffia. This brand is known for their body wash, however, they make a great soap as well.

Alaffia is a fair trade certified company that provides a gentle cleaning experience for all skin types. Shea butter is used giving the soap a moisturizing base. This soap also qualifies for the EWG certified clean rating on their natural soaps list.

toxins in hand soaps
Attitude liquid soap

Attitude is another one of the best natural hand soaps on the market. The company is EWG certified, certified by PETA and ECOLOGO certified meaning they meet ecological and sustainable standards of product creation.

This brand of soap cleanses and claims to detoxify the skin as well. They too offer several scents to choose from. Their formula is hydrating and cleansing according to rave reviews.

Dr. Bronner's organic sugar soap

Dr. Bronner's organic liquid soaps are a pricier option. This is most likely due to the organic ingredients used. Some of the ingredients used include organic hemp oil, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and organic palm kernel oil.

This organic hand soap is readily available in many grocery stores. They are also certified fair trade. Their ingredient list for the unscented does not include any synthetic fragrances or pure essential oils in case you are looking for a clean soap that is not scented.

Dr. Bronner's does use organic essential oils in their other liquid soap options, however.

Puracy products were developed after a husband and father set out to create a clean brand for his family and others like his. This brand successfully came about after working with top of the line chemists. 

Puracy hand soaps get wonderful reviews by many people. The natural hand cleanser ingredients make one of the best natural hand soaps. The company is transparent in the ingredients they use. Additionally, they have a selection of three scents to choose from.

This non toxic hand soap also tops the EWG certified clean hand soap list. The company even offers glass bottle options for those worried about plastic waste.

Yaya Maria's soap's clean formula consists of only a few ingredients. One on the list is castor oil. Keep in mind, the soap is more expensive than some other soaps on the list. Also, this soap is available in 5 scents, one of them being unscented. 

Made of is an organic baby hand soap. A non toxic soap gentle enough for baby is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. And parents love it.

This EWG verified product is created with fewer ingredients than many other soaps. Additionally, many of its ingredients are organically certified. 

It comes in lavender, orange scents as well as offers an unscented option. The soap is wonderfully formulated and leaves skin well-hydrated after washing.

Bars Soap Without Harmful Chemicals

Naked Goat bar soap is created with a few pure ingredients as well. You will easily understand what each ingredient is and feel good about using it on your body. It is created from goat milk, hence the name, and includes oils and butters to give the soap a smooth and luxurious feel.

The company sells several different scented bar options which all use essential oils for their fragrance. They also sell this great cement soap tray available in neutral gray or vintage pink.

attitude bar soap

Attitude is a clean company which sells a lot of high-quality, clean products. Bar soap of course is among these items. There are seven fragrance options available. They avoid the use of plastic as well packaging their soap in cardboard creating zero waste.

This EWG clean certified, vegan hand soap will become a favorite quickly. Reviews state that the soap is soothing and does not dry the skin and gives off a lovely scent as well. The above shows a shampoo and soap bar in one.

Soap For Goodness Sake sells handcrafted soap using a nice selection of natural ingredients in their bar soaps. They are all made in the United States using certified organic ingredients.

Additionally, these are great soap to use for those looking for a soap that is soothing without essential oils. The one linked above uses oatmeal and shea butter which gives it a nice smell and a moisturizing effect on the skin.

It is not often that you find an organic soap. A lot of soap include some organic ingredients, but they do not include only organic elements. Make 3 Organics is certified organic.

The downfall side is that this soap is in high enough demand making it difficult to keep up an adequate supply at times. Therefore, it can often be found out of stock frequently. 

The high-quality ingredients makes it a great contender for a cleanser if you are able to get it.

Dr. Bronner's hand soap

Dr. Bronner's bar soap is included on the list and liked by many. I have to admit, I have run in to some issues with this soap. I find it to be a bit harsh on my skin at times and choose not to use it.

However, other family members love this soap and it is a must grocery list item. It uses pure castile in the bar soap. I have seen reviewers stating that they use this on their face and have wonderful results. I would not recommend doing this unless you want to use it on a small section to see how it reacts.

The PH of the face is different than that of the body. It is sensitive. You do not want to disrupt the balance of the face. This is an opinion that I feel strongly about and thought it was worth Sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Ingredients should not be in hand soap?

  • Hormone Disrupting Ingredients: First on the list is triclosan. This ingredient has been banned by the FDA due to being recognized as a harmful chemical. 
  • Ethoxylated ingredients also need to be avoided when looking for a non toxic soap. Among these is the ingredient called sodium laureth sulfate. These ingredients are added to create a gentler soap but can actually be harmful. A cue to look for is the subset "eth" in the name of the ingredient.
  • Harsh preservatives which include Isothiazolinone in the name. These chemicals cause endocrine disruption and allergic reactions such as rashes.
  • Additional ingredients to avoid are parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors.

This post informed you of the best not toxic hand soap to buy.


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