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10 Pure Non Toxic Pillar Candles (Safe and Natural)

A burning candle creates a pleasant atmosphere visually and can alter the mood of a room. Pillar candles are great because they offer a lot of substance to burn, do not need a base, and can be paired together like a piece of art. These are the best non toxic pillar candles that will provide you with a clean burning experience.
non toxic pillar candles

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Pillar candles are great because they can be used as a stand alone candle, but you can add a base if you want to. You can also add them to other candles for a decorative look. However, it is a must that you use only non-toxic candles that are better for you and the environment.

I love these candles especially around holiday time. I usually add one or several to my décor. Even non-toxic candles can be found in colors these days thanks to safe and natural dye choices.

We don't use a lot of scents in our house, but finding one with essential oils is a must if you are going to use a scented candles. Otherwise, chemicals are released in the air that is only causing harm to the people inhaling the odor. These candles are not only delightful, but some of them have added benefits for the air. 

This post offers 10 of the best non toxic pillar candles on the market from trustworthy sources.

Non-Toxic Candles Vs. Conventional Candles

Non-Toxic Candles are comprised of natural ingredients such as pure beeswax, coconut oil, or certified organic soy. There is no lead in the cotton wicks or the candles are created with wooden wicks. They are unscented or fragranced using only clean ingredients like pure essential oils.

Conventional Candles on the other hand use synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances which give off toxins. Many of these candles are created using paraffin wax which comes from petroleum most of the time. These types of candles release cancer-causing materials into the air and are not healthy. They also are not environmental-friendly .

10 Best Non Toxic Pillar Candles

These candles are made of triple filtered 100% beeswax with clean, non-toxic wicks. They are hand-poured and made in the United States.

Also, they come in pillar sets, as single items, and in the shape of cylinder pillars. The candles will vary in color depending on several factors. They omit a lovely sweet honey scent.

affordable non toxic candles

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Another candle company offering high-quality beeswax candles in Bee You Organics. These candles offer a long burn time compared to many candles because of the use of beeswax.

The candles come in the shape of a beehive or prism or beeswax pillar. The company gives clear instructions on candle maintenance to get a longer burn time out of your candle. Lastly, dye options are offered and can be listed when ordering.

These gorgeous pillar candles are offered in different sizes and in many brilliant color options. The size choices include 3, 5, or 7 inch pillar options.

These candles are created in Canada without the use of any harmful chemicals. However, the candles are pricier than others listed. They are also available as a single candle or in a set of 3.

Bluecorn candles are a great choice because of the filtration process they use to make sure the candle burns optimally. Uneven burning occurs if particles from the beeswax are not properly filtered clogging the wick.

Bluecorn, however, works to create a nontoxic candle that keeps the natural scent and pretty color of the beeswax. This attention to detail will allow the candle to burn with a warm glow. You are sure to find a candle size for you with all of the choices they offer.

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A drip pillar candle offers a different look to the standard pillar candle. This candle is offered in a white beeswax versus a yellow.

The candle offers uniqueness with a wax mold bee placed on top of the candle as well. Additionally, these hand-poured beeswax candles come in 3 sizes and offer burn times ranging from 25-70 hours depending on the size purchased. 

Skarorganics from Etsy offers a certified organic candle. Their beeswax candles are hand-poured in the UK. Their certification comes from the Soil Association.

The candle is sure to release no harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances. It is made with a GOTS certified cotton wick as well. This company goes above and beyond in commitment when addressing environmental concerns, creating a sustainable product, and putting forth ethical work practices.

These natural honey candles are another non-toxic choice. The company offers a selection of quotes on their candles offering personalization and uniqueness.

Packaging is reusable and made of recyclable paper. This woman owned, small business is dedicated to offering unscented natural honey candles.

Here are a set of pillar beeswax candles from an Etsy shop that gets rave reviews. The candles are know for burning evenly so you won't have to worry about a wax pool developing.

Many color choices are offered and are dyed with non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes. Colors vary but reviews state that the colors are beautiful. Each batch is handmade with an organic cotton wick. 

Mountain Rose is known for their high-quality herbs and products. These pillar beeswax candles are no exception. The candles are 3.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide and only come in one size. They are made from 100% Oregon beeswax. 

Cultiverre offers a light beeswax candle with an artisan feel. These natural beeswax candles are free from questionable ingredients. They also omit a radiant glow when burned.

The negative ions released when burned help with air quality according to some research. The candles also will fill the house with a sweet honey scent.

This post Gave 10 of the best non toxic pillar candles to create a healthy, less toxic home.

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