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13 Best Anxiety Journals For Stress Relief (2024)

Anxiety disorders are on the rise. Journaling is a healthy and productive way to lessen anxiety and stress. Getting thoughts out onto paper is a great technique if you are an anxious person or someone who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. These journals are the best anxiety journals to use.

best anxiety journals

What are the ways that you deal with anxiety best? Everyone has things that work best for them. Some people are still trying to find what works for them.

An extremely effective habit is journaling. My daughter who suffers from anxious thoughts and feelings regularly loves journaling. I would buy her 8 journals at a time for Christmas because she goes through them so quickly.

The reason for this is because it helps relieve stress and lessen anxiety. It is a great way to get rid of negative thoughts and allows one to focus on positive things. This is vital to the health of the person dealing with anxiety.

This post gives you the best and most popular journals to relieve your anxious thoughts and negative emotions and allows for clearer thinking.

why is journaling good for anxiety?

Journaling releases thoughts onto paper calming the mind. According to Harvard Health, unloading your thoughts and concerns through expressive writing allows the brain to focus better and decreases negative brainwaves.

There are different types of journals on the market that may be used for this. Some of these are as follows:

  • Personal growth journals. These may use goal tracking, thought patterns, habit tracking, and additional trackers as part of the journaling process.
  • Guided Prompt Journals. This type of journal has the writer answer or use thought-provoking prompts to guide them through their wellness journey.
  • To-Do Lists- These list journals guide you through the use of lists usually target a different theme. The themes provide the anxious person with healthy coping strategies throughout the writing process.
  • Expressive or Free Form Journals - This is where the writer dumps the thoughts onto paper which frees up the mind from stress from the day.
  • Daily Journal- Here a diary of a person's thoughts and feelings are recorded. This is usually through words or pictures. Blank pages, lined pages, and dot journals are often used for a daily journal.
  • Practical Workbook- Some people prefer to journal thoughts in designated areas of a workbook that offer mindfulness activities and strategies as well.
  • Gratitude Journal- Focusing on the positive and good things combats the minds constant state of stress. 

There is not a best method. Journaling is to provide anxiety relief and help with constant worry. Each person will need to find the approach that works best for him or herself.

13 Best Anxiety Journals

Journal prompts are a powerful tool to use for journal writing. This journal includes thoughtful prompts which guide people through stressful situations. It also includes coloring activities to calm anxiety.

Coloring has been shown to calm anxiety levels. The combination of writing prompts, coloring, and plenty of space for writing makes this book great for regular journaling.

This is another journal that is filled with mindful prompts to help guide the writer. The journal prompts are broken into different themes. Each prompt includes healthy practices to relieve symptoms of anxiety.

This journal is for anyone looking for an anti-anxiety guide to self-care. The daily journal includes 12 weeks work of guided journaling practice.

It includes a space for goals, wish lists, daily thoughts and thought dumping as well as reflection. This journal is for anyone looking for a habit tracking and reflecting journal.

Faith Over Fear is one of the best guided journals to use for those wanting to incorporate their faith into their wellness journey over anxiety. The guided prompts allow for spaces to be filled with scripture readings, positive memories, real-life application for reflection and relief from feelings of anxiety.

Another guided journal is Lovendu. However, this journal uses activities and prompts to track mood levels and everyday habits such as exercise. It also offers strategies and guidance for reducing feelings of distress and focuses on positive progress.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, practicing gratitude influences one's happiness and thinking while decreasing anxiety, depression, and negative moods.

Therefore, The daily practice of gratitude is a great tool to use when journaling. It will deliver positive mental health benefits. 

This journal is filled with 5 months of daily prompts and space for reflecting. Inspirational quotes are also added throughout which are thoughtful and uplifting.

This is one of the best journals  for anxiety that is simple and uplifting. I have ordered it for my daughter, and we love it.

The Faith-Based anxiety workbook is filled with activities, prompts, tools for tracking progress, and journaling space is mixed-in. This is a nice journal for anyone looking for a journal and workbook in one. 

The book guides the person through their troubles with anxiety while allowing for time to journal. However, the journaling is more limited in this book.

This book is a download and printable from Etsy making it convenient and available immediately. Also, it is more affordable than some journals because of this.

The Anti-anxiety journal is also part journal and part workbook. The book guides you through your journey with anxiety.

It offers space for reflecting about your anxiety triggers in the first chapter. In the following chapters it guides you to develop strategies to deal with the things you noticed in the previous chapter. Lastly, it ends with a chapter that let's you compare the progress you made to where you first began.

This journal is for anyone that wants a visual comparison of the progress he or she has made.

These spiral lined journals are beautiful. They are designed to come in different sizes and colors which you choose at checkout. The journal also offers the option to get the paper in white or cream. This is helpful for people who have difficulty with viewing things on stark white paper.

The spiral makes turning the journal easy without creasing. Additionally, a lined journal is fantastic for the person looking to release their thoughts out on paper to ease their feelings of distress.

This journal by Silk and Sonder is lovely. It is a dot journal designed for reflecting. It is small in size compared to some journals. The journal is perfect for the person who prefers to use a dot journal for writing compared to regular lines. A great space for a person to clear their anxious thoughts for the day.

Here is another bullet or dot journal used for thought dumping. There are 96 pages of high quality paper in the journal making it larger than the one above. Additionally, the makers of the journal use sustainable material in the making and packaging of their product as well. 

This lined journal also comes from the company Papier. The great things about these journals is that they come with the option of getting the pages lined, dotted, or plain. 

This is a another journal we have used. It is also great for thought dumping which we know is highly beneficial for relieving stress.

This Journal comes encased in a beautiful leather wrapping. Therefore, it opens nicely due to the soft and flexible spine of the book.

The pages are unlined in this one for those who like to thought dump using pictures along with diagrams and words. There are many similar leather journals on the market that use lines and dots as well.

This post Gave you the best Anxiety journals to Use to relieve anxiety symptoms.

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