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50 Best Gifts For Someone With Anxiety in 2024

What can you do for a person with anxiety? A great way to help someone with anxiety issues is with a gift that will help alleviate anxious feelings and provide stress relief. But knowing what to get can be tricky. You will easily find the perfect gift with the following list of best gifts for someone with anxiety. 
gifts for someone with anxiety

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We have personally used some of these gifts ourselves. The list is extensive. Some gift ideas will better suit a person than others depending on their symptoms of anxiety and what they enjoy doing. 

These gifts are not meant to cure anxiety. However, anxiety sufferers will appreciate a thoughtful gift that eases anxious thoughts. Ways that help a person deal better with anxiety is better for their physical health. Now, let's get to the list of the best gifts! 

This post includes the 50 bEST gifts for someone with anxiety.

50 Best Gifts For Someone With Anxiety

#1  Acupressure Mat

A great option to gift to someone with anxiety is an acupressure mat. The mats below are made with organic materials  and void of harmful toxins that can seep into your body.  The spikes help alleviate stress when applied to pressure points on the body. It encourages relaxed breathing and heart rate. Also, it eases tension in the muscles. The Bon Eco Mat is made from organic linen and the Spoonk Mat is made from organic Hemp.

#2   Acupressure Massage

Another excellent massage gift is the gift of acupressure. A gift certificate to get one of these massages will greatly be appreciated by many. 

Acupressure relieves stress. Gentle pressure is applied to trigger points throughout the body. There are different options for people to choose from depending upon their comfort level.

The body is able to relax and blood flow is increased through the use of acupressure. One does need to be aware of the toxins that may be released during an acupressure massage. Therefore, beginning in smaller increments may be beneficial.

#3   Deep Tissue Massager

Releasing muscle tension with this deep tissue massager is extremely helpful for anxious people. Anxiety keeps a body on alert tightening muscles and causing stress on the body. This tool allows a person to alleviate some of that muscle tightness without going to a masseuse. 

#4   Miko Shiatsu Foot massager

Another great anxiety gift for the person who likes to relax through massage is this Miko Shiatsu foot massager. I used one of these down to my sister's place. We liked it so much that we got one for our anxious mom for Mom's Day, and she loves it.

The person puts their feet into the massager, and with a push of a button, the massager goes to work. The feet is full of pressure points. Massaging those trigger points will ease tension in many parts of the body.

foot massager for anxiety

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

#5  Foam Roller

This foam roller claims to be non-toxic and sustainable. Mango wood is used for the inner tube. Additionally, these rollers are linkable which makes them versatile for different parts of the body. This serves as a nice gift for easing tension and providing relief from anxiety.

#6   Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a good gift for many including someone with an anxiety disorder. This diffuser is waterless so additional moisture will not unnecessarily be added to the air. Also, the essential oil diffuser has a clean and attractive look. It comes in a mini size like the one shown or in a larger size for bigger spaces.

Essential oils have many positive effects on mood and certain oils are effective in easing feelings of anxiety.

#7   Essential Oils

This essential oil kit provides oils that help with anxiety issues as well. They calm the mind through use of scent. Some of the essential oils that exhibit beneficial effects on anxiousness according to science are lavender, rose, bergamot, lemon, and orange.

#8   Essential Oil Roller Set

This essential oil roller set by Plant Therapy contains pure and natural essential oils to relax the body. There are 3 scents in this pack which all trigger the body to a state of relaxing. They are easy to carry and a thoughtful gift for anyone with an anxiety disorder. 

#9   Anxiety Spray

Another helpful anxiety gift is a spray that signals the body to relax. Using a natural scent to trigger neurotransmitters to relax is helpful for unwinding, especially at night time. This spray is designed to calm the nervous system for a better night's sleep.

Bath Pouches- Etsy Eucalyptusblooms

Another way that essential oils may be of use is through the use of bath pouches. These pouch bags are to be hung in the shower so an aroma is emitted when the heat hits the pouch. The essential oils fills the air adding stress-relief to the mind. A person with anxiety will look forward to the calmness that these pouches provide.

#11  Bath Salts

Another gift that can help greatly with feelings of anxiety are bath salts. These Epsom salts are made of magnesium which absorb into the body. They calm the brain by attaching to receptors that block the active neurotransmitters that trigger an overactive nervous system.

#12  Soap Set

A soap set with relaxing essential oils is a simple and easy gift set for any anxious person. Easing the body with a calming scent off by hot water will naturally allow a person to relax.

#13  Relaxing Candle for Anxiety

Candles that are pure and non-toxic are the only gift to give to a person dealing with any type of anxiousness. Chemicals will only compound the problem. This candle contains essential oils that relax and renew the mind. The sense of smell easily triggers the brain to a place of calmness.

#14  Yoga Mat and Yoga Equipment

Exercise gets the blood flowing and release endorphins, so naturally it is a great idea for a gift for an anxious friend. This yoga mat is perfect because it is non-toxic. Chemicals will overload the liver and create further problems with neurotransmitters. Therefore, this non-toxic yoga mat is ideal.

Yoga in particular has been proven in studies to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps oxygenate the body and offers a breathing pattern to develop that eases the mind. Doing yoga on a regular basis can have positive effects on someone with chronic anxiety.

#15  Meditation Pillow

My daughters received one of these as a gift from my sister. Just looking at them is comforting. A meditation pillow allows you to comfortably sit on the floor to meditate, pray, or just be. Relaxing the body (the nervous system) and mind is a healthy practice for all, but especially for those with anxiety symptoms.

#16  Stress Balls

Another great way to relieve stress is through the use of stress balls. Simply the act of twirling and squeezing balls in the hand can release tension. Also, doctors sometimes suggest using them for blood flow. The increased oxygen will help the body breathe better. 

#17  Therapy Dough

Similar to the concept of stress balls, the act of squeezing an object in the palm of the hand releases stress and increases blood flow. It also can take the mind off of what the person is worrying about. It is helpful for some people with anxiety to have a device to fidget with. This dough is non-toxic as well.

#18  WIFI Timer Switch

WIFI has been linked to agitation of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. If this neurotransmitter is increased, there can be an increase in anxiety. Therefore, decreasing unnecessary WIFI frequency in the home at night will reduce this potentially harmful exposure.

#19  WIFI Home Harmonizer

As indicated above, WIFI can trigger increased nervous system activity. Here is another helpful device that someone with anxiety may not think of buying for him or herself. This blocker allows the individual to use devices without the intensity of WIFI frequencies. It is an excellent gift for an anxious person who uses the internet for work.

#20  Harmony Device- Somavedic

Somavedic is a device which harmonizes your home and protects it from EMF frequencies. There are many positive reviews from people using this device, although it does state that experiences vary. For the person with anxiety, this device may prove very beneficial. They link to the science behind the device with the use of studies as well.

#21  Apollo Wearable

With the increase in EMF frequencies bombarding our bodies, many mechanisms are being designed to combat the negative effects these frequencies have on the nervous system. Apollo Wearable is designed by a neuroscientist using vibration frequencies. The device balances the nervous system helping to create a calmer state. This can be invaluable for someone with anxiety.

#22  Breathing Necklace

Here is a gift idea that states it is backed by science to help a person with their breathing. Focused breathing is a huge deal for any person dealing with anxiety. This necklace helps one track their breathing and learn to breath properly for better oxygen flow. This in turns helps with one's anxiety.

#23  Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are also very helpful for many people with an anxiety disorder. This is one of the best weighted blankets because it is made with organic cotton. It is important for bedding to be toxin free if possible.

Additionally, it is best that you know the specific weight of the person as well as their needs prior to purchasing a weighted blanket. The blankets come in different weights. A certain weight will best meet the needs of a specific person. 

When we purchased a weighted blanket, we had my teen try out different weights and see which worked best. There are also ways to calculate what a person needs. However, be cautious of numbers because not all are calculated accurately.

#24  Sleep Pod

Another beneficial gift for a person with constant worry is the sleeping pod. The sleep pod is like a sleeping bag that hugs the body closely applying pressure gently. The gentle compression eases and comforts the person with anxiety promoting a better and more restful sleep.

#25  Heated bag for shoulders

This bag is based on a similar though process to the weighted blanket and sleep pod. For the anxious person that carries tension in the shoulder, this weighted bag will come in handy. It weighs down the shoulders allowing the muscles to take a break. The pressure also acts like a bit of a massage on the tense muscles.

#26  Huggett

The Huggett is a fabric, knotted ball designed to promote relaxation and better sleep. It comes in different sizes. Additionally, you can use the hand-sized one for squeezing and pressing to help alleviate stress, use the medium one for hugging, or the larger version for sleeping. The Huggett has great reviews as well. Made from plant-based materials, the Huggett would make a great gift for a high-anxiety person.

#27  Sound Machine

Another gift idea for anxiety is a sound machine. There are often health problems related to anxiety that interfere with sleep patterns when one has difficulty with anxiety. A sound machine has been shown in small studies to improve sleep.

#28  Book

Reading is another powerful tool for giving the mind a break. This gift works best for those enthusiastic about reading. Getting caught up in a book takes the mind off the constant fear or worry that many people with anxiety face.

#29  Waterfall

Create a serene environment for anyone with an anxiety disorder with this waterfall.  For some, the noise of water flowing may help ease tension and bring a sense of serenity. If you know someone who loves nature and being outside, this is an excellent anxiety gift. 

#30  Anti-anxiety sand art

This sand art piece is also a great calming gift for the mind. The flowing sand can also be relaxing for the mind. Visually calming and relaxing, this is a simple yet thoughtful gift idea.

#31  Journal

Using an anxiety journal can be extremely beneficial for one with constant worry, fear, and anxiety. Getting thoughts out of the head onto paper allows a release for the brain. This has been a huge help for someone in our family who has anxiety problems. Journaling is a wonderful outlet and has proven successful in small studies such as this.

#32  Coloring Book

According to the May Clinic, coloring can help relieve stress and anxiety. Focusing on the act of coloring is a relaxing activity for many, making this a simple and effective gift idea.

#33  Plant Garden

Plants have been shown in studies to lower anxiety levels. Keeping plants in the home or in the office area have shown to create a more relaxed mood. Studies have also shown serotonin levels to be increased when one works with the soil of plants. Gifting a plant garden or plants such as Lavender may be beneficial for a loved one with anxiety.

#34  Herbal Tea Set

Another gift that can have a calming effect on the body are herbs. They can relax the nervous system, rejuvenate the body, and help aid in healing which all are beneficial to one who suffers with anxiousness or panic attacks. 

The herbal tea set below contains specific teas helpful for anxiety. A warm cup of tea has many benefits for health which makes this a thoughtful and simple gift.

#35  Light Therapy Lamps

This light is great to use during times of low sunlight. Vitamin D is often very helpful for people with anxiety. Using this light can benefit both anxiety and depression.

#36  Anxious Supplement

Supplements are sometimes needed for a person suffering from anxiety. Gifting them with a tincture or remedy specific to helping anxiety is another possibility. If you know a specific supplement they take, then gifting them that specific supplement can help with cost as well. Here is a specific tincture that can be looked into created for easing anxiety and tension.

#37  Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has demonstrated the ability to reduce PTSD symptoms in studies such as this. It is a powerful tool that can be taken with a person on the go and used at any time. The hemp oil should of course be of high quality.

Often people with anxiety also have trouble with inflammation in the body. This oil also will lower inflammation levels.

#38  Lemon Balm

Another excellent herbal supplement is lemon balm. Members of our family take both lemon balm and hemp oil if we feel overanxious. Lemon balm is shown to lower anxiety levels. It can be used as a tincture or you may drink it as a tea. A tincture is often stronger and more effective.

#39  Calmigo

Calmigo is a tool that is inhaled to achieve a more relaxed state. It uses scents to signal the brain to relax. A cueing system is used to achieve a better pattern of breathing. Additionally, the oils used are organic. A person with anxiety may like this tool because of its ease of use and tracking system.

#40  Art Therapy

Art therapy has been shown in several small studies to be effective for some people combating feelings of anxiety. Art was found to lower cortisol levels and improve focus in this particular study. Although this is the case, more research needs to be done to better validate exactly how art plays a role in helping anxiety.

Using art to focus on the present moment can help you keep from busying your mind with worry. However, this is beneficial for someone who finds art enjoyable and relaxing. I have a kid that finds it as a great outlet for stress. 

#41  Therapy Sessions or Program

Diving deeper into reasons behind anxiety may be helpful. Therapy sessions can help one learn where the anxiety is coming from and how to cope with it. Providing a loved one with skills to deal with their anxiousness through a high-quality program like the one below can be very beneficial.

#42  Bible Verses about Anxiety and Fear

This pack of Bible verses about anxiety and fear is great to gift a person to bring reassurance into their life. Anxious people are often fearful and worry. Referring to scripture cards can promote a sense of peace and well-being allowing them to forgo worry. 

#43  Anxiety Coping Skills Cards

Anxiety coping skills cards is just that. A set of cards that contain the skills to help you better deal with anxiety. These make a nice gift because it is often difficult for a person filled with anxiety to clearly think through or manage a situation.

Having cards to refer to will help the person step-by-step through a situation without requiring the to retrieve the information on their own. This may create less frustration and more usage of the coping skills.

#44  Eye Mask

Eye pillows are used for different purposes. Using an eye pillow infused with essential oils signals the brain to unwind. They can be helpful to sleep and trigger the mind to know that it is time to relax. It will also block out unnecessary light which is helpful for cortisol levels. 

#45  Warmies 

Sloth warmies are useful because they can be heated. Some people relax with heat, especially if the body is tense from the cold. Gifting a warmie is a unique gift compared to giving a heating pad. Additionally, these are good for a variety of ages.

#46  alarm

Beginning the day with an abrupt alarm can trigger an anxiety response from the start. Using this alarm will allow a person to wake up slowly and calmly. This alarm uses a natural light to stimulate the body's awakening process. A person with anxiety is sure to appreciate this gift.

#47  Sheet Set

We have already discussed how a good night's sleep helps the body of a person with anxiety. Gifting a sheet set made with organic materials is best. Toxins should be avoided. Additionally, this sheet set is extra comfortable making the person's sleeping experience more comfortable and overall better.

#48  Colored lights

Creating a mood in a room can promote inner calm within a person. One of the ways to do so is through the use of colored lights. Certain colors signal to the brain a certain mood response. This light set allows the person to choose the color that best helps their anxious feelings dissipate. 

#49  Grounding Mat

This grounding mat for the bed by Earthing allows a person to sleep better. An anxious person will appreciate a chance to calm the nervous system at night using this mat. All they need to do is place it on the bed to see if it benefits them.

#50  Light with dimmer

Light can stimulate the senses. A person who suffers from anxiety is often sensitive to certain lights. Using certain bulbs and lowering brightness levels allows the mind and body to calm down. 

This post included the 50 bEST gifts for someone with anxiety.


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