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50+ Best Gifts For Organic Lovers (Perfect Gift Guide)

Do you need a great idea for someone that is an organic lover?  Or are you living an organic lifestyle and searching for yourself? This list will make it so much easier for you.  I provide a list of the best gifts for organic lovers from companies providing transparency and high quality.

best gifts for organic lovers

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through my link, but at no additional cost to you.  You can read my full disclosure policy here.

This gift list includes gifts that are organic, clean sourced, and non-toxic. This is the perfect guide to help you decide what is a reputable and truly clean, eco-friendly, or organic gift to buy.

I have researched the background of the company and products below, and some I use regularly or have purchased for someone myself.  My family uses as many organic products and services as it is possible to afford, and my priority is organic, or clean sourced.

You will feel confident that you are purchasing an organic and clean ingredient gift that you will truly be happy with giving.  The options below are a guide, but there are more choices when you click through to see what is available.

I show you the best gifts for organic lovers with this perfect gift guide.

Best Gifts For Organic Lovers

Home and Kitchen

Perfect Pot by Our Place

You can bake, steam, boil and more with this pot.  It is so versatile.  Also, there is a spout for conveniently pouring or straining contents.

The Perfect Pot is made from ceramic, therefore, no toxic materials are used.  It also has a nonstick ceramic coating made without  PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles, making it super-safe to use.

Another bonus is the many color choices that the pot comes in.  It is actually considered a lightweight pot despite its hefty look.

Price:  $165

Shop Perfect Pot 

best gifts for organic lovers

Xtrema Sauté Pan 

This is another pan made from ceramic material.  The company makes kitchenware to the highest standards.

This skillet can be used so many ways, and it is guaranteed to be non-toxic and, therefore, will not leach toxic chemicals into your food.

The best part of cooking with ceramic (besides no toxins) is that it keeps the nutritional content high as well as the full profile flavor of the food.

Also, this cookware is FDA Certified & California Prop 65 compliant.  It is a top cookware brand if you are looking to spend out at a higher price point.  

Price:  $169.99-$199.99

Shop Xtrema

best gifts for organic lovers

Organic Dish Towels

These are a great gift to give that are in need by most everyone. This towel set is durable, practical, and will definitely be used often.

Additionally, the are made with GOTS Certified organic cotton and are woven in India. 

The dish towels are highly absorbent due to its design. Also, the makers of the towels use less water due to its policy of reusing 98% of their waste water. 

Price:  $64

Shop Organic Dish Towels

organic gift

Produce Bags (Reusable)

These are one of the best eco-friendly gifts to give someone without the extra cost.

The produce bags are made from 100% GOTS certified, undyed cotton.  

The best part is fruit and vegetables will store longer and can be dampened prior to placing into the bag for refrigeration.  Therefore, give as a gift or use with your own produce.

Price:  $28

Shop Reusable Produce Bags

best natural gifts for organic lovers

Organic Cotton Oven Mitt

These oven mitts are made of 100% organic terry cotton, and they are dyed with plant-based dyes.  

The company is a certified B corporation and recycled materials are used in their packaging.

Also, the company, Full Circle, funds ocean cleanups and helps offset recycling needs as much as possible.

Price:  $7.99

Shop Organic oven Mitts

best gifts for organic lovers

 Organic Meal Delivery Subscription

This is definitely a one of the best gifts for organic lovers.  Time off from cooking a meal but still enjoying organic and clean-sourced food is a real treat.

You are able to choose from several meal types including, gluten-free, keto, vegan, and more.  Also, choose from 2-6 people to meal plan for as well as 3-4 meals per week.

Gift cards are available as well!

Click below to view prices.

Organic meal delivery subscription or gift card

organic gifts

 Bamboo Throw

This bamboo throw is a great addition to any one's home whether they are an organic lover or not.

Organically grown bamboo are the materials used to make this blanket.  Also this throw is created by the company Simply Organic Bamboo, a small business located in Columbus, Ohio.  By purchasing this throw you will be supporting growing small businesses.

The throw also comes in a variety of muted color choices to accommodate a variety of color palates.

Their natural materials are tested by OEKO-TEX to insure no toxic chemicals are in their products.

Additional good news is that the bamboo is award winning being known for its comfort and softness.

Price:  $99

Shop Organic Bamboo Throw

best organic gifts

Organic Weighted Blanket

Give the gift of better sleep to anyone you think has trouble in this area.  This weighted blanket is made from organic materials and also holds the fair trade certification.  

Glass beads on the inside of the blanket serve as weights and activate pressure points on the body.  This helps the body to relax which in turn promotes a restful sleep.

My daughter used one that was made by a friend of ours.  It helped her a lot with her sleep when she had difficulty winding her body down.

There are two color options available- taupe and graphite.  I would recommend no more than the 12 ib. blanket if unsure of which one to buy.

Starting Price:  $345

Shop Weighted Blanket

organic weighted blanket

Linen Table Runner

Made from natural linen, this table runner by Divya is a sure winner.  Available in Rose, Blue, and Earth, this table runner is made using handmade artisan techniques.

By doing this, the company is able to keep true to their roots.  Rainwater collection, solar energy, and reuse of materials are some of the ways they show sustainable standards.

Price: $80

Shop Line Table Runner

organic table cloth

Sol Organics Down Pillow 

We have 2 of these pillows, and they are simply amazing as well as are a great gift idea.  They hold up nicely, and are of the best quality. 

This company uses GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards- which mean it is certified organic cotton) in the making of their products. 

They are also Fair Trade certified, OKEO-TEX certified, and produce their products in a FLO certified factory. The down is made from sustainable materials which are 100% Canadian down.

Additionally, the down pillow is hypoallergenic which is a great choice for those with allergies.

Another great thing about this pillow is that it comes in 3 choices, depending on a person's sleeping preference- soft, medium, and firm. We personally love the medium.

Shop Down Pillow

organic pillow

Organic Comforter

This comforter is among the favorite gifts for lovers of down.  It is soft, comfortable, and looks luxurious.  We have one with a gray duvet, one with a pink, and one with a white.

They are pricey, but they will last a long time.  This is a gift idea for probably someone closely related to you, maybe even a significant other.

Also, the bedding is hypoallergenic which is great for people with allergies.

Starting Price:  $277

Shop Organic Comforter

organic comforter

Organic Sheets

I gifted these to my parents last year, and they loved them.  They are high quality and make excellent gifts for someone you spend a little more than the average on.

The organic sheets come in 3 basic color choices which pair well with most bedding.

They also are from 100% organic certified cotton and are sustainably sourced.

Starting Price:  $99

Shop Organic Sheets

organic gifts for organic lovers

Cleaning and Natural Home

  Branch Basics Non-toxic Cleaner 

This non-toxic cleaning set is the ultimate of cleaning products.  Its uses range from hand soap to all purpose cleaning spray to laundry detergent.

This is the brand I only used when my daughter's chemical sensitivities were at their worst.  Developed by someone who had a son with bad reactions to chemicals, this product truly serves as an effective cleaning agent without harmful chemicals.

The starter kit includes all the bottles necessary to separate your cleaning products along with the all in one cleaner.  

This cleaner serves as the base for creating the specific cleaners by using only water.

Price:  $75

Branch Basics Starter Kit

best cleaners

Plant Therapy Glass Spray Bottles

These glass bottles by plant therapy are fantastic. They are spray bottles that are color coated to organize your cleaning needs.

Instead of using plastic cleaning bottles that leach harmful toxins into safe cleaning formulas, these are reusable glass bottles that can reused for a long time making them a favorite among the sustainable gifts to give.

These bottles are a great eco-friendly gift idea as well because they are affordable, with 2 bottles coming in each gift set.

Price:  $22.99

Shop Plant Therapy Glass Bottles

glass cleaning bottles

Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the favorite gifts among any essential oil lover and for good reason.  They offer cleaning, good health, healing, and aroma properties all in one.

These essential oils by Plant Therapy are pure, 100% oils that can be used for therapeutic purposes as well such as strengthening the immune system.

Another bonus is that this company has a reputation for high standard practices.  The sampler kit comes with 6 of their popular essential oils nestled in a nice gift box.

Price:  $34.99

Shop Plant Therapy Essential Oils

esseniall oils

  Essential Oil Diffuser 

Additionally, this is a great gift idea on its own or with the essential oil set mentioned above.  The diffuser is from Plant Therapy.  What I personally like most about it is that is does not require water to use.

Simply by pouring the essential oils on the flower, once heated, the essential oil aroma fills the air.  The strength of smell is dependent on the type of oil and amount used, however.

These porous diffusers come in a choice of 3 flower types as well.

Price:  $14.99

Essential Oil Diffuser

organic gifts

 Eco Clean Subscription

This is also the ideal gift to give someone that loves non-toxic cleaning, especially during the holiday season or as a birthday gift.  The company strives to include only sustainable, clean-sourced products in their gift baskets.

Each month 3-5 full-sized, new products are sent to the gift recipient all themed around cleaning.

Conveniently, the gift sets come in a recyclable and biodegradable package.  A donation goes to nonprofit organizations as well with each package purchased.

Price:  $44.00/Month

Shop for Eco Clean SubscriptOrganion

eco clean products

Organic Aromatherapy Pouch

Organic herbs and essential oils are used in this aromatherapy gift pouch.  The herbal mixture is used in a variety of ways from herbal soaks to aroma packs to car fresheners. Placing it is a cushion as well for additional relaxation benefits is another usage option.

Price:  $19

Shop for Aromatherapy Pouch

organic herbs

Organic Candle (Etsy)

This candle is made from beeswax and coconut oil steering clear from the use of soy.  Many sources of soy are contaminated, therefore, not purchasing soy candles is a personal preference of mine.

Locally sourced beeswax is used in the making of this candle. Coconut oil is also used offering antibacterial properties.  Beeswax offers purification to the home as well.

The candles come in many scents.  Gift your favorite!

Price:  $22.00 for the 9 oz. glass jar candle

Shop Etsy for Organic Candle

organic candle

Clothing and Accessories

Men's Organic Hoodie

Included among the best gifts to give the organic lover is this men's organic hoodie.  It is made not only made from organic cotton, but also reduces the carbon footprint. Supporting the reforestation project is the way this company (Pact) supports climate change efforts.

The hoodie is also made in a fair trade factory, meaning best work practices are adhered to in the making of their products.

Another benefit is that this sweatshirt comes in 6 color choices making it suitable to your recipients preference.

Price:  $78

Shop Men's Organic Hoodie

organic shirt

Toad and Co. Hoodie

This women's zip hoodie is also among the cute gifts to give someone.  An added benefit is the material is made from organic cotton and hemp.

The hoodie is available in 4 color choices with graphite being the most basic.

Also, Toad and Company are a company that practices sustainability, offering an array of many eco-friendly gift ideas.  They use 100% recycled paper in their packaging and are also a part of the Conservation Alliance.

Price:  $98

Shop for Toad and Company Hoodie

organic hoodie

Harvest and Mill Organic Socks

Another company offering fair trade, sustainability and are carbon neutral is Harvest and Mill.  These socks are made without the use of dye, therefore, the color choices are natural colors only.

100% USA grown cotton makes up the socks with no use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.  Also, no plastic is used in the packaging of the organic socks, and it is of course compostable.

Price: $11

Shop Harvest and Mill Socks

natural socks

Pact Cardigan

Lightweight, organic cotton makes up this cardigan by Pact.  It is comfortable and comes in several color options.

This is among the excellent gifts ideas for the woman that appreciates a nice cardigan on hand.  I know that I do not appreciate being chilly, so any time I go out I make sure to take a garment like a cardigan or sweatshirt.

Pact uses Certified Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which insures the highest quality.

Price:  $88

Shop Pact Cardigan

best gifts for organic lovers

Pact Lounge Pants

Pact also makes a lounge pant that would serve as one of the best gifts for an organic lover.  These pants come in 3 colors choices as well including blue, black, and gray.

In addition, these pants are breathable and lightweight and stretchy.

Price: $48

Shop for Pact Lounge Pants

best organic gifts

Organic Pajama Set

Natural gifts for organic lovers of course have to include a comfortable pair of organic pajamas.

Leena and Lu offer this organic pajama set made with 100% GOTS Certified Peruvian Organic Cotton.  In addition, natural and non-toxic dyes are used narrowing down the color palette option to 2 choices.

Sleeping is when we absorb many toxins through our skin, so going to bed in a comfortable, yet non-toxic set of pajamas is a great way to help your health. Therefore, reasons this pajama set is a thoughtful gift to give for many reasons.

Price:  $78

Shop Leena and Lu Pajama Set

organic pajamas

Organic Chemise

This organic chemise nightwear comes from Coyuchi. The company is GOTS, Made Safe, and Fair Trade certified.

Therefore, you will be confident that this product is truly organic and made with high quality organic materials. You will also be confident to know that their labor practices conduct ethical and moral standards.

The garment is machine washable and comes in either the blue as shown or in black.

Price: $58

Shop Organic Chemise Nightwear

organic nighgown

Organic Room Slippers

There is nothing like a cozy pair of organic slippers when it comes to giving.  Comfy feet are a must for relaxing.  I know they instantly signal to my body to unwind on a cold day.

These slippers also come from Coyuchi, so they are 100% tested and verified organic cotton.  The design are Japanese inspired also.

Price:  $58

Shop Organic Room Slippers

organic slippers

Men's Organic Stetson's Hat

Yes, Stetson makes organic accessories too.  This hat is stylish and of great quality.  It is made to last.

The hat is available in 4 colors, all basic in color. However, the size is not a one size fits all.  A size dimension needs to be chosen.

Finally, the company notes that the hat is organic, sustainable and designed with ventilation and UV protection in mind.

Price $69

Shop Stetson Hat

best gifts for organic lovers

Organic Hair Ties

Hair ties are a simple but yet practical and many times much appreciated accessory.  I know my girls love having them on hand.

These hair ties by Kooshoo hold hair well and are crafted from organic cotton and rubber.  Also, they are designed to double as a bracelet for functionality purposes.

In addition, these hair accessories are fully compostable and will break down optimally in 7 years.

Price: $15

Shop Kooshoo Hair Ties

best hair ties

Happy Earth Apparel Cork Logo Hat

Once again, with GOTS certified cotton being used in the making of this hat, water and energy is conserved in the production process.

The company uses ethical Fair Standard processes as well as donate 1% of their profits to world charitable causes.

The hat is designed to be a relaxed fit with a soft cotton feel.

Price:  $24

Shop Cork Logo Hat

gifts for organic lovers

Beauty Products

 Henry Rose Perfume

These perfumes are the ideal gift for the fragrance lover that is sensitive to chemicals.  Although it sounds contradictive, wearing a fragrance may be possible with these.

Holding the EWG and Cradle to Cradle certifications and narrowing the ingredient list down to 300 safe ingredient options, this company devised a safe and great smelling fragrance line.

I know first hand that these fragrances meet strict standards for chemical sensitivity because it was the only fragrance line that my daughter was able to wear who was hypersensitive to chemicals.

Price: $45 for the sampler set

Shop Henry Rose Perfume

non-toxic perfume

 Organic Whipped Body Butter

Another organic gift idea includes a body product that is soothing and moisturizing.

100 Percent Pure makes this organic whipped body butter with pure and safe ingredients.

My family has personally used several products from this company all in which we have been very happy with.

Argan and avocado oil, shea butter, coconut butter, and vitamin E are a few ingredients in this body whip.  The complete line of ingredients are all organic and although the list is long, the ingredients are all safe, natural and certified.

Price:  $30

Shop Organic Whipped Body Butter

organic body butter

Pipette Spa Care Set for New or Pregnant Mom

Do you know someone about to become a mom or a new mom?  This organic spa care set would be the perfect gift for her.

Often moms don't take care of themselves as needed due to time.  Therefore, giving a gift verified by EWG (the Environmental Working Group) would be thoughtful.  The EWG is committed to certifying clean, non-toxic products using a high-standard system.

Included in the set is belly butter and belly oil, a face mask, eye gel, a spa headband as well as a toiletry bag for safe keeping of the spa products.

Price:  $58

Shop Pipette Spa Care Set

natural gifts

Skincare Essentials (Cleansing)

Another skincare gift is this essential cleaning kit by Whamisa.  This clean beauty product ranks at the top of organic gift ideas.

This company sells clean and pure ingredient beauty products that are also EWG verified.  It also hold other established organic certifications as well as awards.

Check out more about their "clean organic beauty backed by research."

This price is for one mist only.  There are several from which to choose.

Price:  $40

Shop Whamisa Gifts

natural fragrance

Esker Linen Loofah

In addition to the beauty product gift ideas comes this Loofah by Esker.

Different in shape, this loofah is a body product that is made for ease of use on the back as well as on the body.  It is made in Turkey by local artisans using natural linen.

Price:  $40

Shop Linen Loofah

organic beauty products

 Organic Makeup Bag

Another great eco-friendly gift idea on the list is Terra Thread's makeup bag.

Made in a Fair Trade certified factory, this organic makeup pouch easily fits into a larger tote bag while carrying all cosmetic essentials.

Also, this bag is made with organic cotton canvas and zips with a lead-free zipper.

Price:  $15.95

Shop Terra Thread's eco-friendly makeup bag

natural gifts

Men's Toner and Lotion Duo

Also on the list of best gifts for organic lovers is this gift formulated for men by Whamisa.

The toner and lotion set is comprised of 95% organic ingredients packaged in mostly of recyclable material.

Price:  $66

Shop Whamisa's Toner and Lotion Set

natural toner

Albatross Safety Razor

This stainless steel razor is made of recyclable materials and comes encased in a hemp bag.

Also, Albatross has a program where they take back old razor blades to recycle them.  It is called the take back program.

This is a great way to take a needed product and still find a way to make it more eco-friendly.

Price:  $29.99

Shop Albatross Razor

natural gift sets

Heart Facial Sculptor by Kora

This rose quartz facial sculptor is on my gift list of things to receive this year.

Kora Organics award winning sculptor has great reviews for soothing out the skin and aiding lymphatic drainage.

Price:  $60

Shop Facial Sculptor

natural facial sculptor

W3ll People Makeup Kit

I personally love W3ll People.  There products work well and most are EWG verified.

This set includes a complete set of natural beauty routine makeup essentials- mascara, blush, brow gel, lipstick, and brightener.

You will not find harmful toxic chemicals in W3ll People products.  This makes a great gift for the organic makeup lover.

Price: $79

Shop W3ll People Makeup Set

organic makeup

Organic Hair Wrap

Another gift included on the organic gift list is this Mediterranean organic hair wrap.

These wraps are very convenient to throw on right out of the shower or to use while applying creams and makeup.

In addition, this wrap comes in 2 colors made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.  A coconut shell button secures the wrap onto the head.

Price: $34

Shop Coyuchi's organic hair wrap

organic hair wrap

Save The Bees Organic Skin Care

USDA certified, Leaping Bunny certified, and sustainably harvested, this skin care set is free from toxic ingredients.

In addition, this organic gift is made by Moon Valley Organics.  The items included are naturally flavored, organic honey packaged in a recycled glass jar,  a wooden dipper, a lotion bar and lip balm.  They are all made from non-toxic and certified organic ingredients.

Price:  $27.99

Shop Save the Bees organic skin care set

best organic honey

Pantry & Equipment

Blue Bottle Organic Coffee Subscription

Surely to be a favorite on the organic lovers gift list is of course coffee.  

Blue Bottle Coffee uses a special rating scale for choosing their coffee products to be positive that they are selling a superb product.

Their coffee team consists of Certified Q graders which is the highest certification that a taster of coffee can hold.

You are able to shop their coffee by region, how it is processed or the type that you would like, such as organic.

Starting Price: $78 (for 3 months)

Shop Blue Bottle Organic Coffee 

best organic gifts

 Dry Wine Farms

Know a wine lover?  This is simply a wonderful gift to give any time of the year or to bring to a special occasion.

The good news about this wine is not only are there no toxic additives in it, but it is also low in sugar and organic.

From many flavors to choose from, you may purchase it for 3,6 or more months or even gift a subscription.  This is a fantastic hosting gift for the holidays.

To save money, purchase the gift box and bring one bottle to each party or event, or gift the whole box to one recipient.

Gift Box Starting Price: $101

Shop Dry Wine Farms Gift Box Set

organic gifts

Organic Tea Set

Another gift option is this wellness gut health tea bundle by Art of Tea. Cleaning the body and helping the immune system are the purposes of these organic tea blends.  

If you know a tea drinker and an herbal lover, then this may be the gift worth purchasing.  Digestive health and restoring balance to the body are both a focus in this tea bundle.

Organic green tea, orange, and ginger are part of the cleanse blend.  The soothing digestive blend is made up of organic herbs such as peppermint, chamomile, and lemon balm.

Price: $33

Shop Organic Tea Set

organic tea set

Hu Organic Boxed Chocolates

Who does not love chocolate?  Well, I am sure they are out there, but I cannot believe the number is high.

This is the supreme of pure chocolate.  Made with ingredient, fair trade ingredients, these chocolate bars do not use refined sugar and alcohols, soy, or lecithin.  

Instead, coconut sugar and organic dairy grass-fed milk and nut butters make up their chocolate bars.

Chocolate Gift Box Price: $79

Shop Hu Organic Chocolate Gift Box

best organic gifts

Buffalo Jerky Box

On the best gifts for organic lovers list is the jerky gift box by Patagonia Provisions.

The buffalos that make up the jerky box meat are prairie raised and fed.  Additionally, the website explains the importance of narrowing the herd due to less predator activity than in past years.

This is important to know for those concerned about animal treatment.  The land used by the buffalo benefits as well from natural reseeding.

Price: $85

Shop Buffalo Jerky Box

best jerky gift

Organic Spices Kit

Spices are another great addition to offer as a gift set. This spice set comes from Evermill.

Included in the set are chili powder, garlic powder, ginger, everything bagel, lemon pepper, onion, and steak seasoning.  They are all made with 100% organic ingredients.

Synthetic materials such as fertilizer, insecticides, and growth distributors are not used in the production of this spice line.

Also, the spices come in an amber, stackable glasses, for convenience and to preserve freshness. 

Price: $109

Shop Organic Spice Set by Evermill

best organic gifts

Non-Toxic Glass  Coffeemaker

Another item to add to the perfect gift guide is this glass coffeemaker by Chemex.

No toxic chemicals or residues are absorbed into the coffee with this non-porous Borosilicate glass.  This top 100 award winning design can be easily used by organic tea lovers as well, therefore, serving a dual gift purpose.

Price: $50.99

Shop Glass Coffeemaker

organic gifts


Organic Yoga Mat

This organic yoga mat by Brentwood Home is a wise gift choice for the yoga enthusiast.

Made from GOTS certified organic cotton with a natural, FSC certified latex base, this non-slip mat is made for comfort and for durability.

Additionally, the mat is sustainable due to being recyclable and biodegradable.  Also, breathability is factored in, making this yoga mat able to wick away moisture.

It is machine washable too and comes in 6 lovely color choices.

Price: $159

Shop Organic Yoga Mat

best organic gift

Organic Meditation Yoga Cushion

Keeping with the theme, this organic yoga cushion is great for mediation or simply relaxing.  

Greenguard Gold certified, this yoga cushion meets the highest standards for being tested by third party representatives for chemicals and pollutants.  The factory is climate neutral as well.

The cushion comes in 3 color options and was designed by yoga instructor Angela Kukhahn from Los Angeles.

Another benefit is the yoga cushion is vegan certified, meaning no animal products were used in making it. Additionally, Crystal Cove, the company of the cushion, donates to charities which help out the trees and waters.

Price: $79

Shop meditation yoga cushion

best gifts for organic lovers

 More Organic gifts

The Organic Company Xtra large Tote Bag

This oversized bag by The Organic Company is certain to fit all of your gift recipient's must-haves.  Five color options are available as well.

Made from 100% GOTS certified cotton, this bag is a neutral, safe gift for the organic lover.  Laundry, beach, and toting kids accessories are a few ways this bag is sure to come in handy.

Price: $116

Shop Large Tote Bag

best natural gifts for organic lovers

Organic Duffle Bag

If a duffle bag is more the style you are looking for, then this is another perfect gift option.  This Bumi organic duffle bag by Terra Thread meets the high-quality organic standards.

The company is B Corp and Fair trade certified.  This means that work and labor conditions are a priority for them, and they give a donation to Feed America with every purchase.

The color options are as shown in the picture on the right.

Price: $69.95

Shop Organic Duffle Bag by Terra Thread

organic gift sets

Modern Sprout Terracotta Planter Kit

This gift by Modern Sprout is great for the organic gardener or anyone with a green thumb.  Organic, non-GMO seeds are included in the kit along with a reusable terra cotta pot.

Another great thing about this gift is an internal hydroponic system is used to allow the plant to continuously be watered in moderation.  

Price: $24

Shop Terra Cotta Planter Kit

best gifts for organic lovers

Organic Hammock

For the outdoor enthusiast, nature lovers, or anyone who enjoys a good relax time, is this organic hammock by Ecomundy hammocks.

Additionally, this company hold certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and is also Fair Trade certified.

This hammock is made for 1-2 people.

Price: $130.46

Shop Organic Hammock

best organic gift

 Eco-friendly Notebook

Another eco-friendly gift idea is this book that comes in the choice of a notebook, sketchbook, or dotted journal.

This notebook by Papier comes in many design and color options, so be sure to scroll around the site and pick the best gift option for you.

Also, this company uses sustainably sourced materials and packaging in the making of the product.  Although not exactly organic, I thought the eco-friendly aspect was worth including for a great gift idea.

organic gift sets

Organic Laptop Sleeve

Final on the best gifts for organic lovers list is this organic laptop sleeve cover by Terra Thread.

Although I have established the background of Terra Thread, I will give a brief recap.  Terra Thread is a Fair Trade and B Corp certified company using GOTS cotton in the making of their products.

This sleeve not only has a pocket to safely hold a laptop, however, it also includes a pocket for accessories.  The only drawback is that it holds laptops no bigger than 13 inches.

Price: $35.95

Shop Organic Laptop Sleeve by Terra Thread

best gifts for organic lovers

 you have been given the perfect gift guide for deciding the best gifts for organic lovers or anyone else on your gift list.

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