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50 Best Organic Baby Gifts (Safe & Sustainable)

Want a baby gift that it organic and not laced with harsh chemicals?  The more pure ingredients and organic baby products we give babies, the better off their bodies will be.  The amount of items out there is overwhelming. That is why I put together a guide that will lead you through the best organic baby gifts to give someone else's baby or your own.

best organic baby gifts

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Looking through the list you will see items from clothing to toys to baby essentials.  Only high-quality standard products are included to provide you with a thorough list for baby shopping. Almost all of the items are indicated as organic.

 If you come across something that is not specifically stated as organic, then it falls under a listing of an alternative safe and non-toxic baby product. I conveniently included the following jump links below if you are looking for something specific. 

Happy Browsing for the Best Organic Baby Gifts!

50 Best Organic Baby Gifts

Best Organic Baby Clothing

Oliver & Rain

If you are looking to gift organic cotton baby clothes, then this is a great clothing company to buy from.  The company uses soft organic cotton that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for purity.  They also offer neutral as well as playful patterns to choose from.

Shop Oliver & Rain Organic Clothes

organic baby clothing

Hanna Andersson

Another one of the best brands to shop for organic baby clothing is Hanna Anderson. Their pajama sets are extremely adorable with so many seasonal options. Additionally, Hanna Anderson's sustainable baby clothing, along with commitment to using only organic materials and fair trade practices make them a top pick.

Shop Hanna Anderson 

best organic baby gifts

Jazzy Organics

Jazzy Organics is another among the best organic baby clothes options.  Holding the GOTS certification, you will rest assured toxic chemicals will not be seeping into baby's skin. This company is especially great for someone looking for newborn essentials.

Shop Jazzy Organics

best organic baby gifts

Colored Organics

If you are looking for a soft, comfy, organic baby gift to purchase, then out of all organic options, this may be the one for you. Colored Organics use a wide selection of soft-toned organic fabrics to make their baby clothes. These items include body suits, cozy pants, and darling hats, and more.  Of course, there are no toxic dyes used either.

Shop Colored Organics Clothing

sustainable baby clothing

Monica and Andy (Organic Baby Clothing)

Another company with the best baby clothes is Monica and Andy. Choose from many fun patterns.  Using only GOTS-certified cotton, Monica and Andy create baby clothing which also includes limited-edition styles and patterns.

Shop Monica and Andy

eco-friendly baby clothing

Baby Booties 

These made safe certified booties are made in a fair trade factory in India with GOTS certified cotton. Fabric scraps are used helping with the zero waste initiative. These booties are left undyed.

Shop Baby Booties

best organic baby gifts

Baby Hat

Another baby product that uses GOTS certified cotton fabric is this baby hat by Monica + Andy.  Cuffed to fit at the bottom and with a pom pom on top, baby will be ready to embrace the elements.

Shop Organic Baby Hat

organic baby hat

Kyte Baby Mittens

These Bamboo mittens from Kyte are both breathable and stretchable. The mittens include a small percentage of spandex allowing for a snuggish fit. The company Kyte was created by a mom whose daughter had an eczema problem. She needed to find a material that did not irritate her daughter's skin condition.  This bamboo clothing line was then created.  The mittens are available in many color options.

Shop Baby Mittens

natural baby gifts

Organic Toys

Macrame Toy Hanging Basket 

Storing plush toys as well as other essentials will be a cinch with this hanging basket.  Quickly throw them in for easy clean-up.  But the best part is the organic textiles used in making the basket.  Materials are all 100 percent organic cotton with a natural all wooden bar.

Shop Toy Hanging Basket

organic baby gifts

Giraffe Rattle

A sweet gift idea for an upcoming baby shower or new parents is this rattle.  It is made by the artisanal women's collaborative using natural fibers.  Once again, the baby will be safe playing with a toy made with 100 percent GOTS certified cotton and low-impact, non-toxic dyes. A wonderful gift for any baby.

Shop Giraffe Rattle

organic baby gift

Organic Teddy Bear

This teddy bear will be loved a long time by baby as well as young children.  Made out of certified organic cotton as well as filled with organic lambswool, rest assured that this toys will be safe snuggled against baby's skin.

Shop Organic Teddy Bear

organic baby toy

Organic Rattle

Additionally, a simple rattle by green sprouts is also a good idea for a baby gift.  The bright colors will catch baby's eyes. Harmful substances are avoided with the use of organic cotton inside and out.  Also, the rattle is soft and flexible, and the noise will stimulate curiosity.

Shop Organic Rattle

best organic baby gifts

Baby Walker

Another great gift option includes this FSC certified wooden walker.  Painted with non-toxic water paints, this toy is great for motor skills and coordination.  

Shop Baby Walker

organic baby toys

Organic Activity Cube

Also on the list is this fantastic cube toy for sensory play.  This would be a great addition to any baby gift basket. Made out of organic cotton, this toy includes a mirror, rattle, and additional sounds.

Shop Organic Activity Cube

organic baby toys

Natural Organic Rubber Toy Set

Another addition to the best organic baby gifts are these organic rubber dinosaurs.  They are able to be used for everyday regular play and would be great for bath time as well.  Also, these toys are non-toxic and do use not plastic.

Shop Natural Rubber Toy Set

organic toys

Organic Panda Crinkle Toy

A great toy for cognitive development is this black and white toy that crinkles.  Not only is GOTS certified cotton used, but the inside consists of paper.  This makes a great affordable gift option for a baby.  It is simple and easy to take anywhere.

Shop Crinkle Panda Toy

organic baby

Whale and Baby Push Toy

This toy is specifically on the list for babies that are a little older.  Easy to grasp, this push toy is made out of FCS wood and painted with non-toxic paints. Additionally, this motor skills toys would make a great Christmas, birthday, or basket gift.

Shop Push Toy

best organic baby gifts

Wooden Picture Book

Another toy that is a must for babies is this wooden book. This toy is made from Birch, FSC wood and painted as well with paints that are not toxic.  Great for language and cognitive development.

Shop Baby Book

best baby gifts

Baby Activity Pad

Also on the list of small toys is this soft activity pad for baby.  This toy is pricey, but the independent testing done makes for a higher price point.  It is GOTS certified with non-toxic ink and with no additional toxic chemicals.  Sounds are made including crinkles and squeaking, holding baby's curiosity.

Shop Baby Activity Pad

Baby gifts

Macrame Baby Swing

Another larger gift option is this baby swing made out of 100 percent organic cotton.  My kids LOVED to swing when they were babies.  Handcrafted by women in India, this toy holds up to 401bs. safely.  The reviews on it are wonderful.  

Shop Organic baby swing

best baby gifts

Baby Activity Play Gym

This baby gym has won several awards.  FSC-certified wood and organic cotton are the materials used for the set.  Attachments are interchangeable on the gym set and flaps open and close displaying different themed areas of play.

Shop Baby Activity Play Gym

natural baby toys

Play Gym

I loved the simplicity of Finn and Emma play sets.  The overhang bar can be used on its own or attached to one of their mats, making it more affordable.  Also, you can choose from different hangable attachments.  Organic cotton rope makes up the hanging elements, and non-toxic finishes are used on the overhang bars.

Shop Play Gym

organic baby gym set

Sleep and Nap Accessories

Scrappy Sheep 

I put scrappy sheep under the sleep accessories because it is a snuggle blanket and stuffed animal in one.  My niece had a snuggle blanket that she loved.  I had to keep special watch out for it and make sure it was accounted for when she left.

This toy is made out of GOTS cotton and comes from a fair trade farm in Egypt.

Shop Scrappy Sheep

best baby gifts

 Boho-Chic Oval Lounge Mat

Finn and Emma also make this wonderful lounge mat for baby.  100 percent organic cotton is on the outside, however, polyester is used to fill the inside.  This mat also allows for attachment of a play gym overtop.

Shop Baby Mat

best baby organic gifts

Baby Rocker

Also making the best organic baby gifts list is this rocker made from European beech wood.  GOTS certified cotton makes up the material on the outside, however, the inside is filled with polyester.

Shop Baby Rocker

organic baby rocker

Sheep Mobile

Also a great gift option for new parents is this hanging sheep mobile.  Oak wood and organic cotton is used in the making of this bedtime display.  Also, it is made in Turkey by a company supporting sustainable, fair trade opportunities.  They provide stay-at-home moms with jobs.

Shop Sheep Mobile

organic baby mobile

Organic Cotton Swaddling Cloth

I put this under the sleep accessory option for the parent that wants to swaddle their newborn before laying them to sleep.  You can rest assured that these cloths are free from harmful substances with the OEKO-TEX seal.  These organic cotton cloths are also versatile. They can be used for many purposes.

Shop Swaddling Clot

organic Swaddling Cloths

Baby Sleeping Bag

I must say, this is definitely one of the best organic baby gifts.  The sleeping bag adds extra warmth safely to baby.  A zipper is added making changings convenient and less disruptive.  Also, it is made breathable from mainly bamboo materials. However, it does include 3 percent spandex.

Shop Baby Sleeping Bag

baby sleeping bag

Avocodo Crib Mattress

This mattress is from a high-quality, reputable source. You and your baby will rest assured knowing there were no toxic chemicals used in the making of this mattress. It is GOTS-certified with the additional use of hemp, wool, and coconut husk. This mattress has the MADE SAFE certification as well.

Shop Organic Crib Mattress

best organic baby gifts

Organic Crib Set

A mattress of course is best covered with an organic sheet set.  This set from Coyuchi is MADE SAFE certified, GOTS certified, as well as fair trade. The company also gives a percentage of profits back as donations.  The sheets come in 2 gently muted colors.

Shop Organic Crib Set

organic crib sheets

Organic Baby Blankets

Organic Snug Blanket

This baby blanket is made of 100 percent cotton and uses low-impact dyes.  It is handcrafted in India using GOTS certified muslin.  No other harmful substances such as flame retardants or phthalates are used on the blankets either.

Shop Organic Snug Blanket

organic baby blanket

Organic Blanket & Beanie Set

Just by looking at the picture you can tell how soft this blanket is.  This baby blanket has rave reviews for being soft and cuddly.  Made by Arroyo, this blanket donates 1% profits to the planet as well, and also is GOTS and fair trade certified.

Shop Baby Blanket

best organic baby blanket

Cotton Muslin Blanket

If you are looking for a gender neutral baby blanket to give as a gift, then this is a good option for you.  Made of Oeko-certified muslin, this blanket is lightweight and breathable.

Shop Organic Cotton Muslin Blanket

organic baby muslin blanket

Burt Bee's Baby Organic Blanket

This is a beautiful blanket that is made of 100 percent organic cotton, however, it is not GOTS certified.  Keep this in mind when purchasing anything organic.  Smaller in size, but a great option for a baby gift.  The pictures show the 2 color options that are available.

Shop Burt Bee's Baby Blanket

Burt Bee's Organic Blanket
Burt Bee's Organic Blankets

Organic Skin Care and Bath Time

Earth Mama Baby Care Skin Products

This skin care set is one of the best organic baby gifts because it is easy to pack for travel.  It includes all organic ingredient products as well.  The set consists of diaper balm, baby lotion, baby wash, baby oil, and cheek balm all stored in a recyclable and compostable box.

Shop Earth Mama Baby Skin Products

baby lotion

EllaOla Baby Skin Care

Another great skin care brand is EllaOla.  They state that their products are safe from over 2500 possible toxic ingredients.  Dermatologists create the plant-based products using guidelines of organic and purity all the way.  They are also certified with the following: EWG, USDA organic, Made Safe, and NSF/Ansi (which is another organic guideline used for personal care products.)

Shop EllaOla Baby Skin Products

best organic baby gifts

Babo Skin Care

Babo is also a transparent company using highest standards and sourcing practices.  They are  a certified B corporation as well.  Additionally, they have specific products for baby that are EWG verified.  These include shampoo, body wash, diaper cream, lotion, and more.

Shop Bab0 Skin Care

best baby gifts

Made Of Organic Baby Wash

Also on the list of  skin care products for baby is this organic baby wash by Made Of.  This company also holds a list of certifications including one from the Environmental Working Group, the Leaping Bunny, and that of Ultimate Transparency.

Shop Made of Baby Wash

organic baby wash

Organic Baby Towel Set

Another great baby gift option is this Made Safe certified hooded towel set by Coyuchi.  Made with GOTS-certified cotton, this towel set is soft and absorbent.  Also included is a mitt for washing baby.  Lastly, there are loops added for the convenience of hanging them to dry.

Shop baby towels set

organic baby towel set

Natural Rubber Bath Toys

Finally on the list of baby bath products is this rubber toy set.  This set comes with both a rubber duckie and a rubber frog made from sustainable, non-toxic rubber. Hevea is the company that makes the product.  They are a certified B Corp. and use left over materials in the making of their products. Also, the products are tested using SGS, which verifies their product meets high safety standards.

Shop Bath Toys

Organic Baby

Bamboo Baby Diapers

Dyper is a company that responsibly sources their materials and uses packaging that can be recycled. Their product is primarily made out of bamboo, lessening the landfill waste.  Reviews state that these diapers are absorbent as well.

Shop Bamboo Baby Diapers

baby diapers

Cloth Diapers

Another great natural diaper choice is this one by Healthybaby.  They are made of organic merino wool. Wool is a natural absorbent material that is used in their two-part layering system.

Shop Cloth Diapers

organic cloth diapers

Healthybaby Organic Diapers

The third diaper is also by Healthybaby.  This organic diaper is EWG certified, has the OEKO standard, uses FSC wood pulp in their product, and is made of organic cotton. Other materials are used as well and listed extensively in detail on their website.  It is known for being super-absorbent and safe next to baby's skin.

Shop Healthybaby Diapers

best baby gift

Layette Set

Another product that would make a precious and practical baby gift is this layette set by Bumbles & Boo. It is made of sustainable organic cotton.  Many design options are available as well.  The set comes with a sleepsuit, bib, body vest, mittens, hat, blanket, and flannels.

Shop Organic Layette Set

Organic layette set

Cozy Bundler Set

This mini mioche cozy bundler set is a great gift for new parents.  Made from soft, organic cotton, this 3 piece set comes in a few color options.

Shop Bundler Set

best baby organic sets

Organic Feeding and Diapers

Nursing Pillow

Holy Lamb Organics' nursing pillow is a must for any mom or mom to be.  The outside consists of an organic cotton casing.  Eco wool batting fills the pillow providing a safe place to lay baby.  The outer cover is machine washable as well.

Shop Nursing Pillow

organic nursing pillow

Burp/ Bib Cloths 

Another practical gift idea are organic burp cloths. These are great because they double for a bib as well.  The burping bibs are made of GOTS-certified cotton muslin. They come in 4 sweet colors and patterns too.  

Shop Burp Cloths

best organic baby gift

Organic Bamboo Feeding Spoons

The utensils that go in baby's mouth need to be as safe and non-toxic as possible.  These USDA certified organic bamboo spoons by Bambu are ideal.  The company also is a B corporation and donates some of their proceeds back to the planet. 

Shop Bamboo Baby Spoons

organic bamboo baby spoons

Organic Bib Set

Another practical gift idea made with natural materials is this bib set. These bibs are made with organic muslin and come in two color options. They offer a natural tone and a rose set.  

Shop Organic Bib Set

best organic baby gifts

Organic Baby Food Gift Card

Moms and Dads do not always have a lot of time for food prep. This gift card allows parents to feed baby organic, healthy food when short on time.  Little Spoon sells USDA certified organic food options in a variety of flavors.

Shop Gift Card

organic baby food

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