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50 Perfect Gifts For Homesteaders (Best Gift Guide)

This list of gifts for homesteaders will show you the perfect gift to get anyone looking to become more self-sufficient.  Filled with practical ideas, this gift guide will easily move you from browsing to purchasing the best homesteading gift in no time. 

gifts for homesteaders

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through my link, but at no additional cost to you.  You can read my full disclosure policy here.

Homesteading is a way of life that requires a lot of hard work.  However, adding the right supplies eases the burden and accents how rewarding self-sufficiency can be.  Also, the items on this list are high-quality and promote clean living.

My husband and I have the goal of continually learning ways to become more self-sufficient.  In my search, I have come across some great gift ideas.  Below are the most useful gifts that are a great choice for any homesteading lifestyle.

The links below help navigate you directly to the type of gift you are searching for.  Browse the complete guide, or pick your the heading that fits your needs.  Either way will bring you to an amazing gift.

Must-Have Gifts For Homesteaders

Kitchen Supplies

Food Dehydrator

The homesteader will be able to dry, vegetables, fruits, meats, and more with this food dehydrator. There is great drying space, superb air flow, and a clear door for viewing the food.  Made by Excalibur, also included is an adjustable thermostat and 9 trays to fit plenty of food.

Price: $389.99

Shop Food Dehydrator

homesteading supplies

Sourdough Starter Set

Another great gift for a homesteader is this sourdough starter set.  Great for digestive health, this sourdough set is also organic, which is important for ingesting less toxins. A proofing basket and liner, scraper, dough hook, glass jar, and spoon are included as well a the starter mix itself.

Starting Price: $80

Organic Sourdough Starter Set 

organic sourdough starter

Produce Bags

These mesh bags are made out of 100% organic cotton. They serve as an eco-friendly option for holding and storing produce.

These are great for homesteaders because they allow the stored fruits and vegetables to breathe while easily organizing refrigerator shelves.  Additionally, the bags are machine washable for less waste.

Price: $12.99

Shop for Produce Bags

organic produce bags

Grain Mill

Another fantastic option sporting a higher price point is this Diamant Grain Mill.  The homesteader will use their arm power to crank the grain through this cast iron piece of equipment.

Also, a more affordable mill option, is the electric Nutmill Grain Mill.  It uses stainless steel blades to chop the grain down.  Additionally it comes with a snap on bowl and a self-cleaning grinding chamber.

Shop Expensive Grain Mill Option

Shop More Affordable Grain Mill Option

gifts for homesteaders
gifts for homesteaders

Meat Grinder

If your gift recipient already owns a kitchenAid mixer, then this is a great option for purchasing.  It is convenient for saving space because the grinder is simply added onto the machine. 

On the other hand, if the person you are buying for does not have a kitchenAid, the second link is another meat grinder option but pricier.  However, this is the meat grinder to get if the budget allows.

The LEM meat grinder has raving reviews.  Made of stainless steel, containing storage compartments, and fast and quiet grinding, the modern homesteader will love to use this.

Lastly, we have a more budget-friendly option that is not electric.  This is for the homesteader that prefers not to have to rely on electricity, 

Kitchenaid Attachment Meat Grinder

LEM Meat Grinder

Hand Crank Meat Grinder

gifts for rural living
meat grinder for homesteaders

Mason Jars and Storage Jars

Glass storing jars are an economical must for the homesteading family.  The link below provides access to both canning jars and other glass storage jars.  Durable, practical, and affordable, every homesteader is sure to use them.

Starting Price: $10

Shop Mason and Storage Jars

mason jars for homesteaders

Xtrema Round Dutch Oven

This is on my Christmas list!!  These are pricey, so gifts are the ideal way to go.  However, the hefty price tag is for a reason.  These non-stick pots and pans are not only non-toxic but stand up to extreme heat conditions. Handcrafted by ceramic artists, these pans are made with pure ceramic which retains flavors and nutrients better than traditional cookware.

Price for Dutch Oven: $379.99

Shop Xtrema Pots and Pans

xtrema round dutch oven


Whether you are a homesteader or not, a kitchen aid mixer is so versatile, and will save someone a lot of time.  This machine comes in many color options.  Also, included with the machine are a flat beater, wire whip, dough hook and splatter shield.

Price: $549.99

Shop for Kitchenaid

gifts for hobby farmers

Organic Flour Sack Bags

Another on the list of gifts for homesteaders are these organic sack bags.  If food is going to be stored in bags, then it is important to make sure the material is organic so toxins are not leached into the food.  These organic flour sacks are an affordable, thoughtful gift.

Price: $7.99 for set of 3

Shop Organic Flour Sack Bags

gifts for off grid living

The Safer Slow Cooker

Buying a safer slow cooker with less toxins is another great gift choice.  When a person is a  homesteader, using clean, safer, and eco-friendly choices are important. This slow cooker not only is used as a crockpot for a home-cooked meal, but it also can be used on the stovetop.

Price: $85.99

Shop for Slow Cooker

gift ideas for homesteaders

Fermentation Pot Lids

Buying a gift like these fermenting lids for a homesteader is sure to be a win.  These lids make the canning jars even more versatile.  They also are economically friendly and saves storage space from additional jars.

Price: $25.95

Shop Fermentation Canning Lids

homesteaders gift list

Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is a good option for a gift as well because keeping meats and other food fresh is important.  Sealing the meat properly for longer storage saves on the budget.  This vacuum sealer by FoodSaver is among the more affordable options and comes with vacuum seal bags as well. 

Shop Vacuum Sealer from FoodSaver

vacuum sealer for homesteaders

Apple Peeler and Corer

Another great tool for the homestead kitchen is this peel parer, slicer, and corer.  No one wants to be spending time peeling through apples when there is a tool that will do it quickly.  My friend uses it for dehydrating apples for a sweet treat to have on hand.  This is great for gift giving on a tight budget.  Also, this works for potatoes and pears.

Price: $28.99

Shop Apple Peeler and Corer

gifts for homestead

Knife Set

In addition to the great list of ideas is this knife set. The set includes a storage block with self-sharpening blades. Therefore, your busy homesteading friend will save time not having to continually sharpen the knives.  Also, the blades are made of durable stainless steel.

Price: $209.99

Shop Knife Set

stainless steal knife set

Digital Scale

Another product by LEM is this digital scale for homesteaders or anyone wanting a heavy-duty, accurate scale.  It is able to weigh up to 330 lbs. and has a large food grade stainless steel surface.

Price: $79.99

Shop Digital Scale

digital scale for homesteaders

Homesteading Home Supplies

Cast Iron Trivet

These are the perfect things to give to family members that like to cook meals on the wood burning stove. Cast iron trivets save pot bottoms from wearing and burning. We have used these many times ourselves, and they work wonderfully.

Price: $31.99

Shop Cast Iron Trivet

cast iron trivet


Another great addition to the gift list of homesteading supplies are these beeswax candles.  These candles by Fontana and Co. are unscented in fragrance, however, scented options are available.  Beeswax is great for purifying the air, and these candles are non-toxic. Coconut oil is also an added ingredient.  These candles burn beautifully.

Price: $19.49

Shop Beeswax Candles

beeswax candle


Beeswax is a necessity for a true homesteader whom makes ointments, creams, candles, lip balm, their own soaps, and so on.  Beeswax is a great purifier as well as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal.  

You cannot go wrong with a gift that does so many different things.  The beeswax linked below is organic and from a reputable source.

Price: $22.49

Beeswax from Plant Therapy

organic beeswax

Essential Oils

Plant Therapy essential oils are another perfect gift idea as well.  The high quality oils can be used for healing purposes, added to remedies, a fragrance option, diy gift, and much more.   Additionally, these oils are pure and clean. 

Price: $32.99

Shop for Essential Oils

organic plant therapy essential oils

Essential Oil Diffuser

Of course, if you have essential oils, then an essential oil diffuser only makes sense to be next on the best gifts list.  This diffuser does not use water and uses ceramic accessories to diffuse the scent.  This is a great option for anyone wanting a cleaner fragrance.

Price: $90

Shop Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oils diffuser for homesteaders

Stick Blender

In addition to the list of gifts, is this immersion stick blender.  Multiple color options are available to choose from as well.  An immersion blender is useful for not only food and meal prep but also for handmade gifts such as lotions, soaps, and other creatives.

Price: $49.99

Shop Immersion Blender

immersion blender

Glass Spray Bottles

Glass bottles are a practical must for so many homesteading purposes.  Reusable and eco-friendly, toxins will not be leached into your solution mix when using these bottles. In addition, a silicone sleeve is included with a snap on label.

Price: $14.99

Shop Glass Spray Bottles

best gifts for homesteaders

Lamb's Wool Duster

Another good idea for a homesteading gift is this duster. Lamb's wool contains lanolin which naturally attracts dust.  Therefore, a home can be safely and effectively dusted without the use of chemicals.  This duster comes in different sizes.

Starting Price: $11.99

Shop Lamb's Wool Duster

lamb's wool duster

Water Filtration System

In addition to the more expensive gift option is this Aquatru reverse osmosis water system.  Although it costs more than some of the gifts, it will be one of the most often used items.  Harmful contaminants are removed promptly using this system.

Price: $449

Shop Water Filtration System

water filtration system

Non-Electric Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is stainless steel and does not require electricity.  It also can be used on multiple surfaces such as a stovetop or woodfire place.  Additionally, it comes with a built in filtration system, alleviating the need for paper filters.  We have one of these and they make an excellent cup of coffee.

Price: $86.97 

Shop Non-Electric Coffee Maker

homesteading Christmas Gifts

Inside Compost Bin

My husband and I got this for my parents, and they used it all the time.  It sits nicely on top of the counter or a discreet area in the kitchen.  Once filled, simply empty it outside into the larger compost bin. Alternatively, use this without the additional cost of a larger one. It is made of stainless steel for odor-free composting.

Price: $39.95

Shop Indoor Compost Bin

indoor compost bin

Gardening Gifts for Homesteaders

Gardening Tools and Storage Set

Often homesteaders have large gardens which require a lot of work.  This gardening tool set is ideal for making the tasks more doable.  Additionally, the tools all come in a storage set for easy pick up and finding.  Gloves and knee pads are included as well.

Price: $49.95

Shop Gardening Tools Set

Gardening tools set for homesteading

Fruit Trees

Who would not love to go pick fresh fruit off of their own fruit tree?  This is a thoughtful and useful gift to give your favorite homesteader.  It is a practical gift that will give for years to comes as they continually are able to grow their own food from it.  Also, there are many organic varieties from which to choose.

Shop Fruit Trees

organic fruit trees

Cold Frame

Another great gardening gifts item is this Austrian cold frame. Homesteaders will be able to extend their food growing supply as well as the growing season with this miniature greenhouse.  

Homesteaders want self-sufficiency as much as possible and this will extend their possibilities. This actually is great for anyone looking to save extra cost at the grocery story.

Also, this cold frame will hold up to snow coverage and is designed for less condensation drippage.

Price: $410.58

Shop Cold Frame

cold frame for homesteading

Organic Seeds

Whether it be a gift card to Eden Brothers to purchase their own seeds, including seed packets in a gift basket, or gifting them individually all on their own, these seed packets are a practical option. A homesteader will always be able to make use out of quality seeds.

Prices Vary

Shop Organic Seeds

organic seeds


Another fantastic and practical homesteading gift are these lightweight gloves.  Made from durable leather, they easily handle an array of outside tasks.  They also are available in different weights for different seasons. These will be a gift for my husband this year.

Price: $31

Shop for Gloves

homesteading gloves

Animal Supplies  

Chicken Coop

This chicken coop is perfect for  chicken lovers or for the beginner homesteader.  Non-toxic and anti-microbial and resistant to tough weather, this coop is perfect for keeping chickens safe and healthy.  

Price: $285.26

Shop Chicken Coop

chicken coop

Egg Incubator

Having an egg incubator for hatching eggs is a great supply to have on hand.  This egg incubator allows the eggs to be turned automatically and also includes an automatic timer.

Price: $169.99

Shop Egg Incubator

egg incubator

Egg Basket

Egg collecting is something most homesteaders do. Gifting this to someone with egg laying chickens is practical and useful.  The basket is wired with a wooden handle.  It is simple, and the round design makes it easy for carrying without being bulky.

Price: $35.00

Shop Egg Collection Basket

egg collecting basket etsy

Milking Pail

Another wonderful addition to the list of gifts for homesteaders is the milk pail.  It is made of stainless steel which is ideal for carrying milk.  There are no seams to harvest bacteria and infect the milk.  They are also very easy to clean.  

Price: $49.99

Shop Milk Pail

milk pail

Animal Feed Pans

Animal feed pans also make great gifts for homesteaders.  These pans hook to the side of a pen or fencing.  Additionally, they are made out of stainless steel and are easy to use, clean, and rust proof.

Starting Price: $10.71

Shop Animal Feed Pans

animal feed pans

Outdoor Homesteading Supplies 

Outside Compost Bin

This is also a great gift idea for any homesteader and a must. Creating fresh soil from the breakdown of food is a wonderful natural process that must be utilized. This is especially the case if it is organic food that is being broken down.  The compost bin is large with 3 sections, insuring that the homesteader will continually have a supply breaking down while another supply is being used.

Price: $386

Shop for Outside Compost Bin

homesteading compost bin


Another great piece of equipment to have on hand as a homesteader is a smoker.  They range in prices quite a bit, however, this is a basic one that will do the job for many people.  It uses propane for heating.  We had one like this for many years that did a really nice job smoking meats.

Price: $246.99

Shop Smoker


Muck Boots

Heavy duty footwear to do chores is a must and are always on the homesteading wish list.  These high quality barn boots are easy to slip on and are durable. They are comfortable, sturdy, and waterproof too.

Price: $79.95

Shop Muck/Barn Boots

muck boots for homesteaders


This is definitely an expensive gift.  However, the self-sufficiency aspect of it gives it the hefty price tag. Through the use of solar panels energized by the sun, this generator features many outlets allowing it to power small appliances without giving off fumes.  This is great to have on hand when a power outage hits.

Price: $2497

Shop Solar Power Generator

solar generator


Another gift option great for Christmas gifts or other occasions is this Little Giant Ladder.  My husband loved this ladder and had it for the longest time, until it was eventually stolen out of the back of his truck.  It is convenient, durable, and is easily positioned many ways.  A homesteading convenience for sure.

Price: $239

Shop Little Giant Ladder

homesteading gifts


This chainsaw made by Husqvarna is another gift with a higher price tag.  I have linked the chainsaw through this supplier to insure the quality is made to a higher standard than getting it from a traditional style boxed store. The chainsaw is an item that is great for a homesteader to have on hand at all times.

Price: $529.99

Shop Husqvarna Chainsaw

best homesteading gifts


Here is another good option to have on the homestead list. This is a versatile gift that is needed on so many occasions.  The knife has a serrated section as well, which I know is a must for my husband.  

Price: $51.96

Shop Knife

homesteading knife

Canvas Firewood Carrier

Also a good option for homesteaders is this canvas firewood carrier.  It is convenient and will be used frequently.  My Mother-in-law made one for us for Christmas.  Getting wood was much easier when we had a wood burning fireplace because of this bag.

Price: $26.99

Shop Canvas Firewood Carrier

best homesteading gift

Water Butt

A water butt is a great way to repurpose water and conserve energy.  My mother-in-law has one and uses it on her plant materials and flowers.  Adding accessories as well will allow for cleaner water.  It is important to make sure water stays uncontaminated using safe methods.

Price: $83.99

Shop Water Butt

best homesteading gift guide

Emergency Gifts for Homesteaders

Solar Emergency Radio

Another excellent gift idea is this solar radio.  Great for emergencies, however, fantastic to use any time as well. This is a crank radio that is powered either by batteries or solar panels.  Additional good news is that it has a built-in flashlight.  My husband has a similar radio that was given to him as a Christmas gift by his kids: He uses it all the time when he is working outside.

Price: $68.99

Shop Emergency Radio

homesteading gifts

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a practical gift for any homesteader. Having items on hand to fix small emergency problems that arise is reassuring.  This kit is small and basic but still contains much needed supplies.  Different sized kits are available as well.

Price: $35.95

Shop First Aid Kit

homesteading first aid kit

Other Gifts for Homesteaders

Gift Basket of Herbs and Spices 

An organic gift basket from Etsy is a great gift to give, plus you are supporting small businesses by doing so. Included in this gift basket are 28 organic herbs and spices.  

Price: $74.99

Shop Gift Basket

Gift basket for homesteaders

Book on Herbs

An herbal book is also the perfect gift to add to the homesteader's resource library.  Rosemary Gladstar is know as the "Mother Of Herbs".  This book is about healing herbs and the ways to properly use them.  Any homesteader is sure to be happy to receive this gift.

Price: $14.95

Shop Book on Herbs

Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs Book

Gift Card

Finally, the perfect gift to give a homesteader on your holiday list or any time of the year is a gift card.  Sometimes it is difficult to choose for them, so let them instead choose for themselves.

Shop Gift Card

Lehman's gift card

This post gave you the best gifts for homesteaders that are perfect for the holiday season, birthdays, Christmas or any time of the year.  There is a wide variety of homesteading gifts to choose from.  Finding a gift can be challenging, but this list is sure to make it easier for you.

Need more gift ideas?

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