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7 Exercises To Do Everyday: Improve Liver Function

There are 7 exercises to do everyday that will increase blood flow, support liver function, and keep you fit. There are several exercise variations under each category. Picking one from each will allow you to change up your routine to avoid becoming bored and keep your muscles better toned. 

7 exercises to do everyday

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Certain exercises are a better fit for some people more than others. This is dependent on the person's body fitness and weight level as well as their body's state of health. 

I used to push myself to the max thinking I was doing my body good, however, I really was only stressing it out further.

Today I exercise according to what my body needs while trying not to push the limit. Try the exercises below to jump start your lymphatic system and liver and get your body functioning better.

This post is about 7 exercises to do everyday to help get your body functioning better.

7 Exercises to do everyday: 

#1  Planks

These exercises are a great way to enhance core strength and stamina. Your abdominal muscles keep you stabilized and support your back while performing everyday tasks. Including these into your daily workouts will increase your endurance and strengthen your middle section nicely.


Holding a plank position correctly is important. Your elbows should be directly under your shoulders and at a 90-degree angle. Gradually increase hold time of this exercise to build endurance and strength. The plank also increases core strength which will helps support the lower back and reduce risk of injury.

plank exercises to do everyday

Plank With Single Arm Reach

Another alternative variation to a regular plank is the single arm reach plank. You alternate reaching the left arm and right arm out while stabilizing yourself in a plank position. This exercise is great for balance, endurance, abdominal strength, and lower back strengthening.

plank arm reach

Side Plank Hip Dips 

The side plank hip dips is also an excellent plank variation that increases core strength. Additionally, this plank exercise works to slim the waistline and stabilize your spine. 

plank yoga dips

#2  Yoga Poses

Sun Salutation

An effective exercise routine to incorporate into your workout routine is the sun salutation. This routine incorporates yoga poses that support blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This is an excellent way to help your body heal.

Standing Forward Bend

In addition to the sun salutation, the standing forward bend is also a helpful fitness routine for lymph support and blood flow. This shorter yoga routine begins in a standing position and lowers to a full bend which helps overall health. If light-headedness occurs or you have difficulty with blood pressure, approach this yoga pose according to your body needs with a half bend like pictured.

standing forward bend

Seated Spinal Twist Pose

Lastly on the list of yoga poses is the seated spinal twist pose. The gentle twisting motion of this pose encourages better digestion and helps to relieve lower back aches. It tones and stretches the abdomen region as well and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

seated twist pose

#3  Push-ups

Standard Push-Ups

This is a great exercise for both the upper body and the core muscles. Additionally, this daily exercise activates liver function, which is very important for a compromised body.

Military Push-Ups

Another variation of the traditional push-up is the military push-up in which you keep arms closer to the body. Proper form is of course important to ensure the triceps and lats are strengthened. Healthy lats will allow breathing to take place easier.

Wide Push-Ups

This type of push-up strengthens the chest muscle as well as works the upper body. The neck and upper back receive better support when this muscle is worked. Therefore, breathing and circulation are positively affected when posture is more stable and supported.

#4  Resistance Training with Light Weights

Resistant Training with weights is a must to work into your daily routine if you need help giving your liver a boost. An effective way to activate the liver is through using light weights in your everyday activities. This study shows how resistant training helped people with liver disease. Not only will you build muscle tone, liver enzymes can increase. Seeking assistance from a personal trainer is a good idea depending on your current fitness level.

  • Standing Shoulder Press with light weights
  • Triceps Kickback with light weights
  • Bicep Curl with light weights
  • Leg Lifts with Resistance Bands
  • Squats with Overhead Weights
  • Lunges with Weights at Side

#5  Squats

This is a type of resistant training that can be done with or without weights. Heart rate increases as you build lower body strength. Increasing heart rate helps with circulation and increases the pumping action of the liver. This in turn helps push toxins through. The most important thing is that you keep good form to not hurt your joints but instead improve muscle strength.

exercises to do every day

#6  Tai Chi

Another one of the best exercises for the entire body is Tai Chi. This relaxing Chinese martial arts form is great for focus, stretching, balancing, body alignment, unwinding tension in the body, and mental health. Compromised body's accumulate a lot of stress. Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise that will help ease tension and create a healthy body.

Tai Chi is one form of martial arts. However, there are many forms that are exceptional for your body's health and state of mind. Our family has dabbled in several.

tai chi

#7  Walking or Similar Aerobic Exercise

Walking is one of the best exercises that most people can do. It is great for blood circulation and a healthy heart rate. Additionally, this aerobic exercise helps with weight loss. Purposefully walking each day is extremely helpful in the pursuit of getting your body to a healthier state and not living a sedentary lifestyle.

Walking for exercise

helpful Accessories To use with the above exercises

These bands are the exact ones I purchased as replacement bands. They work very well for adding resistance to leg lifts. The resistant bands come in different resistance strengths all color coded.

This yoga mat is certified organic and comes in an array of wonderfully soothing colors. A non-toxic yoga mat is a great purchase if you are serious about doing floor exercises or a yoga routine.

This post Showed you 7 exercises to do everyday to help get your body functioning better and improve liver health.

A Great Workout video:

focus on proper alignment from a personal trainer

(I personally use this because she focuses on form)

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