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Best Foods That Fight Bad Breath

Self-conscious about the way your breath smells? Grabbing for the mints and gum constantly to hide the smell in case someone comes in close enough contact? These foods that fight bad breath are helpful in creating an atmosphere that promotes better breath and increase odor control.
foods that fight bad breath

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We have a couple of family members whom have been really affected by bad breath. One is my husband, and I can vouge that it is not a becoming attribute.

However, don't worry, there are ways to improve this tiresome problem whether it is occasional smelly breath or chronic bad breath. Get to the root cause of the problem, and bad breath is going to naturally disappear.

Let's help you create a better mouth environment that will in turn increase self-confidence.

This post shows you the best foods that fight bad breath and the best practices for a healthier mouth environment.

Best Foods that fight bad Breath

#1  Fresh Ginger

Ginger is a great way to help fight odor-causing bad breath. According to this science article, the natural compound 6-gingerol in ginger increases an enzyme in the saliva which breaks down the elements of sulfur compounds contributing to bad breath. It is also a natural way to help eliminate dry mouth. This study shows the positive results of a ginger mouth spray on patients with dry mouth. It promotes better oral health overall.

#2  Cardamom

The spice green cardamom has antimicrobial effects which makes it a great fighter against bad bacteria. Additionally, it increases glutathione levels. This makes it a powerful antioxidant and great fighter against free radicals. therefore, helping to freshen breath. This can be seen here

#3  Fennel Seeds

Another way to reduce foul odor in the mouth is through the chewing of fennel seeds. The production of saliva is increased through this action, and it also helps with maintaining a healthy PH in the mouth according to this journal article. If seeds are hard on your digestive system, consider spitting out the seeds versus swallowing them.

#4  Bergamot

Bergamot also supports fresh breath and good oral hygiene. This fruit is used in the forms of a juice, tea, and essential oil when it comes to aiding oral health. Antimicrobial benefits come from the flavonoids that bergamot possesses. It is used in mouthwash to prevent tooth decay, provide protection from gum disease, and fight against the growth of bacteria.

Bergamot in tea form is also known as Earl Gray tea which you can get here.

#5  Apples

A small study shows apples' effectiveness against oral bacteria in the mouth and saliva. These antibacterial properties are a helpful, temporary solution for fresher breath as long as you brush your teeth on a regular basis. Although apples help as a natural deodorizer, the acidity from the apples should be removed from the teeth regularly to not negatively impact tooth enamel.

#6  Raw Carrots

Among the best foods that fight bad breath are carrots. The texture of these crunchy vegetables make them helpful for scrubbing plaque, (a cause of bad breath), off teeth while chewing. Additionally, an increase in saliva production helps wash away food particles and creates a healthier environment in the mouth.

#7  Spearmint and Peppermint

Both of these mints are helpful when it comes to fighting volatile Sulphur compounds in the mouth that lead to bad breath odors. Several studies show the effectiveness of mint on halitosis, also known as chronic bad breath. Mint's antioxidant properties lessen free radicals in the mouth, and their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties naturally support a healthy mouth and overall health. 

Chewing on these herbs or using them in a dental care product is highly beneficial  Mint is used in many dental products to provide a deodorizing effect on the mouth.

#8  Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is another herb often seen in oral hygiene products. The antibacterial properties of Eucalyptus are used to support a healthy mouth and fight against problems such as morning breath. Studies have shown Eucalyptus' effectiveness against certain strains of bacteria in the mouth due to its antimicrobial properties as well.

#9  Chlorophyll

I am including chlorophyll as another food that fights bad breath due to some evidence from studies as well as our family's personal experience. However, there is controversy over to what extent chlorophyll helps with bad breath.

Chlorophyll supports better breath odor due to its molecular makeup according to this dentistry article. Mold spores and heavy metals have been shown to be reduced in regards to chlorophyll consumption. Eliminating toxins and metals from the body naturally support the ability to have better breath. 

According to Patricia Skidmore who is a doctor in dentistry, consuming foods with chlorophyll is an effective approach to creating a better environment in the mouth. Some helpful foods that contain chlorophyll are collard greens, broccoli, and green cabbage.

#10  Green Tea

Green Tea contains an antioxidant that has been found in studies to be beneficial against certain types of oral bacteria. It also has anti-inflammatory compounds as well which promotes less plaque build-up. It is safe to use, has demonstrated abilities to heal periodontal issues when consumed on a regular basis, and is found in many drinks..

#11 Sugarless Gum with Xylitol

Another best way to kill odor-causing bacteria in the mouth is to chew sugar-free gum sweetened with xylitol from birchwood. Chewing gum promotes saliva production and moves food particles and flushes out particles in the mouth as well. Dental hygiene and foul breath can greatly improve because xylitol reduces streptococci and Helicobacter pylori infections and allows for good bacteria to thrive.

#12  Water

Water is helpful for bad breath because it rinses out particles that may stay between teeth and in the mouth otherwise. Also, the body flushes more toxins through the body and bacteria out of the mouth which will help alleviate bad odors in the mouth. Drinking water alone is not the cure, however, water is valuable to the body, therefore, it is going to make a difference with oral health as well.

Can bad breath (Halitosis) be cured?

There are other ways to help problems with foul breath odor. However, balancing out your body and its health issues will naturally help your breath too. This is what happened in our own family with more than one family member. Besides just helping bad breath, you will be helping your health in general.

However, for the occasional bad breath, or to do something in the mean time to help you oral problems, try one of these helpful ways above. It will help you to take control of your problem and be proactive.

This post shows you the best foods that fight bad breath and the best practices for a healthier mouth environment.


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