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Natural Candy For Holidays

Natural candy is a term that is seen a lot these days.  When searching for candy that is a safer choice, it is important that the words natural actually indicates it is better than candy filled with unsafe ingredients.  We will go through the Halloween candy choices to purchase that both you and your kids will be happy with.
natural candy

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I am not about giving kids tons of sugar.  But I am about letting kids enjoy sweets around special times of the year.

It can be very challenging to find candy that allows kids an enjoyable and tasty treat while at the same time not including ingredients that are harmful and toxic.

We have struggled with this a lot.  I have found some choices that I have been happy with over the years. The candies may not prove to be healthy, but they are safer choices for enjoying holidays and special events!

This post is about the natural candy that you and your kids can enjoy For Halloween and special occasions that are actually safer and  smarter choice.

What Is Natural Candy?

The definition of natural changes in the candy realm depending on the company's standards.  I like to have organic ingredients in candy and try to find candy without extra oils or starches such as corn.  It is quite challenging at times.  You will have to find the right balance for your family.

Natural means "existing in or caused by nature".  You can see how this definition encompasses a large amount of about anything to go into food and be called natural.  The FDA has not made a formal ruling setting a standard of what natural is regarding food.

The candy's and brands below are of better quality and higher standards than most candy on the market.  I looked for minimal ingredients, no use of artificial dyes, seldom soy or corn stated on label and organic whenever possible. 

Natural Candy Options For Halloween

Keep in mind that we are still talking about candy.  I am offering you a list of safer and better candy options, but they all still should be used in moderation and only for special occasions.  Candy is a treat and to be indulged in seldom.  

Therefore, when you read some of the ingredients, and they actually contain sugar and some questionable ingredients, keep in mind on what your goal is.  Creating your own candy options is an alternative as well.

#1  YumEarth

I am a fan of this company.  The products do use sugar.  However, as far a a candy goes, they taste good and have a good texture.  The gummies are soft and chewy.  The lollipops are delicious.  I, myself can have very little sugar.  However, a gummy or lick here and there is sometimes had if they are around.

They offer many different products from lollipops to gummy bears to hard candies and chocolates.  Yum earth uses only natural dye colors in their candy.  The dye is vegetable and fruit based.

I am not a fan of the sunflower lecithin used.  The palm oil is organic but be aware that it is higher in saturated fats than other oils.  

If you have a nut allergy, note that the products are made in a place that is peanut free.  This is a relief for parents looking for a safe option for their peanut allergic kid.

You will be relieved to know that YumEarth candies are all not only peanut and tree nut free, but they are also free of dairy, gluten, soy, egg, shellfish and sesame.  They are also certified organic and the products are not genetically modified.

Around Halloween time, YumEarth sells their products in Halloween packaging.  This offers the kids a Halloween feel and makes it blend in with regular candy enjoyed by others.

You can purchase YumEarth candy here.

#2  Dr. John's lollipops

We have not tried all of Dr. John's candies.  The list of ingredients differ for all the candies and some may be better options than others.  

This company uses erythritol and xylitol to sweeten their candy.  These ingredients are proven to kill bacteria in the mouth helping to protect the teeth and offering protection from cavities.  

H. Pylori is something that we have struggled with among some family members.  This bacteria infects the stomach, but this type of bacteria has been founded in the mouth.  

Xylitol fights against H. Pylori and the bad breath that is caused from it.  These lollipops don't just provide a nice treat for kids but also protection from bad bacteria.  Trust me, as they get older, bad breath is a noticeable trait and embarrassing one.  Teenagers don't need any additional reasons to feel self-conscious.

You can purchase Dr. John's Lollipops here.

#3  Amanda's Confections- Certain Candy ONLY

This candy is dairy-free.  It is also free from 14 other allergens including nuts and peanuts, soy, gluten/wheat, eggs, soy, lupin and sulfites.  The site says corn-free, however, corn syrup and corn starch are used in some of the products, so be aware of this.

We have purchased this chocolate several times for Halloween, Easter and Christmas.  My kids are pleased with the taste, and the holiday shapes are a nice added touch.  They actually are adorable.

Not all of the candy, however, I have or would purchase.  The products containing sugar, unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter are the only things we have bought.

Some of the products contain corn syrup, which we stay away from.  If it is not a problem for you, then consider some of the other options the company sells.

The miniature bagged and boxed chocolates, chocolate lollipops, chocolate figures, and chocolate candy bars are the candies that we have enjoyed from Amanda's Confection's.  I simply love the packaging.  You can tell there is a lot of time spent in the details.  

You can purchase Amanda's Confections here.

#4  Organic SpunLight Cotton Candy

This is perfect for cotton candy lovers.  I remember picking out cotton candy as one of the yummy treats at festivals when I was little.  Icky, sticky and nothing but sugar (and dye).

Well, this cotton candy is made from organic cane sugar and without the artificial dyes.  Instead of harmful dyes, they use the coloring from food to dye their candy.  For instance, their blue cotton candy is dyed with blueberry juice.

Their website states that they cane sugar is grown without the use of harmful toxins and is USDA organic certified.  Also, they have sampler pack for you to try out.

I have not had a chance to try out this cotton candy yet.  I am planning on purchasing some as a treat when the appropriate time comes.  Since we avoid adding a lot of sugar to our diet, we will try this out when a special occasion comes along.

You can purchase Organic SpunLight Cotton Candy Here.

#5  Alter Eco

This is another great option for a cleaner chocolate candy.  The company provides the customer with a delicious product in a wide variety of choices.  

Alte Eco is transparent and is consciences about product creation using ethical standards and high standard environmental practices.  This includes wise packaging to produce less waste.

We have tried the dark chocolate flavors that do not contain dairy.  However, a friend is a big fan of their chocolate milk candy bar.  They even include crunchy chocolate candy bars without the dairy.

They are certified gluten free, offer dairy free options, are certified organic and are fair trade and a certified B Corporation.  Their practices are impressive.

Purchase Alter Eco Here.

#6  PUR Gum  & Mints

This is a gum that we always have on hands.  It has a good flavor that lasts a while.  

PUR gum and mints are made with xylitol, which again, is a healthy, bad bacteria fighter.  

My kids really like their mints.  They work really well.  The mints freshen breath and are a descent size.  

PUR does not use artificial sweeteners and does not contain aspartame.

The gum comes in the following flavors:  peppermint, coolmint, wintergreen, spearmint, bubblegum, cinnamon,

pomegranate mint and chocolate mint.  Our personal favorite in both the gum and mints is the spearmint flavor.

If you are looking for a good, natural gum choice that is actually better for you, then this is a great choice!

Purchase PUR Gum and Mints Here.

#7  Surf Sweets

This company makes yummy gummy worms.  They are a great consistency and and Swedish fish imitations, gummies and gummy worms.

The company got its name in reflection of the ones that created this candy.  Two men who enjoy surfing created these yummy, natural candy treats.  They use better ingredients and no artificial flavors and like other better choice company's, use coloring from real food sources to color their gummy products.

Surf sweets believes in giving back.  They donate 1% of their proceed to a good cause when a member subscribes.  

We have added these into the mixture when gummy worms are desired.  We are thankful for the natural candy option.

Purchase Surf Sweets Here.

These are the sweets that we have indulged in throughout the years.  I have had a chance to try out many natural candy products throughout the years of my kids growing up, and these are the ones that have made our list and stayed.  Some are recently discovered, and some of this natural Halloween candy has been in our lives during many Halloweens and special occasions.  

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