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Sensory Friendly Clothes For Kids With Autism

Finding sensory friendly clothes for kids with autism can be an exhausting task. Although I focus on kids with autism spectrum disorders, these clothing choices will benefit all those who struggle with sensory challenges. 

clothes for kids with autism

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Whether it is autism, sensory processing disorder or sensitive skin, sensory challenges are exhausting for the person as well as the family members. 

I recall going from store to store to find clothing to fit my sensitive children. If socks were not just right, putting shoes on became a longer process than necessary. Winter became difficult when the sound and feel of coats came into contact with the wrong person.

If this sounds at all like you or what you deal with, then you may want to view one of the products below.

This post goes over all of the best sensory clothing for kids with autism and those with sensory sensitivities.

Best Clothing For Children with autism And the highly sensitive individual

The clothing worn by kids is absorbed into their skin. These kids with special difficulties are sensitive to their surroundings including chemicals, feels, sounds, vibrations, and so on. Their sensory needs are better met when there is the least interference of additional toxins and "weird" materials. Below includes a list of clothing sources for you that meet these standards.

#1 Lucky and Me

Lucky and Me is a great place to shop for sensory clothing. Their clothing line provides everyday wear that accommodates to sensory sensitivities. These special features include organic cotton and elastic waistbands for a more comfortable fit. The clothing is certified free of harmful chemicals as well. 

The downside of this clothing line is that it is geared for younger boys and girls and is limited in variety. However, it is a good place to begin for soft basics.

clothes for autism

#2 Primary 

Here is another online store that sells sensory smart clothing. The material is high quality but not all of their kids' clothing is organic. 

Soft Fabrics are, however, available in organic with an array of colors and patterns. Their clothing ranges from rompers, pants, and body suits, to pajamas, tanks and long sleeve tops.

autism clothes

#3 Hanna Andersson 

Hanna Andersson takes into account the sensory system of kids with sensory processing differences also. They offer soft knit sweaters with natural fibers that are not itchy or scratchy. They also offer cute tagless dresses as well that do not irritate or scratch the skin. 

autism clothing

 #4 Bleuet

This company is specifically for girls. It is included due to the adaptive clothing line of bras for young girls. They are designed for comfort which is extremely important when trying to first get used to an under garment. This is a great way to introduce girls with sensory processing differences to the world of bras.

autistic clothing

#5 Pact

Pact's certified GOTS soft cotton is a sure winner for parents of children with autism and sensory disorders. Their soft clothing includes tag-free tees, cozy elastic waste bands, basic baby bodysuits, as well as practical hoodies. 

clothing for autism

#6 Q For Quinn

This clothing line offers socks with flat seams that are so soft and perfect for sensory issues. They also offer other sensory-friendly items, but not as many as some other clothing brands. Underwear, sock, tights, and pajamas are all available to purchase.

best clothing for autism

#7 Nuiorganics

This company uses merino wool to create their comfortable clothing. The clothing is pricey, but the clothing provides antibacterial fabric options that are breathable. Having just a few of these popular products will help kids who have a hard time adjusting to new clothes.

best clothes for autism

#8 Bellabu Bear

Bellabu Bear was created by a mom who experienced frustration first hand when it came to trying to find non-irritating clothing for her child. Made from Okeo-Tex certified bamboo, these clothes are made free of harmful toxins and chemicals. Their children's clothing consists of tagless, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly options.

Bellabu bear also has a pajama clothing section for adults that are the same quality as the children's clothing line.

clothing for autistic kids

#9 SAM Sensory Clothing

This is one of the clothing brands ideal for young children with autism, to teenagers, to autistic adults due to their sensory integration designed clothing. They provide clothing free of annoying seams as well as seamless socks.

The do not have a wide range of colors, but the color choices provide a nice base layer for the ease of mixing and matching clothing. Compression clothes are also available to buy.

clothes for autistic kids

#10 Bearaby

This product is not specifically clothing, however, it is one of the most helpful things when it comes to autism, and that is a weighted blanket. Bearaby's organic cotton blanket comes in 2 weight options and several color choices. They also make weighted blankets for adults.

autism clothing

This post Showed all of the best organic or chemical free certified sensory clothing for kids with autism and those with sensory sensitivities.

Frequently Asked Questions On what to wear for autism and sensory issues

What Fabrics Are Best Clothes for kids with Autism?

Soft clothing free of tags is a preferred choice for the sensory challenged. Also, clothes that are free of seams or have seams that lay flat are very helpful. Clothes for kids with autism should also not be noisy or scratchy. For instance, many winter coats have an outside feel that may not be tolerated well by the sensory sensitive child. Elastic waste bands are usually preferred as well.

Additionally, I have seen kids that prefer short-sleeved shirts and shorts and others that prefer snug fitting clothing. This will vary according to the needs of the sensory challenged child. 

Also, it is most important that the clothing is free of as many toxins as possible. Look for GOTS organic or Okeo-Tex labels on the final product. The list above offers organic products, however, some products meet stricter requirements than others. This may be challenging with so many restrictions, but do your best.

What Clothing colors are best for kids with autism?

Honestly, this can vary on the kid. According to statistics, blues and greens tend to be calming. Keeping the clothing muted may be best for those who are very sensitive. Neutral colors may be a good idea as well since they are easier to mix and match.

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