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What To Do For Dark Circles Under Eyes (9 Natural Remedies For a Common Problem)

Dark Circles can be problematic for many people. So, What do you do for dark circles under eyes?  It is beyond annoying to look in the mirror when you are getting ready to see the challenge of making those dark circles look like they don't exist.  We will dive into what can be done to help you deal with your dark circle challenges!  

what to do for dark circles under eyes

The under eye area does not contain as much collagen or as many oil glands as other parts of the body, therefore, it is thinner, can become easier dehydrated and easily shows dark circles.

Studies show that genetics are a big reason for this.  Since your genes, surroundings and experiences work together to contribute to your overall health, and we are passed down ailments, toxins, and so on, then it does not take too much sometimes to show similarities to our parent' issues.

Growing up, I remember my dad telling me that I had the same problem as him, I can easily look tired even if I am not.  I had fair skin (still do of course), which helped show off my accented dark circles. My daughter now has the same problem.

Therefore, listed below are some natural but helpful steps you can introduce into your lifestyle concerning what to do for dark circles under eyes.  Begin making yourself look like you have a less tired or sick look and instead a refreshed and renewed appearance.

The reasons and causes are interwoven into the solutions to give you a better understanding as to why the below remedies are shown to help with your dark circles.

This post Addresses what to do for dark circles under eyes using natural solutions.

What To Do For Dark Circles Under  Eyes

SOLUTION #1-    Take Vitamins That can help with Dark Circles 

vitamins for dark circles

what to do for dark circles under eyes

Studies show that deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals can lead to the formation of dark circles. These nutrients are listed below.  Introducing the right vitamins into your diet may give your body the help it needs.  In return, it will serve as part of your treatment for getting rid of dark circles and replace them with a healthier glow under your eyes.

Vitamin B12

Lacking vitamin B12 can affect the red blood cells from forming properly.  Red blood cells carry oxygen.  The oxygen cannot then circulate the body properly.  Lacking Vitamin B12 can lead to anemia. (However, it does not mean you are anemic.  You would have to properly test to see.)

Lack of circulation and oxygen causes the under eyes to become pale in color.  Pools of blood also can form under the eyes due to a lack of oxygen being carried in the bloodstream. This study here shows how vitamin B12 can affect the body.       

Talking to your doctor or specialist about a vitamin B12 deficiency would be an option if it is an area of concern for you.  

The reason for the B12 deficiency may be due to a more complicated issue. This was the case for us.  On the other hand though, sometimes it is as simple as taking a vitamin B12.  

If you are looking for a reputable vitamin B12, then the vitamin listed below is an option for you. 

Vitamin B12 supplement from Vitacost

Vitamin B12 supplement from Amazon


Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex helps with the formation of red blood cells.  This is another component to helping dark under eye circles disappear.  

Before supplementing with this vitamin, it is important to see a specialist about your concerns. Supplement with the appropriate type of vitamin B is extremely important, especially if your dark circles are apart of a bigger underlying condition.

Vitamin k

Vitamin K strengthens the veins and capillaries as well as helps with blood circulation.  If capillaries become thin and weak, blood can pool under the eyes due to leakage.  The skin is particularly thin in that section allowing for the blood underneath to be more visible.

Vitamin K is used in many beauty products for treating dark circles.  It is also used in regimens that help with healing after a beauty treatment.  It has been beneficial in studies such as this.

Vitamin D

Many people seem to be lacking this vitamin, especially during certain times of the year.  I know our family needs to supplement with this despite our effort to try a variety of ways to get vitamin D.  

Serotonin levels can go down lowering your level of energy and your mood when you lack vitamin D.  This can make the body more fatigued.  Circles become more apparent when there is a lack of sun during the winter months.  

Here is a great vitamin D supplement with vitamin K.  These vitamins work together for better absorption.  

Vitamin A

Vitamin A contains retinoids that promote collagen production.  Less discoloration is therefore shown under the eyes because of better collagen and skin formation. You can view this study here to see the full effects of vitamin A retinoids. (Scroll 1/3 of the way down)

Making sure your are not deficient in certain vitamins can make a huge difference when it comes to getting rid of dark circles under eyes.  A trusted specialist will be able to better inform you of the vitamins you need.

Solution #2-    Caffeine For Dark Circles

what to do for dark circle under eyes

Caffeine stimulates and increases blood flow in the blood vessels surrounding the eye.  This makes caffeine a great dark circle treatment.

According to this study, caffeine also contains antioxidants which protects against free radicals improving collagen under the area of the eye.  

If you are going to use coffee, make sure to use an organic coffee such as this. This ensures that your under eye area is not subject to the high amounts of pesticides and harmful chemicals that is found in non-organic coffee.

Here is an Under eye cream for dark circles (with caffeine) that I have used in the past and and have found very helpful.

The below remedy also work extremely well for dark circles. I decided to put this remedy together and give it a try, and I am so please with how it lessens dark circles.  The remedy is temporary but very useful.  It should last at least the day.

Remedy For Dark Circles

  • 1/8 Cup Organic Coffee Grounds
  • 8 oz. water (distilled or purified)
  • .10 oz. Raspberry Leaf Herb
  • Organic Cotton Rounds
  • Emu Oil (I like this place because the meat, bones and oil are all used from the animal) (Also, the animals are treated extremely well.  I would not buy from a company selling emu oil strictly without selling their meat.)
  1. Brew the coffee and place raspberry leaf in the hot coffee to steep for at least 15 minutes
  2. Take an organic cotton round and place 1/2-1 tsp. oil on the cotton round and spread it around.
  3. Place the cotton round in the brewed and steeped coffee and herb mixture.  Leave the cotton round in for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Squeeze a little excess liquid out of rounds, but leave them still damp and moist.
  5. Place the rounds on your eyes for 10 min.

Solution #3-    Sleep and Dark Circles

This ones seems easy, but it can be a challenging one to do.  Getting enough sleep is not only important, but the quality of sleep is also important.

The truth is, sleep is vital for your appearance and overall health.  Not enough sleep equals us not operating at our best.  

Our skin will be affected because our body's energy production will not be abundant enough to do the job it needs to for your skin. Studies such as this, show the importance that sleep has on the skin.  

Some ways to get increased and higher quality sleep:

  • Stick to a sleep schedule- set a time to go to sleep and to get up in the morning.  A consistent pattern signals the body on what to do and helps you become better rested.  If you put it into google calendars, it will give you a ding indicator when it is time.  I suggest putting the time for 30 min. before so you know when to begin winding down.
  • Turn off technology 60 min. prior to going to bed.  This includes the rotor that may be on.  This allows the body not to pick up additional frequencies given off by the wifi and allows the body to begin to rest and unwind.  Dark circles can also be formed when the eyes become tired, and too much screen time is related to eye fatique.
  • Spray on some magnesium lotion such as this.  Magnesium will help the body to relax and give it potentially a much needed nutrient.  Allowing it to absorb into the body though a spray or lotion allows the body to take just what it needs.  Please apply small amounts at first and be aware if you have a sulfation issue.
  • Treat yourself to a warm foot bath infused with calendula leaves and magnesium salts, similar to the lotion above but in salt form.  We love to do this one.  It is so relaxing!
  • Drink a hot chamomile and milk thistle tea (infused for 15 min.)

Solution #4-    Oils for Dark Circles

what to do for dark circles under eyes

There are certain oils that are extremely helpful as carrier oils for dark circles. They simply provide some added benefits to use as a base. Many ingredients will work together to help the circles lessen in appearance.

Emu Oil-  This oil penetrates the skin easily.  The oil is easily absorbed providing hydration and moisture to the under eye area.  The polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants found in Emu oil is another benefit the skin receives from the oil being applied.

Squalane Oil-  Squalane oil is another oil that is easily absorbed by the skin and is great for sensitive skin.  It also nicely hydrates and adds plumpness to the skin which lessens the chances for you to show your dark circles.

Solution #5-    Peptides

Use a cream with peptides under the eyes.  Peptides help with collagen production and aid in the health and elasticity of the skin.  They give the skin a robust appearance and help it look revived.

Solution #6-    Detox to Help Dark Circles

dark circles remedies

Toxins accumulate underneath the eye area causing baggage and dark circles. Detoxing your body can ease the toxic burden.  

How to remove toxins from eyes?  There are many ways to detox to help with the toxin problem.  Some include:

  • using a sauna
  • acupressure massages
  • Epsom salt and baking soda baths
  • sitting with your feet up towards the sun
  • using salt stones on your feet
  • drinking milk thistle and dandelion tea 
  • ensuring your body has the appropriate and needed vitamins and minerals

Solution #7    Manage Stress

what to do for dark circles under eyes

Managing stress is often times easier said than done.  But one cannot emphasize enough how important it is to manage stress.  There are techniques and routines one can put into place to help lessen stress in one's life.

  • Take time to breathe- simply being contentious of your breathing can work wonders.  You need oxygen to circulate the body.  Often when we are wound up, we hold our breath or take short breaths.  
  • Take time to eat.  Some of us eat on the go.  This is another stressor on our body.  Our body cannot digest at a higher than normal speed and function optimally at the same time.  This puts added stress on the body.
  • Work out
  • Down time, prayer, tai chai will all help your body to refocus.
  • Set a schedule.  Laying out some key focus points throughout the day can free up your mind.  You won't have to replay the schedule in your mind just so you don't forget to do something.
  • And Again, get enough sleep like stated earlier.

Solution #7-    Hydrate

Dehydration leads to the skin looking pale and dry under the eye.  Simply regularly drinking water throughout the day will help with this problem.

Solution #8 -    Herbs for Dark Circles

dark circles treatment

Herbs can be incorporated into your routine to help with your dark circle dilemma.

There are certain herbs in particular that can help to improve circulation or contain certain vitamins to improve dark circles.

  • Raspberry leaf is one that I incorporated in the above dark under eye circle remedy because it contains vitamin A, B, C, E and iron.  These all can help with the dark circles. 
  • Grape vine leaves improve skin elasticity, keeps collagen from breaking down, and gives greater elasticity to blood vessels.  Grape vine also improves blood flow and reduces capillary permeability. This makes it an excellent choice to use in a dark circles remedy.
  • Mint leaves are also high in vitamin C.  Some suggest putting a past on the eyes to help cool the eyes and help with hydration.

Remedy For Dark Circles

  • 2 tea bags
  • 2 tsp. raspberry leaf
  • 2 tsp. grave vine leaves
  • 2 tsp. mint leaves
  • 8 oz. cup of distilled water
  • Aloe vera

Simply fill each tea bag with 1 tsp. raspberry leaves and 1 tsp. grave vine leaves.  Heat the 8oz. mug of water to almost boiling.  Place both tea bags in the mug for approximately 10 minutes. 

Place a small amount Aloe Vera gel underneath your eye.   When cool enough, remove tea bags from water, squeeze out excess water, and place bags in refrigerator for 20 min.

Take out chilled tea bays and place on eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Solution #9-    Liver, Kidney and Anemia

Although last on the list, this is the most important one to be aware of!

A healthy liver is a must in order for the body to properly get rid of toxins.  The vitamins that I have listed above  play a role in this. Everyone's needs are different as is their body.

It is important that you address symptoms that you have that are unusual with a doctor or specialist.  Addressing liver, kidney and anemia will help eliminate dark circles problems if these are of concern.  

Dark circles are a sign of low iron, which can lead to anemia as well.  Iron, however, is tricky because some people may be low while other people may just not be utilizing their iron properly.  This can make it look as if someone is not getting enough iron when it is not actually the case.  

We have personal experience with this that we combat still. We have to work hard to take care of our body's needs as well as apply the other above strategies.  

There are other ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes that are not natural as well.  Be careful, however.  You may not be addressing the real issues.

You have been shown what to do for dark circles under the eyes.  These are natural remedies for dark circles that can benefit your health in many ways by simply and properly addressing the issue.

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