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15 Best Essential Oils For Christmas Time

To create a Christmas feel in your home, use this list of pure essential oils for Christmas time. These single oils can be used on their own or blended together in several way to lift the spirit and create holiday cheer in your home. 

essential oils for Christmas

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With the busyness of the holiday season, adding in a few holiday scents can help you you enjoy the festivities rather than getting bogged down with all you have to do.

Making my home smell great with these pure essential oils is something that brings me joy.  It is a great and easy opportunity to use holiday scents to spark the senses and create a Christmas atmosphere. 

I particularly like to use Plant therapy essential oils. These natural essential oils are therapeutic grade. I also do not find them to be as expensive as many on the market, but they are still of great quality. This is important to capture not only the Christmas spirt, but the best that Christmas essential oils have to offer. 

Get creative and blend these together as your mood suits you. A link at the end will take you to some great recipes. However, it is easy enough to try different oils out together following the list of what each essential oil provides.

This post Gives you the top essential oils for christmas Time and the benefits you will receive with creating a fabulous home smell. 

the 15 best essential oils for Christmas 

peppermint essential oil for Christmas

Peppermint essential oil is great to use in a blend around Christmas time. Adding drops of peppermint into any custom blend brings about thoughts of candy canes and holiday treats.

This oil pairs well with bergamot, vanilla, juniper berry, wintergreen, and cypress to create a holiday blend but can easily be used on its own. 

Additionally, peppermint is great to breathe in when you are congested or have a cold. It also helps the mind be alert and increase cognitive functioning.

Balsam fir essential oil for Christmas

Balsam fir essential oil provides the air with a nice Christmas aroma of fresh tree smell.

It goes well with so many oils, especially other conifers such as Douglas fir or Siberian fir.

Additionally, it offers an uplifting mood to the room.

siberian fir essential oil for Christmas

Siberian fir is a great calming and destressing essential oil.

It is great for anyone experiencing anxiety or who has had a stressful day. It is comforting and calming.

It also is another favorite one to add to other woodsy smelling essential oils or peppermint oil for a nice Christmassy smell.

This essential oil smells refreshing and offers a crispness in the air of evergreen scent.

sweet orange essential oil for Christmas

Sweet orange essential oil is a great oil to pair with other essential oils for the holiday season as well.

Using it on its own, however, will most likely not create the Christmas spirit you are looking for.

Pairing orange oil with one of the other essential oils on the list will create a note of sweetness in the air. This oil is great for mental clarity and a much needed boost of energy. 

spruce essential oil for Christmas

Another essential oil to use when creating a Christmas farm vibe is spruce essential oil.

Pairing this will any of the other woodsy oils on the list is another way to bring about some holiday cheer and a warm and cozy feeling for family gatherings.

cypress essential oil for Christmas

Cypress essential oil is a woodsy smell you would think of on a crisp, cool morning.

It has a fresh note to it, however, opinion on this oil differs. Some find it stronger in smell than others.

Therefore, using this oil sparingly is recommended when creating one of your own blends.

Cypress is known to be uplifting but grounding at the same time.

cardamom essential oil for Christmas

Cardamom essential oil is another wonderful warm oil to add in to a holiday blend. It offers a note of spiciness with a tad of warm and sweet nuttiness as well.

This oil is a welcoming smell for someone feeling stressed or down.  

It creates a calming and uplifting vibe.

Pairing this with Siberian Fir will bring a Christmas feel as well as a relaxed and comforting feel to a room.

wintergreen essential oil for Christmas

Another popular Christmas time essential oil is Wintergreen.

Adding wintergreen to other Christmas essential oils will give a boost of refreshing energy to the home and alert the senses.

Pairing it with peppermint oil is a great option.

pine essential oil for Christmas

Pine oil of course adds a nice Christmas cheer to any home.

When wanting to create a favorite Christmas memory of walking on a Christmas tree farm or warm and cozy feel, add a few drops of pine into a diffuser.

Pine essential oil is versatile and pairs well with the woodsy and citrusy scents on this list.

This oil is a great oil for a stressful day or when feeling a bit down and is great for mental clarity as well.

douglas fir essential oil for Christmas

Douglas fir is another great Christmas time essential oil. It will offer your room an uplifting fresh scent with underlying woodsy and citrusy notes.

This oil is great to use along with other woodsy oils as well as citrus oils. 

juniper berry essential oil for Christmas

Juniper Berry essential oil is another oil that varies in likeness depending on the person.

Different fragrances can be noted with juniper berry which come through as either a bit citrus-like or a bit woodsy in aroma. Since this is the case, it pairs well with other citrusy essential oils.

It is helpful for both grounding and cleansing the air.

Therefore, pairing it with white fir oil or balsam fir essential oil and orange oil would be great for creating a wintery, Christmas aroma and air purifying vibe.

clove bud essential oil for Christmas

Using a drop of clove essential oil in a DIY spray or a diffuser will bring about a familiar smell of the holidays.

Baking Christmas cookies and other favorite Christmas desserts is loved by many. Nostalgic notes of clove will bring fond holiday memories alive.

Clove pairs well with like spices, herb-like oils as well as citrusy oils and peppermint. 

cinnamon bark essential oil for Christmas

Cinnamon bring about a similar effect as clove in terms of nostalgia.

Additionally, the antibacterial and antifungal properties of cinnamon is great for the air. 

Keep in mind that some people may react and have a histamine effect to inhaling cinnamon in the air.

Therefore, note the amount in any essential oil blends you buy or use.

frankincense essential oil for Christmas

Frankincense was a gift brought by the wise men to baby Jesus. Therefore, of course it is a spice that can easily bring about a Christmas feel.

Try pairing this oil with bergamot or peppermint oil to create a Christmas home smell.

Frankincense is also great for creating a calming environment to help reduce stress that comes with the holidays. Additionally, it is helpful in getting of rid bacteria in the air.

vanilla essential oil for Christmas

Vanilla is another versatile essential oil to add to Christmas blends.

It offers a hint of smell of Christmas baking in the house.

Similar to some of the oils above, vanilla helps to reduce stress.

Adding it to any of the above oil combinations is possible since vanilla pairs well with a variety of other essential oils.

Ways to create these essential oil blend smells

1.  Slow Cooker

You can also use your crockpot and essential oils as a way to make a Christmas potpourri.

Adding a citrusy dried fruit, cranberries, and a sprig of rosemary along with some organic essential oils and water to the slow cooker will make your house smell like Christmas in no time.

This can also be use as a Christmas gift.

Here is a link to a recipe using the slow cooker. Adding your own essential oils will accent this potpourri even more.

2. Ultrasonic diffusers

Of course diffusers are a popular way to bring out Christmas cheer using essential oils. Using essential oil diffuser blends are easy to do.

Create one of your favorite essential oil blends, use one of the recipes below in the link, or purchase an already made Christmas blend such as this popular one.

2. candle / Wax  melts

Adding a few drop of the above essential oil to a wax melt will quickly and easily give you a Christmas feel.

View the post below on how to simply create wax melts.

4.  Room Spray

Another way to make your house smell like Christmas time is with a room spray.

Simply add water, a little witch hazel and your favorite scents of the season to a dark glass spray bottle. Spray wherever you want your house to smell like Christmas.

Looking for Christmas Essential Oil Blends Recipe

This post is All about the best essential oils for christmas to make you and your loved ones in the christmas spirit.

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