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Fall Essential Oil Scents

Bring autumn into your home with these fall essential oil scents.  We go through the best fall oil scents and what each oil provides for you to give your house that cozy, fall feeling.  There is no season like fall here in New York!

fall essential oil scents

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You can use each oil on the list separately of course, but they are also wonderful to use in combinations.  Each oil displays specific benefits, therefore, using them in conjunction with one another offers benefits as well.  I am giving you high-quality essential oil recommendations since it is pertinent that you use only essential oils from companies with high processing standards.

Also, I have included essential oils that relate to a fall smell, however, these vary according to preference and memories.  This list includes essential oils to accommodate to a range of tastes.

For instance, cinnamon is a wonderful smell, but not all of our family members enjoy too strong of a cinnamon scent lingering throughout the house.  The scents may be used to your specific taste.  To help you further, I have provided pre-made essential oil mixes that are made specifically for the fall season.

Lastly, these essential oils are great to be used in diffusers, but also in diffusers for cars, in potpourri mixes, on dried flower arrangements or pinecones, in the melting of a candle, in cleaning supplies, as well as in bath products.  There are so many ways to get that autumn feeling.

This post informs you of the best fall essential oil scents to use in your house, the benefits each scent provides, as well as useful ways to use the essential oils in your home.

Fall Essential Oil Scents

#1  Cedarwood

fall essential oil

This essential oil has a woodsy scent that is warm and relaxing. It is also perfect for keeping away any annoying insects due to its insect repelling properties.

It consist of antifungal properties as well, which is helpful for keeping the air of the home clean.

Cedarwood has been used in different ways throughout the years to comfort the body and ease stress.

There are different species of cedarwood which essential oils are extracted from, therefore producing color options between golden-yellow and brown.

It adds a nice smell of wood to the air.  Fall is the beginning of burning wood in New York and many other parts of the country, so a woodsy smell definitely gives a fall feel to the home.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

#2  Bergamot

Bergamot has a citrusy, refreshing smell that imparts an uplifting effect while at the same time masking unwanted odors.  

Breathing this essential oil in also has a calming effect on nasal passages and promotes easier breathing.  Calming tension in the body is another one of the oil's attributes.  You can find Bergamot in a lot of essential oil blends because it mixes well with many other oils.

Scientific studies show bergamot as relieving stress and anxiety and helping with mood disorders and depression.  The neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine are released when bergamot is inhaled.  This oil signals the body to call on these neurotransmitters when inhaled.

Bergamot is a great addition to any of the other oils on the list.

Bergamot Essential Oil

#3  Cardamom

fall essential oil blends

This is a great essential oil for the fall season.  It is a member of the ginger family and has a spicy scent that offers undertones of wood and earthiness.  

This essential oil is another one that provides positive mood uplifting benefits.

We use cardamom often in baking in place of cinnamon since cardamom is not as high in histamines as cinnamon.

Cardamom blends well with the oils in the wood category such as Cedarwood, Frankincense, Cypress, and Douglas Fir to name a few, as well as cinnamon.  These all blend well to give a nice fall day feel.

Cardamom Essential Oil

#4  Cinnamon

Of course cinnamon is going to be on the list.  Cinnamon is a known spice for the fall and winter months.  It is a strong scent in many favorite holiday dishes and easily cues the senses to a changing of the seasons.

I enjoy the scent of cinnamon, however, like mentioned before, not all of our family does.  I think this is partly due to histamine reactions.  Cinnamon is a sensitive spice for us.  Keep this in mind if you have any problems with histamines.

Essential oils are inhaled, therefore, the body still takes them in just through a different avenue. As they enter the body, a histamine reaction can still be triggered if you are sensitive to cinnamon.  Due to this fact, we do not use cinnamon in diffusers alone or often.

However, it definitely should be considered if you do not have any of these difficulties. This essential oil alerts the body to an autumn celebration and provides great value when blending this to make a fall essential oil blend.

cinnamon essential oil

#5  Sweet Orange

fall essential oil recipes

The scent of this oil mimics its name with a sweet aroma which is both citrusy and uplifting.  It is a delightful addition to blending with other fall essential oil scents which adds a pungent hint of fresh, sweet smell.

I personally love sweet orange added to many things including my cleaning regimen.  It offers a lovely smell on its own.  However, in a fall oil blend it offers notes of citrus to balance out the other wood or spice tones that are added.  

Sweet orange calms nerves, relieves anxiety, and helps with depression.  It is effective in supporting the immune system as well.  

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

#6  Clove

Using clove during the fall months is a great way to purify your air.  It has strong antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.  Clove has been used frequently when preserving food.

Using clove alongside other essential oils that exhibit similar properties can give your air a beneficial cleansing effect in fighting the oncoming cold season.  

Studies have also shown the benefits that clove oil has on memory deficiencies due to oxidative stress.  Clove oil's antioxidant properties are useful in treating learning and memory issues associated with oxidative stress.

Clove mixes well with other spice essential oils as well as the sweet orange essential oil mentioned above.  The scent hints to the autumn food that comes along with the fall season.

Clove essential oil

#7  Nutmeg

fall essential oil diffuser

Nutmeg is another essential oil that is strongly associated with the smell of fall holiday food. This spice essential oil accents the other spice essential oils with a pungent spice smell.

This oil contains both stimulating and sedative-like properties as well as offers an uplifting aroma which is great for mood disorders.

Nutmeg is antibacterial too, offering the body respiratory support when breathed in.  It may as well produce histamine responses in the body too, (as well as the oil clove mentioned above), therefore, be cautious of what your body needs.

Also, the dosing of the essential oil that is infused into the air will factor into this reaction as well.  

Nutmeg, like the other fall spice essential oils, mix well together to bring a fall atmosphere to the home.  However, nutmeg is a strong scent, so pairing it with the right amount of oil is necessary for a pleasant aroma.

Nutmeg Essential Oil

#8  Ginger

Ginger is of course another essential oil from the spice family.  It adds a zing of spice to any oil blend.

Ginger essential oil offers a warming feel to the air which will trigger holiday feel when the scent is dispersed.  Although thought often during Christmas time with gingerbread cookies and gingerbread  houses, ginger is also a great oil for the fall as well.

It pairs well with citrus oils and other spice oils to give a cozy feel throughout the home.

Ginger Essential Oil

#9   Balsam Fir

fall essential oil scents

Balsam Fir is a favorite of mine.  It is a lovely scent (in my opinion) which melodies well with many essential oils for both the fall and winter months.

This fall essential oil scent is another one that is great for balancing the mood.  It also is great for congestion and respiratory health.

This oil is often thought of at Christmas time and during the winter months too, however, balsam fir is often combined with essential oils to derive a fall-based scent.  This is because of the earthy grounding smell that the oil offers.  it freshens the air and uplifts the mood.

Balsam Fir

#10  Juniper Berry

fall essential oil scents

This woodsy, sweet fruity scented essential oil is another perfect addition to add to a fall essential oils collection.  

Juniper Berry has antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties allowing it to clean the air when it is diffused.  It also naturally repels insects, making it great for fall nights.

Juniper berry comes from evergreen trees giving it a scent of pine.  This mixes well with other essential oils from the wood family as well as sweet orange and bergamot that are on the list.

Juniper berry essential oil

#11   Pine Needle

Pine needle is another essential oil that is great for fall weather.  And of course it smells like you would think, with a pine needle scent.  I simple love it.

This essential oil is another that works very well for both the fall and winter months giving you a bigger bang for your purchase.  The scent is mild making it a great oil to give a subtle earthy aroma.

This fall essential oil scent is a natural antimicrobial, again, making it great for cleansing the home.  Another benefit is that it stimulates memory and focus.

Pine Needle Essential Oil

#11   Star Anise

essential oil diffuser

This oil offers a subtle scent to the fall collection.  It is known for having a slight licorice type aroma.

Star Anise is added to the list of antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal essential oils.  The oil also positively benefits the mood by easing tension and anxiety and helps with fighting colds. This makes star anise a wonderful essential oil to diffuse in the fall.

Consider pairing star anise with spicy essential oils as well as ones from the citrus family for a nice fall scent throughout the home.

Star Anise essential oil

Pre-made Fall Essential Oils Scents

I have added some fantastic pre-made essential oil blend options to try out for fall season. These are essential oil blends created specifically with fall in mind.  The blends smell lovely for the fall and some are actually great to use throughout the whole year.

This list is comprised of essential oils that are great not only for giving a fall scent to the home, but also are great due to their properties.  Fall is the time for cold season to be near, so many of the antibacterial elements are beneficial to diffuse throughout the home.  Another great attribute is the antifungal and antiseptic properties that many of them offer.  Cleansing the air during the cooler days is a great preparation for healthier living in the winter months ahead. Finally, the positive effects that these fall essential oil scents have on the mood are extremely beneficial.  Preparing the house with  cozy fall touch with a calming and less stressful feel is much needed before the holiday bustle begins.

This post informs you of the best fall essential oil scents to use in your house, the benefits each scent provides, as well as useful ways to use the essential oils in your home.


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