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Best Earache Remedy

The best earache remedy we have found for our family involves the use of garlic.  It is simple yet extremely effective.  We will dive into why garlic is so powerful in providing earache relief, how to use the garlic, and alternative forms that may be tried.

Best Earache Remedy

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I recall the trials and errors I went through as a mother of a child with earaches.  This did not occur as often with our family as it did with those of children with chronic ear infections, but it happened enough to raise questions.

We got his hearing checked, of course tried antibiotics when I did not know what I know now, went to different doctors, and so on.

I recall the day that I decided to use garlic as an earache remedy.  The next day he woke up with no earache and a lot perkier.  This is the ear remedy that we turn to now now in times of colds when our ears are bothering us.

This post Is about the best earache remedy that we have found for making ears become unplugged, stop hurting, and drain better.

What makes Garlic a Useful Earache Remedy?

Garlic contains antiviral and antibacterial properties.  Different compounds are more potent and activated depending on the form of garlic-sliced, chopped, boiled, baked, etc.

Throughout history, garlic has been used to remediate many different problems.  These problems range from parasitic infections, colds, arthritis, gynecologic difficulties, toothaches, digestion, and more.

Allicin is the compound in garlic known for giving garlic its antibacterial effect.  Garlic's anti-fungal properties have also been proven greater with the compound allicin.  

There are negative side effects to using antibiotics to treat ear infections.  A major side effect is that the antibiotic is not selective in the type of bacteria it kills off, therefore, killing good and much-needed bacteria in the body as well as the bad.  This creates a host of problems that need to be addressed in a separate post. 

Alternative therapies are being sought in place of antibiotics due to resistance to antibiotic treatment.  This opens a doorway to informing the public of natural opportunities for healing.

However, given all of the above information, there is limited data concerning the extent to which garlic will actually alleviate an ear infection.  There are a couple of studies that I found showing the positive effects garlic had on earaches.  They were conducted with children and improvement was shown.

Using garlic has been a beneficial remedy for us, but seeking the advice of a knowledgeable medical professional that you trust is recommended.  

Disclaimer:  No content on this site should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor, a qualified clinician or other qualified health care professional.

Proper Application of The earache Remedy

We personally have been successful with this earache remedy, and it has been used for many years in treating cold symptoms.  Trying the remedy for yourself should be done with caution and done properly because garlic is a potent herb.  Skin irritation may occur if the garlic is directly exposed to the skin.  

Therefore, make sure fabric of some kind acts as a barrier between the garlic and the skin.  You want the garlic exposed to the ear canal, but in an effective as well as safe manner.  

Also, you need to be treating the ear according the problem.  Ruptured ear canals are to be treated by a knowledgeable professional in the field.  

Garlic Remedy Procedure

#1   Cut Up Garlic

  • Cut 2 cloves of garlic into slices.
  • The garlic should be organic.

#2  Place Garlic into tea bag

  • Secondly, take the cut up garlic and place it into an unbleached tea bag.  Fold the bag a little so the garlic is still exposed, and place that tea bag into another tea bag.

#3  Cut cloth or get a bandana

  • Next, cut a long strip of cloth.  We have used bandanas and cut up strips of clothing to do this.  
  • A bandana works for a smaller head, but it can be a tight fit depending on the size of the head.
  • However, a strip of cloth can be cut to the size that will fit the head.  In doing this, you need to measure the cloth around the head prior to placement if possible.

#4  wrap galic bags in cloth

  • Place the tea bags with the garlic inside on the cloth.  Overlay a small section of the cloth over each side of the garlic bag.  However, still allow the tea bag to be exposed enough so when you put it over the ear, the garlic will be able to do its job.

#5  Wrap EarAche Remedy around the head

  • At this time, the homemade remedy is ready to be applied to the ear.  
  • Simply pick up the garlic bag with the cloth and align the garlic over the ear.
  • Next, tie the cloth around the back of the head.  It becomes uncomfortable if you wrap it around the chin.  
  • You will need to make sure the cloth is tightly secure yet comfortable on the head.

Other Remedies to use

There are pre-made garlic remedies to purchase that have been proven beneficial by users.  Here are a couple options below:

Mullein Garlic Oil

Ear Relief KidSafe- This is not a garlic remedy, but I trust the company so I would try it if my kids                                were smaller.

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How Long Does the Ear Remedy Take To Work?

There is not an exact time I am able to give for how long this remedy will take to work.  Ear problems are different depending on the cause.  Therefore, it is difficult to assess the exact time for each given situation.

However, from our experience, we have not had to wait more than several hours.  There are several times that my son has worn the garlic wrap to bed and by morning he was feeling better. 

I personally have tried this remedy when my ears were aching from not draining properly.  It took between 2-3 hours before my ears no longer ached.

It may be difficult for a little one to want to keep it on his or her head.  However, when a child is not feeling well, I have found it takes less effort to convince them to give something a try. Making the wrap as comfortable as possible will help the child to want to keep it on longer.

Alternatively, you can have the child lay down placing your hand under the ear.  This will provide the same effect. 

Concluding Statements

I prefer to have more overall evidence that proves a method works scientifically before suggesting the use of it.  However, in this case, the garlic remedy has been so beneficial to us that I wanted to give people the option of relief.

It is difficult to see a loved one deal with an earache.  Of course, you will want to take note of the infection and the seriousness of the ear problem when considering this remedy.  But having choices that are natural are worth noting.

Working with your child's health will help to alleviate ear problems if they are chronic.  However, earaches stem from many different situations, and naturally applying garlic to the ear in a safe manner has proven to be useful for our family and will continue to be used often.

This post Is about the best earache remedy that we have found for making ears become unplugged, stop hurting, and drain better.


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