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Best Non-Toxic Air Fresheners (Which are safe to Buy?)

Non-Toxic air fresheners are the best type to buy for your natural home routine.  This is a great list to have on hand when deciding the best clean ingredient air freshener to buy.
Non-Toxic Air Fresheners

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Annoying odors that linger and cause your house to smell funky are annoying.  Walking into my home to an animal smell is not exactly the pleasant aroma I am going for.  A simple spray or device can usually eliminate the problem.

Neutralizing the air or adding a smell from a natural source makes a more pleasant experience for those entering the house.  However, if you are choosing a product to buy over DIYing, the decision is not always quick and easy.

This list of air fresheners are safe for many people sensitive to scents.  They also are great for those looking for a truly non-toxic way to freshen the air.

A Non-Toxic Air Freshener List Giving you effective and clean ingredient products that are safer to buy, and air freshener ideas that are easy and effective to implement.

Why Must You Choose a Non-Toxic Air Freshener For Better Health?

Many toxins are found in air fresheners which pollute the air within a home or building, therefore putting individuals at risk for health problems.

Pollutants such as terpenes, toluene, VOCs, and other harmful chemicals are emitted from many air fresheners on the market.  Phthalates is a specific harmful toxin that has been found in many air fresheners including ones claiming to be natural.

To avoid putting yourself and loved ones at risk for a worsened toxic load, you need to be aware of the compounds that are being put into the air from these air freshening products.

This article states,  "Of the studies that examined multiple types of air fresheners (e.g., sprays, gels, solids, disks, oils, cartridges, diffusers, evaporators; both active and passive), results indicate that all types of air fresheners have the potential to emit high concentrations of volatile organic compounds. The composition of the fragrance mixture is likely more influential on emissions than the type of delivery mechanism.

The above statement shows that caution needs to be used when spraying any type of matter into the air.  You can often tell just by walking into certain stores which ones are spraying toxic chemicals.

My daughters are better with this now, but at one point our time in a store was limited due to the reactions they would get from the chemicals.  If this is the case, then you want to make sure you are able to come home to a place filled with better air to breath.

Non-toxic air freshener

Best Non-Toxic Air Freshener List

Best Non-scented air fresheners

#1  PURGGO Air Freshener

The PURGGO air freshener is a fragrance-free bag that absorbs toxins.  It can be laid somewhere or has the option to be hanged.

It is made from high-quality bamboo charcoal and is designed to absorb odors.  The company uses organic cotton and hemp for the outside of the bag.

We use these ourselves specifically for my husband's trucks and they work wonderfully!  They absorb odors amazingly well.  You will need to put them in the sun every 3-6 months to allow the charcoal to be able to reabsorb toxins again.

Being able to hang these bags is a huge benefits because they easily hang over the back of a vehicle seat, neatly out of the way.  Also, laying them near a garbage can or cat litter box would be a great option as well.

PURGGO AIR FReshener bag

#2  Moso Charcoal bag

These bags do a great job as air fresheners also.  The charcoal acts in the same way as the air freshener described above.

The charcoal absorbs odors from the air and traps them.  Laying the bags out in the sun in order to let the charcoal "recharge" and absorb toxins again is needed with this bag as well.

These bags are convenient because they come in different sizes.  This makes them easy to use whether it be in a drawer, car, or to freshen the area of a room.

MISO charcoal bag

Best scented air fresheners

The below air fresheners are scented with high-quality essential oils that are 100% pure.

#4  Reed Diffuser 

This air freshener brings a scent to the air through the use of rattan reeds.  The sticks soak the essential oil up thereby scenting the air.

The reed diffuser is a nice option for those not wanting to use water or a heating system to diffuse essential oils.  

Also, the diffuser brings a decorative and inconspicuous look to the home.  Another benefit is that you are able to use whatever essential oils jar or base you prefer to stick the reeds into. However, when using essential oils, it is best that the base is darker in color to best preserve the oil's properties.

You need to be careful when selecting a reed diffuser though.  The diffuser I suggest is made from Rattan and is from a reputable company.  There are many on the market that have materials mixed into the rattan reeds.  Read the ingredients and the company's backstory.

This reed diffuser comes with an essential oils mix that includes oils that are known for air freshening and purification.  However, the rattan sticks come separately if you want to use them with your own specific essential oil(s).

#5  Terra Cotta Scent Diffused Air Freshener

Here is another way to dispense essential oils safely into the air to scent your home or car.  

These terra cotta pendants are small and can be hanged in an entryway, on a car mirror, or laid in a drawer.  

They are of high-quality and are simplistic as well as inexpensive.  These are a great option, especially for the car!

Terra Cotta Pendant Air Freshener Diffuser

#6  Greenspace Diffuser (Plug-IN)

This diffuser acts as an air freshener via the use of essential oils as well.  I love it because it can be used in hallways or small spaces to combat mold or mildew and freshen the air.

Simply plug the diffuser into the wall and add an essential oil to the cotton pad.  When heated, the oil will diffuse scent into the air.

It is another practical option for smaller spaces as well as affordable.  Also, the diffuser comes with the option to be lit-up, therefore, doubling as a night light.  The night light feature can be turned on or off.

Greenspace Diffuser

#7  Air Freshener DIY

Here is a simple and non-toxic air freshener DIY that is convenient and effective.  I created it and use it throughout the house to control odors and bring the house back to a neutralized smell.  This works well for chemical sensitivities and allergies!

Air freshener diy

This is a list of Non-Toxic Air Fresheners that are effective, clean and safer to buy than conventional air fresheners.

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