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A Simple Air Freshener DIY

Creating an air freshener DIY with basic, non-toxic ingredients is easy and affordable to do. These ingredients are not only common, they have many beneficial properties.  They neutralize odors and provide your home with a more pleasant smell.

air freshener DIY

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There are many reasons to use an air freshener.  Sometimes we need to mask the smell of dinner, other times our animals are sharing too many of their pleasant aromas.  There are also times that we just want to add a few drops of a specific essential oil smell that resonates with our mood.

Whatever the reason or need, this air freshener DIY will suit many situations.  It is versatile and essential oils of your choosing can easily be added.  

an Air Freshener DIY Formula that neutralizes unwanted odor leaving a fresh air smell.

air feshener DIY

Air Freshener Ingredients 

Each of these ingredients play a role in formulating a healthy and non-toxic air deodorizer.  This spray deodorizes the air of nasty smells leaving a clean and pure smell in its place.  

#1  Witch Hazel

  • Witch Hazel is an astringent and antibacterial.  Therefore, it is a wonderful addition to this DIY air freshener formula.
  • Some of witch hazel's properties include flavonoids, tannins which attribute to witch hazel's air freshening abilities.
  • The bland smell of witch hazel offers a nice base for essential oils.  If you have a specific scent you want to fill the house with, leave out the lemon juice from the air freshener mixture and use all witch hazel. Then add in tea tree oil, orange, grapefruit, or lavender essential oils to increase deodorizing properties.
  • However, if you want a lemon smell, add in lemon essential oils to the witch hazel, lemon juice, and baking soda concoction for a stronger lemony scent.

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#2  Lemon Juice

  • Incorporating the juice from a lemon aids the purification process of the air from pungent smells. The citric acid in lemons neutralize odors caused by chemicals such as amines.
  • Lemons also add a nice, refreshing scent to the air.  This air freshener recipe is mild, but if you want a stronger scent, try adding more lemon juice or replace the witch hazel with all lemon juice.  

#3 Baking Soda

  • Baking soda has antibacterial properties and acts as a neutralizer against odors.
  • The baking soda easily dissolves in the mixture and acts as a powerful component to this DIY.
  • Baking soda has so many uses in itself.  If you need to absorb strong odors, simply leave some baking soda out in an opened dish or a dish with holes in the top.  Lingering odors will be absorbed by the baking soda.
  • The baking soda does neutralize the lemon juice somewhat, however, the lemon scent is still slight.  Keep this in mind if you plan on adding in essential oils.

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#4 Optional Addition

  • Sometimes I add EC3 drops to the air freshener recipe for mold spore prevention and control.  This is a great additive to reduce mold count and create a healthier environment.  This is of course optional and not necessary.

Store-Bought Air Fresheners

There are many ingredients in store-bought air fresheners that cause the body harm.  

According to the Made Safe website, (a non for profit organization that certifies products as non-toxic according to the product's ingredient list), here are some chemicals found in many traditional air fresheners on the market:  Benzene, Acetaldehyde, Phthalates, Parabens, Toluene, VOCs and more.  

These different compounds are linked to a wide range of problems such as hormone disruption, carcinogenic linkage, endocrine problems, interference with the central nervous system, and neurotoxicity. 

I will note, many companies are reformulating their list to be more natural.  However, often times the product still contains harmful compounds even if some were removed.  It is difficult to find a store-bought air freshening spray that is clean enough for me to want to use.  Make sure you read and inform yourself of the ingredients in the products that you purchase.

What is Great About this DIY AIR Freshener? 

  • How well it Works

Not only is this air freshener DIY simple and inexpensive, it works amazingly well.  The ingredients have not left any stains or reside on anything that it falls onto, but you will want to make sure to spot test it if you have a concern.

  • Versatility 

I use this air freshener in all of the rooms and it neutralizes odors.  My favorite place to use it though is around the cat boxes.  

  • A Base Start

Sometimes you do feel like adding a nice smell to the house.  In this case, the air freshener allows the unwanted odors to be neutralized, allowing you to later use a candle or pleasant non-toxic fragrance to scatter throughout the house.

You will want to give the air freshener spray time to do its job and settle before using something with fragrance, otherwise the purpose will be defeated.  Click on the post link below to view ways to use add scent to to the air naturally.

  • Great for chemical sensitivities

Finding sprays that don't bother someone that is sensitive to chemicals or smells is challenging. This spray is exceptional for dealing with these problems.  It is made with ingredients that do not cause reactions, (most of the time), and it is rather inexpensive to make.  

Handy Supplies for Air Freshener DIY

  • CLEAR GLASS SPRAY BOTTLE- This bottle is great because of the soft bottom and you can color code.  This is great for DIY solutions that are not sensitive to the sun.
  • COLORED GLASS SPRAY BOTTLE- This bottle is for DIY solutions sensitive to the sun.
  • FUNNEL- Here is a funnel suggestion for easy pouring.

Air Freshener DIY


1 Cup Distilled Water

1/4 Cup Witch Hazel

1/2 Organic Lemon Squeezed

1 Tbsp. Baking Soda


Pour water and witch hazel into a medium glass bowl

Squeeze 1/2 of a lemon into the glass bowl

Add the Baking soda- It will fizz, so make sure you use a big enough bowl

Pour the solution into a glass spray bottle using a funnel

Spray the areas that are needed with your new air freshener DIY

Store in refrigerator / Lasts for 1-3 months depending on freshness of ingredients and storage

an Air Freshener DIY Formula that neutralizes unwanted odor leaving a fresh air smell.

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