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The Best, Affordable Non-Toxic Candles

These are the best affordable non-toxic candles for you to choose from.  There are a variety of scents as well as non-scented options for those sensitive to smells.  It is extremely important to your health to be burning the best and purest candles, so let's get into it.

affordable non-toxic candles

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I am sharing the best affordable non-toxic candles that are made of beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils.  

Soy wax candles are not included because pure and non-toxic soy tends to be more difficult to source.  This makes it challenging to know if the soy that I am burning is indeed not harmful.  

There are many brands out there that use soy wax in their candles, and I am sure that some of them are of high-quality.  However, to keep it safe, I look for coconut oil or beeswax candles to burn with pure essential oils if I want a scent.  Therefore, that is what I am bringing you!

9 of the best, Affordable Non-Toxic candles- Safe to burn and wonderful smelling!

what makes many candles toxic?

Many candles on the market smell good, but it does not mean they are good for you.

In fact, many are harmful to your body and to the air they are polluting.  Chemicals are emitted into the air and then absorbed into clothing, furniture, our bodies, and more.

These chemicals cause harm to our health because they become hard to get out of the body, interfere with hormones, negatively effect the reproductive system, interfere with normal development, contain carcinogens, and wreak havoc on our body's immune system.

Taken from the Made Safe website, (a nonprofit organization which certifies non-toxic products as legit), below is a list of the harmful chemicals found in many candles on the market.

  • phthalates
  • formaldehyde
  • synthetic chemicals disguised under the terms parfum or fragrance
  • acetaldehyde
  • paraffins which contain the harmful chemicals toluene and benzene.
  • lead (sometimes found in the wicks)

Why is it important to choose non-toxic candles?

Keep yourself at your best!  Why take in nasty chemicals from candles full of toxins when you can help your health by purchasing a non-toxic candle that still smells great?

It may seem like an insignificant concern at first, but al these chemicals that we are around add up.  

The below quote is taken from this science article linking phthalates to health issues, and this is not even including the other chemicals. 

Studies found that low molecular phthalates, such as DEP, can acutely irritate the skin, conjunctiva, and mucous membrane of the oral and nasal cavities. Phthalate exposure is associated with adverse developmental effects in terms of increased prenatal mortality, reduced growth and birth weight, skeletal, visceral, and external malformations in rodents. Experiments on male rats found that the nervous system is rather sensitive to low doses of DEHP exposure during puberty.

What to Look for in a non-toxic candle

Candle Ingredients

You need to make sure the ingredients in the candle doesn't contain harmful chemicals or is treated with pesticides.  


  • It has a higher melting point than other waxes, therefore, creating a nice, slow burn.
  • Beeswax emits negative ions that clean the air.
  • Also, the beeswax gives a warm, yellow glow that burns brightly.
  • This ingredient provides a lovely, natural honey smell.

You must purchase organic honey or ethically sourced honey.  This means that the bees don't have access to flowers sprayed with pesticides.  Many local farmers sell honey that does not have the organic label.  Becoming organically certified is time intensive and expensive for many beekeepers.  Therefore, you can get a wonderful sourced honey from a farmer using good practices.

Coconut Oil

  • Some candles use all coconut oil in making their candles, and others incorporate the coconut oil with beeswax or other ingredients.
  • Coconut oil also has a slower burn time which makes a candle last longer.
  • Many candles add coconut oil to them for its slower burning abilities.
  • Coconut oil also burns cleaner than regular candles with toxins.
  • Coconuts are a renewable and sustainable resource as well, meaning that nothing is cut or destroyed.  The coconuts are continually produced with proper care.


  • If you choose a soy candle, then do your research on where the soy comes from and how it is processed.
  • Pesticides are used heavily in the growing and production of soy, and those pesticides will be passed onto you when the candle is burned.
  • However, that being said, soy burns nicely and is a great addition for candle making.
  • Also, soy candles tend to burn well in general, although they may not last quite as long if not mixed with beeswax or coconut oil.


  • The fragrances used in the candle need to be toxins-free as well.
  • Essential oils that are high in quality, (preferable organic, but unfortunately many don't say), are a great option for adding a natural fragrance.

what about the Wick?

Cotton Wick

  • These types of wicks are often dipped in beeswax to help them hold their shape and burn evenly.
  • Cotton wicks need to be trimmed in order for them to burn properly.  Trim them to 1/8 in. to avoid soot build up or too hot of a burn.
  • Cotton wicks should be void of toxins!
  • It is best to try and find a cotton wick that is organic or a known source that is not sprayed with pesticides or chemicals.  Cotton is often times a resource that is heavily sprayed with chemicals.

Hemp wick

  • Hemp wicks are a great alternative wick to use.  Using organic hemp, like the hemp wick linked, is important to ensure a clean burn.
  • Hemp has been used for centuries.  It has become more popular again with the increase of non-toxic and natural products.
  • This type of wick is slower burning and a sustainable resource.  It also is naturally resistant to pests, which make it ideal for growing.
  • I like hemp wicks and have used them in my own candle making experience.  However, I believe hemp and cotton are both good choices.

Wooden wick

  • A wooden wick needs to be trimmed to 1/8 inches in length before burning as well.  The melted wax that creeps up to the wick is what keeps the wick lit.  If the wooden wick is too long, the flame will burn out.
  • For this reason, a wooden wick may take additional time to light at first.  Take the time to tilt the candle allowing the wax to slowly move up to the wick.  This will help the flame to start and stay going.
  • Wooden wicks provide a nice crackling sound too.  
  • As with the above wicks, the wick used in the candle needs to be a pure and clean source.  If you are buying a non-toxic candle, all parts need to be toxin-free.
Best, affordable non=toxic candles

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the besT, affordable non-toxic candles

#1     Terralite 

These candles are made with coconut wax, and organic essential oils are what give the candles their nice aroma.  The company uses only natural, organic, or fair trade ingredients in the making of their candles.

Terralite candles use hemp wicks that are not treated with chemicals.

The company shows advocacy of recycling with their recyclable container and papers.  when done using the candle, use the tin or jar to create your own.

The candles come in a variety of twelve different scents from orange blossoms to woodlands to vanilla orchard.  

Rice bran wax is used in some of their candles which is free from harmful chemicals as well.  

They also donate 1% of their sales to nonprofit environmental organizations.

This company holds the Made Safe certification which verifies that a product is made with clean and safe ingredients.

It uses beeswax as their main component but the wax is naturally refined to remove the yellow tint.

The Fontana Candle Co. uses essential oils that are therapeutic grade and are ethically sourced from farmers around the world.

These candles are made with wooden wicks giving the candle a nice, warm crackling sound.  This is perfect for creating a warm, camp-like feel in the fall and in the winter.

The wooden wicks are sourced from mills which plant trees in turn for the company meeting a certain purchase quota.  

#3     Nashville Wax

These candles get their name from where they come from- Nashville, Tennessee.  

Nashville Wax candles are made with pure beeswax and essential oils.

They are all hand-poured into beautiful amber jars.  These jars allow the candle to give off a lovely, amber, warm glow.

These candles come in the scents autumn harvest, lavender sage, wild wood, River and Moss, Nashville, honey, spiced orange, and peppermint.

#4     The Coco Bee

This company was founded after the owner's battle with skin issues and allergies.  

All of Coco Bee's packaging and materials come from trusted, small business owners just like them.

They use pure and clean beeswax to create their products.  The candles are created with pride and care. 

The candles only come in 3 sizes- large pillar, small pillar, and candle sticks. They do not come with additional scents added.   If you enjoy plain beeswax candles, the you will surely enjoy these.

Their small candles have a burn time of at least 35 hours, and their large pillar candles have a burn time of at least 65 hours.  They have chosen a natural cotton as their wick of choice.

#5    Hemlock Park

Hemlock Park candles use organic coconut wax in their candle creations and scent them with pure essential oils.

You have the choice of purchasing candles with wooden wicks or cotton wicks.  Most of their candles, however, use the wooden wicks.  The candles with the cotton wicks use blends of essential oils as well as fragrance oils for creating a non-toxic candle scent. Be aware of this when making your decision.

The company makes their candles by hand from Nevada.  The candles come in lovely amber colored jars with a lovely logo engraved on them making each look elegant.

They are teamed up with the operation called One Tree Planted.  Therefore, a tree is planted after purchasing a candle from their store.

Hemlock Park's candles are available in 2 sizes and many scents.  Their candles are classified into collections.  These include the dessert, forest, and garden collections.

#6    Pure Plant Home

Coconut wax and pure essential oils make up this candle collection.  They come in pillars, amber glass jars, or tins.

The smells of these oils keep fragrant longer due to the lower melting point of coconut wax.  The therapeutic benefits of the essential oils are able to be distributed longer.

Many of the farmers that they get the coconuts from are certified fair trade and none are sprayed with chemicals or pesticides.

Also, Pure Plant Home candles come in a variety of scents, sizes and looks. Their candles are sold in clear, color-frosted, amber glass, tins or as pillar sets.  The collection is quite impressive.

#7     Pickles Potions

These candles are not as extensive as the candle options above.  The candles comes in a tin only and have several scents.

Pickles Potions made the list for the option of another low-cost and high quality candle option. The candles come in four scents.

The candle is made of coconut wax and essential oils.  The website states that quality ingredients are used, however, their is not as much information regarding this as the candle companies above.   

Purchasing one of these candles will also be supporting a small business.  They sell other products from their shop as well.

#8     Essentially Charlie

These candles are made with a combination of beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils.  I personally love this combination of oils and waxes.

They come in 9 oz. and 14 oz. sizes in clear glass jars or gray, matte jars with nice labels.  They use hemp for their wick choice that is coated in beeswax.

The candles include a variety of scents that all contain names such as breathe, grounded, and queen.  

Essentially Charlie candles are another good choice for purchasing from a smaller business owner.

#9    Berry Lane Goods

Finally, Berry Lane Goods- another small company seller.  

They also use beeswax, coconut oil, and pure essential oils to create their candles.

The candles come in a glass jar or a tin, depending upon the size purchased.  A wooden wick is also used.

The store has great reviews from buyers and the candle names represent the essential oils used to make the scent.

These are the 9 best, Affordable Non-Toxic candles that do not contain harmful chemicals and provide a warm feel and a wonderful smell !


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