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Non Toxic Bronzer: Best Clean And Natural Bronzers

Seeking a sun-kissed glow look that looks natural and of course stunning? A bronzer will help you achieve that look. Some natural bronzers, however, definitely rank higher on the list than others.

non toxic bronzer

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A natural, clean, or organic bronzer is needed in order to keep healthy skin thriving while at the same time creating a natural glow.

There is a huge display of beauty products on the market that claim clean makeup or organic ingredients, but how do you know if harmful ingredients are intermixed into the creation or not? And which ones are best for your skin type?

On the search to use less toxic chemicals, there are certain non-toxic bronzers that are worth knowing about that actually use natural ingredients. These clean bronzers will help you create a healthy glow without extra damage to the skin.

This post will help you decide which non toxic bronzer will best give you a gorgeous glow.

What is the Purpose of a Bronzer?

There are different reasons people choose to use a bronzer. First of all, a bronzer is used to add warmth to certain parts of the face. Many people use it to give their face a sun-kissed look. Mostly bronzers are used to give a tanner look to certain parts of the face and subtly darken the natural shade of the skin, however, some people use it for alternative purposes like creating more of a contour to the face.

Why should i buy a non toxic bronzer?

By now, many people know the amount of hidden toxins that are in makeup products. Unfortunately, though, there are also many that do not give it second thought. Using organic bronzers is usually ideal. However, most of the time bronzers that include certified organic ingredients do not include all organic ingredients. 

Ensuring that as many ingredients are organic or ethically sources as possible will offer a peace of mind. You will not be prematurely aging or harming your skin while trying to create that ideal appearance.

Ethically sourced lets you know that an ingredient is in pure form as much as possible. Some clays or ingredients such as corn starch or the oil-absorbing rice powder have a high possibility of being contaminated by pesticide use. 

What bronzer should I use?

The bronzer you decide on will be based on skin shade, where and how you plan to use it, and whether you are looking for a shimmery effect or a soft glow, or a matte effect that naturally blends into the face. Also, choose according to the type of makeup your skin takes best to. For instance, if creams are too cakey and heavy, opt for a powder or liquid.

Additionally, selecting from a company that provides samples or consultations through a chat system is very beneficial in helping you decide on a shade. Also, some stores provide sampling in-store. Of course, this is a great choice depending on their sampling system.

The Best Non Toxic Bronzer Brands

Mineral Fusion

Mineral Fusion makes a wonderful bronzer that is also available as a highlighter and bronzer duo. The highlighter and bronzer duo is definitely my favorite among bronzers. It works well with my natural skin tone, and the fact it is void of free radicals and harsh chemicals makes it a gem for my skin.

This clean beauty bronzer is created with different herbal extracts that protect the skin and includes aloe which nourishes the skin. It is also verified clean according to the Environmental Working Group. This will easily become one of your favorite personal care products.

W3LL People Bio Bronzer

There are 2 bronzer forms to choose from using this brand. The ingredients in this bronzer is what makes it on the list of clean powder bronzers. However, you will need to carefully select the color to make it work for you.

This not too heavy, semi-matte finish bronzer helps control oil while hydrating at the same time. The natural minerals create a healthy glow, but some have complained of the tint being too orange.

They have one of the best bronzer sticks available, and I would recommend this product for a nice sun-kissed look. Castor and jojoba oil are on the list of natural ingredients used to give a creamy texture. Applying a small amount to a desired area gives a nice, natural makeup look.

Rejuva Minerals Bronzer

This is the bronzer for you if you are looking for a bronzer free of titanium dioxide and mica. Rejuva's bronzer is formulated with certified organic ingredients which include botanicals and fruit extracts which add to the bronzer's color.  Rejuva Minerals is available in both trial and regular sizes. 

Rejuva Minerals natural bronzer

Rejuva Minerals Bronzer

Kjaer Weis

Firstly, this bronzer uses certified organic ingredients making it a top contender for bronzers. Additionally, the Kjaer Weis bronzer uses ethically sourced mica, which is a huge plus when it comes to alleviating risk for contamination. Many of the companies do not indicate this on their site. However, Kjaer Weis specially notes this.

Also, the Kjaer Weis website states the best way to find your shade as well as how to make the most of the application process. Reviewers are happy about the subtle color and the way it looks on the skin. This bronzer is a great choice for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.

Dab Herb Makeup (Etsy)

This bronzer created by Dab Herb and sold on Etsy is another great option for a non toxic bronzer. The creator uses ethically sourced ingredients, and almost all of the bronzer ingredients are certified organic.

They offer the bronze makeup in powder or stick form. Also, you can pick from a cool bronzer shade or a warm shade. The company suggests using it as a bronzer, in placement of a blush, or for the eye.

non toxic bronzer

Baeblu Beachin' Bronzer

This company's goal was to create a bronzer with non-toxic ingredients that do not harm the body and disrupt hormone levels. Also, many of the ingredients in the Baeblue Beachin' Bronzer are certified organic.

The ingredient that is not certified ingredient which you should watch for, however, is the Oryza sativa rice powder. This ingredient is susceptible to being contaminated, so it would be preferred that this is a certified organic ingredient as well. 

The mineral bronzer is lightweight and is infused with oils which soothe the skin and protects its youthful appearance. Additionally, the bronzer adds warmth to your skin's undertone by using a matte finish.

100% Pure Bronzer

Another natural bronzer that uses fruit pigments in their clean products is the brand 100 Percent Pure. This is a company I have referred to often, and this bronzer is another recommended product to try.

The minerals in the makeup will provide your skin with a natural sun-kissed look. Cocoa and coffee, papaya, tomato, and herbal extracts are some of the ingredients used in the 3 bronzer shades available. 

The reviewers for this product rave about the color and the application. Using certified organic ingredients would make the bronzer better. However, for a natural bronzer, this makes the list.

Using the best non toxic bronzer when the time is needed for a sun-kissed look is ideal for a healthier, happier skin appearance.

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