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Best Natural Body Lotion (Without Harmful Chemicals)

Everyone needs a good lotion. Weather, aging and our surroundings take a toll on our skin, so we need to not to add in additional harmful chemicals. The list below will allow you to choose the best body lotion without chemicals. These lotions are on the list because they are among the best, not just non-toxic!

best body lotion without chemicals

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Whether you have skin that is sensitive to harmful chemicals or not, a lotion with non-toxic ingredients should be used in place of conventional personal care products.

Our sensitivity to chemicals and health problems has given me the opportunity to test and research out the best natural body lotions.

The skin is your largest organ. It should not have the burden of taking in chemicals from toxic body lotions. It is important that only non-toxic body lotions are used in your beauty routine. It can make a big difference on your skin and health in the future.

This post Is about finding a body lotion without chemicals that is right for your skin type and body needs. Learn why using the lotions below are the optimal choice and the reasons to avoid convention body lotions.

Why You want to avoid conventional body lotions

Conventional body lotions contain harmful chemicals that affect the immune system and endocrine system. With many endocrine disruptors present in traditional-based lotions, hormonal problems may become an issue with daily use.

Also, the artificial fragrances can irritate sensitive skin, chemical sensitivities, and burden the body with an increased toxic load.

Terms such as non-toxic and naturally-derived should indicate a product is safe, but it does not mean that it is. Developmental and fertility are just a couple problems that arise from toxins used in traditional beauty products.

Mercury has been found in dangerous levels in anti-aging lotions according to this source. Other countries have banned additional chemicals as toxic from beauty products. However, the United States has yet to do the same.

The take away here is the importance to view the ingredients in the lotion to make sure it is clean. The more often you put this into practice, the easier it will become.

Harmful Ingredients to Avoid In Lotions

You may find it confusing like I do to go to the store and view the headings organic, natural, and clean in the beauty section and still not know which are actually safe. Most of us have heard to stay away from paraben and parfum, but here are some others to avoid.


Although banned in Europe, these chemicals are still allowed in beauty products in America. They are harmful to the reproductive system, hormones, and are linked to cancer.

Pregnant women are more at risk for a baby to have a higher amount of phthalates if exposed, and they are at higher risk for premature birth with increased exposure.


The chemical is linked to disruptions of hormones, estrogen, and has been shown to be toxic to organs such as the liver. 

Look for any word containing Benzo in it when reading the label because it is written in various forms. Also, look for the initials BP# (with a number after it). 

Retinyl Palmitate 

This is a synthetic source of vitamin A. There is controversy over this ingredient being included in lotions and sunscreens. However, evidence shows that applying a product with this chemical and exposing oneself to the sun can increase skin tumor growths.

Petroleum Jelly

Pure petroleum jelly is said to safe, however, as long as it is absolutely pure. Contaminated petroleum have cancer causing agents. The probability of most lotion products containing a form of petroleum that is not contaminated does not set well form me and it should not for you either.

Additionally, petroleum traps moisture in the skin without letting water in. It does not add moisture. Instead toxic materials that lie on and beneath the skin are not able to escape the  petroleum barrier.  

This gives the illusion that petroleum adds moisture to the skin. It actually just creates a barrier on the skin.

chemicals in lotions

Oils found in Clean body lotions & how they help the skin

Olive Oil

  • Olive oil moisturizes the skin nicely by preventing moisture loss. It also helps with inflammation.

Argan oil

  • This oil contains antibacterial properties as well as ant-fungicidal properties which helps with eczema and psoriasis. Argan's rich antioxidants and omega fatty acids greatly aid skin hydration, reduce inflammation and smooth fine lines on the skin.

Jojoba Oil

  • Jojoba oil is anti-inflammatory and reduces redness and calms inflamed skin. The oil also increases moisture by attracting water to the surface and balances out the skin.

Avocado oil

  • Organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed avocado oil will ensure you get the purest effects of the oil. It keeps the skin hydrated, is anti-inflammatory, helps with sun damage, and strengthens skin's elasticity. Finally, avocado oil aids in the healing process of acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Sweet almond Oil

  • This oil balances skin's moisture levels. Additionally, it is antibacterial and may be helpful in treating acne and improves skin tone.

aloe vera 

  • Aloe vera is also great for the skin. It has great hydrating effects, and contains antioxidants and enzymes beneficial for glowing skin. Also,  its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are soothing and helpful in treating acne-prone skin.

How to find the right lotion

We all know that skin types and needs vary greatly. Therefore, you need to consider a few things when purchasing the best body lotion without chemicals.

  • Are you looking for a heavy lotion or a lightweight formula? 
  • Do you need an unscented lotion or a lotion fragranced with organic herbs and essential oils?
  • Would you prefer a body serum, body butter, body cream, or body lotion?
  • Does the lotion fit your skin type needs?

The list of natural and clean lotions below will give you an idea of what may fit you the best. I have included only lotions, not body butters or body creams because this post is about the best body lotions without chemicals.

Best Body Lotions without Chemicals that cause harm to your body

Organic shea butter, calendula, and chamomile are among the natural ingredients in Babo's fragrance free lotion. This is a luscious, moisturizing and non-toxic body lotion. Its creamy and smooth texture creates a thick lotion that coats well. You are left with a nice moisturizing feeling without feeling greasy, sticky or too heavy.

The specific product pictured, (also a baby lotion), is the best non-toxic body lotion. I adored it immediately. It has a luscious feel although the price tag is more affordable than other clean body moisturizers. 

There are other lotions available noted as a baby-friendly lotion but they are therapeutic lotions for those specifically with dry skin problems or eczema as well. Their formulas contain mostly certified organic ingredients. This makes Babo a great organic body lotion option for those with sensitive skin.

EWG Certification: YES

Made in the USA

babo non-toxic body lotion

#2  Pipette

Pipette brings you a lotion using squalene oil derived from sugar.  This lotion is great for anyone that does not want harsh chemicals in their body moisturizer. Essential oils versus nasty synthetic fragrances add a subtle and pleasant smell to the gentle formula.

This lotion is marketed to pregnant and new mothers, however, it is suitable for anyone. I would recommend going with the baby lotion unscented version although if you have sensitive skin. In addition to containing no harsh chemicals, this lotion gives a deep hydration without a greasy feel.

EWG Certified: YES

Made in the USA

pipette body lotion

Another natural lotion with clean ingredients comes from the company Attitude. You will find different oils used in their lotion based on the one you buy. These types of oils include coconut oil and grapeseed oil like used in the unscented formula, or it may include argan or avocado oil if choose another product option.

Oatmeal is specifically in a couple of their lotions to help ease inflammation and soothe out irritated skin. This lotion absorbs well into the skin. A small amount is all that is needed to smooth skin.

EWG Certification: YES

Made in Canada

attitude body lotion

Another lotion full of great ingredients and one that quickly became a favorite of ours is this one. You are only able to purchase it through their agents on the site, but the shipping is always quick for us.

The lotion on the right contains soothing aloe vera and moisturizing shea butter and almond oil to create a smooth application.

They use high-quality ingredients, and there is an unscented lotion too, which is what we usually buy.

What I do not love, however, is the fact they change fragrances frequently. This becomes annoying if you grow partial to one they no longer carry.

EWG Certification: N/A

Made in the USA

non- toxic hand and body lotion

Honest Company's lotions are creamy and soothing but also quick absorbing. It leaves a moisturized, light feeling on the skin.

Created from ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, the skin is supplied with healing and hydrating elements. Each high-quality ingredient is picked with your skin health in mind.

This lotion is designed for all skin types. Essential oils and extracts are used for a natural fragrance unless you opt for their unscented lotion.

EWG Certification: YES

Made in the USA

honest body lotion

#6  Whamisa

Whamisa is another lotion making the list, but pricier than most of the others. Shea butter and apricot oil are two familiar product ingredients.

This company uses fermented filtrates from organic flowers to fragrance and add beauty benefits to their lotion. 

The lotion is not too thick, and it is even thinner if you get the updated version. However, it is great if you are looking for a lighter lotion or if using in the spring and summer months.

EWG Certification: YES

Made in Korea

whamisa body lotion

Dr. Bronner's lotion may not have as an appealing of a design, but it is a clean lotion that is a good choice. It is also easily found in many stores.

The lotion is a little watery. Although on the lightweight side, it still hydrates rather well, just not as deep and as for long. Perfect for those looking for a thinner lotion.

Additionally, a combination of coconut, jojoba, and hemp oils are used in the formula. There are a few scents available to purchase. I do not particularly find the scents as appealing as other lotions, however.

EWG Certification: YES

Made in the USA

Dr. Bronner's natural body lotion

#8  100% Pure

Another great company is 100 Percent Pure. Cocoa, avocado, and aloe are used to create a smooth and creamy lotion. 

Our sensitive skin type has been able to easily use these lotions without any problems. There are many scents, some more potent than others. The lotions soak in rather quickly and last all day. 

EWG Certification: YES

Made in the USA

100 percent pure body cream

Everyone lotion was founded early on in 1995, and creation of the lotion began in small garage.

The lotion uses coconut oil, aloe, and vitamin E as a few of the ingredients. The lotion itself is a lightweight lotion. 

The favorite thing my girls liked about it was how quickly it absorbed. When you need a light, fast absorbing lotion that will not feel greasy but still keep you hydrated, this is the lotion to go to. 

You get a lot of lotion for the money and it will last a while.

EWG Certification: YES

Made in the USA

Everyone Lotion

Free & True lotion is a luxurious lotion sported by a higher price tag, not making it necessarily a practical, everyday lotion to use. However, many skin nourishing ingredients are packed into this product.

The lotion is made of natural ingredients like pumpkin seed oil, comfrey extract, and olive leaf extract that provide the skin with antioxidants and healing benefits.

The lotion feels luxurious and soaks in nicely. Many of the ingredients are certified organic as well.

EWG Certification: YES

Made in the USA

non-toxic body lotion

What is the best smelling Non-Toxic body lotion?

If you are looking for a non-toxic body lotion with a pleasant fragrance, then you want to check out the brands 100 Percent Pure lotion, Lemon Grass Spa, and Attitude.

100 Percent Pure has many scents available and they are quite appealing. We find them subtle but delightful for a switch from the unscented variety.

Lemon Grass Spa's scents vary by season. They are a hit or miss, but they have such a variety from which to choose. Finally, Attitude is a good place to look for a natural scented lotion too.

This post listed the best body lotion without chemicals for

various skin types and skin problems.

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