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Choosing The Best Organic Toner For Sensitive Skin

Cleaning pores thoroughly will create a better complexion and allow the skin to nicely glow like it should. This is especially important if your skin is sensitive to all the elements that touch it or that surround it. Using the best organic toner for sensitive skin will get you a deeper clean without the addition of nasty toxins.
best organic toner for sensitive skin

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Adding a toner onto a skincare regimen may be an after-thought for many. Cleaning your face can become pretty redundant when there are so many things to do during the day.

However, a skin toner can remove some of that grime which will be missed by your regular facial cleanser and is really beneficial to incorporate into your skin care routine.

Narrowing down the right toner for you is only one of the steps. You also need to take into account the chemicals that are used in many skincare product formulations. 

The best natural toner should include only natural ingredients and preferably organic ingredients wherever possible. This will allows impurities to be pulled out of the skin for a tighter and brighter appearance without adding in unnecessary nasty chemicals that create further havoc on your face down the line.

This post goes over the benefits of using a toner on your skin and the best Organic toner for sensitive skin that contain natural and organic ingredients for your skincare routine.

Skin Benefits of Using a Natural face Toner

  • Prepares skin for moisturizers and other non-toxic beauty products
  • Hydrates the skin barrier and brings out its natural moisture
  • Gives the skin's appearance a natural, healthy skin glow (this is due to the hydration and process of cleaning clogged pores)
  • Effectively removes left over and missed dirt and bacteria, thereby giving pores a deeper cleaning 
  • Using a gentle toner which is appropriate for your face can help to balance the skin's PH level

10 Best organic toners for sensitive skin

Beauty By Earth's rose water toner is great and safe for people with sensitive skin. This is a brand that we use often and have tried many of their products.

Developed with rose water, this toner helps the skin glow and look healthy. Cucumber extract is another toner ingredient. This nourishes and hydrates the skin while combating acne, puffiness, and swelling.

The skin will also receive the benefits of vitamin C and vitamin A due to the aloe in the toner. Aloe provides healing benefits for those who have problematic skin, skin irritations and inflammation issues.

The quality of the ingredients are important. Beauty By Earth uses clean and sustainably sourced ingredients and include organic ones as well. This brand is a go to for us when we want a company we can trust.

The ingredients in 100% Pure's Tea Tree and Willow Bark Astringent is a great toner for acne-prone skin. The reason for this is because of the ingredients used in the toner's formulation.

The salicylic acid that comes from the use of willow bark cleans pores and decreases puffiness and redness from problematic acne, and it gets rid of dead skin cells while reducing bacteria on the face.

Tea tree oil is antibacterial and often used for treating skin conditions like acne. Also, ingredients like neem and rosemary are included that also fight bacteria infested skin while nourishing it at the same time.

The W/O brand has simplified the ingredients in their products and believe that less is more. They use a minimal number of ingredients in their beauty products with of course no harmful chemicals.

This is the same when it comes to their toner. It contains one ingredient - lavender hydrosol which is certified USDA organic. This makes W/O a purely organic facial toner.

Keep in mind that this toner is designed to provide moisture to dry skin while also balancing the skin's oil production.

The simplicity of the product may be the perfect toner for someone with sensitive skin because too many ingredients gives more opportunity for the skin to develop irritation.

On the other hand, if you are looking to get more out of a toner, then you may be better off trying another organic face toner on the list.

Another alcohol-free toner is this toner from Inna Organic. Using many organic ingredients in their formula, Inna Organic has developed a natural facial toner good for sensitive skin types. They use carefully sourced organic ingredients. It is also a great option for maturing skin as well.

Frankincense hydrosol, Betaine, Olive Leaf Extract, and Mediterranean Cyprus Leaf Water are some of their key ingredients. These elements create a toner which balances, extracts, moisturizes, and tightens and brightens the skin.

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Earth Harbor offers the Tidal Rose Crystal Hydration Toner. I love the purity of ingredients this company has to offer. I also admire the fact that they offer organic and non-gmo ingredients in their products.

Some of these ingredients include organic rose water, organic white tea extract, radish root, and seaweed extract. The ingredient list is pretty condensed considering the ingredients in traditional toners.

White tea combats wrinkles and fine lines while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Also, radish root kills bacteria and is very helpful in protecting the skin from acne breakouts.

Lastly, the element of seaweed that is incorporated into the product provides many benefits as well. It helps to soothe, hydrates, prevents acne breakouts, is beneficial to dry skin, and helps aging skin. 

Also, it is eaily understood what the ingredients are. This natural rosewater toner has soothing properties to sensitive skin and has the potential to help with the appearance of scars over time.

Whamisa Organic is another company priding itself on the use of mainly high quality organic ingredients. Those that are not organic are sustainably sourced. 

The first ingredient in Whamisa's toner formula is organic aloe vera. Other active ingredients include rosewood oil, Gotu Kolu extract, green tea extract, and cucumber extract. 

These ingredients give Whamisa's Deep Rich Toner a soothing and revitalizing effect while still clearing pores through ingredients such as their green tea extract.

Although this product has been found to be helpful by many with sensitive skin, it does contain essential oils which bother some. It is a certified clean product with the EWG website.

If you are looking to balance the skin's ph levels, then Orgaid may be of interest to you. This toner was developed by a doctor to balance and tone the skin providing a healthier skin barrier.

The use of flower extracts brings about a toner that soothes, reduces inflammation, tackles acne, hydrates, and reduces puffiness. Calendula, rose, lavender, rosemary, and rosehip round out the botanicals used in the toner formula.

The ingredients are all organic and non-toxic, thererfore safe for all different skin types. Niacinamide is also included which hydrates, lessens dark spots, and helps to give the skin a youthful look.

Rejuva Minerals is a trusted company that produces many clean products. This toner differs a little being delivered through a cotton pad versus the usual bottle form. However, the toning action is still strongly delivered.

The product uses cranberry extract to bring antioxidant properties to the skin. This may be a strong contender for acne-prone skin because the cranbery clears pores of acne-causing bacteria as well as reduces inflammation in the face.

Additionally, the grape extract present in the pads clarify and tone the skin while restoring skin's elacity. This ingredient is also good for delicate or sensitive skin. Also, the use of green tea extract offers an additional bacterial and microbial fighting action.

Lastly witch hazel is know for its astrigent properties unclogging and tightening pores.

Witch hazel can help with oily skin by pulling oil out of the skin so you will want to make sure to hydrate the face with a face lotion suitable for sensitive skin afterwards.

Another clean toner that you can feel good about using on sensitive skin is this toner from Alitura. You can be confident knowing that you are putting nothing but good and pure ingredients on your skin if you go with Allitura.

All ingredients are carefully sourced and chosen according to high standards and focused skin specifications. However, there are essential oils in this toner, so use with caution if you are sensitive to essential oils or have a chemical sensitivity.

Although the organic botanical ingredients used in this toner are designed for sensitive skin to bring about antioxidant and anti-aging qualities, essential oils should still be used with caution on the skin.

This toner is great for sensitive skin types which respond well to ingredients like witch hazel and essential oil. You will have to decide if this specific toner is a good option for you.

The last toner on the list is Carina Organics. This toner consists of a variety of plant extracts which include pine, chamomile, nettle, dandelion, clover, and pomegranate. 

Pine extract may help with hyperpigmentation and strengthen's the skin barrier. Additionally, nettle helps with dryness and itchy skin conditions such as eczema.

It is important to note, however, that some people may react to nettles, Therefore, test the toner out on a small inconspicuous spot prior to using on the whole face.

Pomegranate extract also adds wonderful qualities to the toner. It helps with dark spots, heals, moisturizes, rejuvenates, and provides a youthful glow. All of the ingredients are certified organic and free of harsh chemicals.

How To Choose A Toner

Best Toner for sensitive skin

Choosing a toner that best fits your sensitive skin needs can be scary. no one wants to experiment with a new product on their face. These best organic toners for sensitive skin will allow you to make an informed decision and put you at ease.

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