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10 Best Non Toxic Body Scrub & Natural Skin Exfoliators

Want smoother skin, better skin hydration, and a healthier glow? Who doesn't. Then using a non toxic body scrub and natural skin exfoliators is something you will want to do. Scrubs with natural ingredients are what work best. They do not cause harm on premature aging to the skin.
non toxic body scrub

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Reasons To Exfoliate

I look forward to exfoliating. Weird, but true. My skin feels so much softer and smoother after, and it renews my dull skin.

I used to not take the tima as much as I do now, but I wish I did. Taking care of your skin is important, but it is easy to skip on things such as applying skincare products and exfoliating when you become busy. This happened to me when I became a mom.

However, now that I have snapped out of it, I am diving in hardcore into the best scrubs for my body. I have tried out the best natural body scrubs. When I say natural, I mean actually without harmful chemcials and toxic ingredients. 

This is important because otherwise you are just under the illusion that you are taking care of your skin. When toxic scrubs are used, the effects will add up and show in the condition of your skin later on.

This post gives the best not toxic body scrub and exfoliants to use to uncover a smoother and healthier skin.

Best Non Toxic Body Scrubs

Beauty By Earth is a wonderful clean beauty company that offers high quality products. Their vanilla coconut body scrub is made with apricot and marula oil which will moisturize and emollient the skin.

These ingredients as well as the calendula extract are helpful for soothing inflammation. Therefore, this scrub is a great option for someone with skin rashes or dry skin.

Additionally, this clean body scrub is free of synthetic fragrances which cause skin irritations and bombards the body with toxins. The gentle body scrub has a natural smell that is both comforting and delightful.

Among the popular body scrubs is 100% Pure's blood orange scrub. This natural scrub will rejuvenate and soften your skin. The ingredients of french sea salt adds gentle exfolition and gets rid of your dead skin cells.

Additionally, the jojoba oil adds a deep moisture to heal the skin barrier. Other ingredients include apricot, lemon, and grapefruit oil.

The company only uses pure and non toxic ingredients to bring about radiant skin. Additionally, scrubs are naturally tinted with the use of plant extracts which is much better for the skin than synthetic dyes.

This exfoliating body scrub is designed uniquely to work on creating a smooth, exfoliated surface with the addition of sugar. It is the perfect way to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well. They include some organic ingredients and the other added ingredients are sustainably sourced.

The scrub is designed to help with skin cell turnover while keeping the skin barrier in balance. This promotes a youthful and glowing complexion.

Palermo body scrub is a coffee and sugar body scrub which assists in firmer skin. This is done through promoting the production of collagen. It also contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil which add richness and nourishment to the skin.

This body scrub is particularly wonderful because it has the potential to stimulate the skin and help with the appearace of cellulite. This is because of the use of coffee grounds. Scrubbing this product onto your skin with circular motions will allow the natural emollients to best take effect.

Little Seed sugar scrub is a simply formulated sugar scrub designed to enhance your mood and silken your skin. I love the fact that so few yet high-quality ingredients are used. 

Some of the skin softening ingredients include virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil which are antioxidant-rich oils, raw cane sugar, and fruit extracts. The company is also cruelty free certified and uses zero waste packaging.

Kora Organics also makes the best body scrub that differs from others. They use the skin brightening and soothing ingredient turmeric. In addition, this scrub revitalizes the skin's texture by wiping away impurities.

This is all done without harming the skin's microbiome with harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals. Additionally, this beauty brand scrub is certified as clean with the Environmental Working Group. 

Another great way to exfolliate the dead skin cells off the body is by using a body scrub bar. This EWG certified bar is shea butter based and uses Indian cress and watercress to create a nice moisturizer for the body. Additionally, bamboo powder is included which gives the bar a nice exfolliating effect.

Also, Attitude packages its product in biodegradable, sustainable packaging and does not include any animal ingredients.

EmGe Naturals makes a clean and effective body scrub that comes in a squeezable pouch displaying a variety of scents. Each natural scrub impacts the skin in a different way.

For instance, lemongrass leaves are used in their lemongrass scrub to brighten the skin. This is due to lemongrass' vitamin A and vitamin C content. The scrub reduces pore size as well.

This cruelty free and vegan scrub can be found on Etsy. It is verified clean through the EWG (Environmental Working Group). Olive oil is also found in the scrubs which helps with the scarring and repairing of the skin.

A simply made gentle body scrub is this one by Organic To Green. It is comprised of 2 ingredients only. These ingredients are sugar and coconut oil. Therefore, the skin care product is best for those whose skin reacts well to coconut oil.

The sugar exfoiates the skin while the coconut oil offers the skin hydration. If you love coconut oil and are looking for a simple scrub, then this is another one of the best organic body scrubs for you.

Lastly, an all organic body scrub created with maple sugar from Vermont is the body exfoliating scrub Clean Maple. Shea butter and coconut and almond oils are combined with maple sugar to create a gentle body exfoliant.

The scrub smooths the skin out while offering a delighful maple smell. However, although the scent is liked by some, it may be too strong for some. Therefore, this scrub is a great option due to the organic and high quality ingredients, but the scent may need to be taken into consideration.

Reasons to Exfoliate 

  • Removes dead skin cells and allows from skin to form
  • Gets excess dirt off the skin that your cleanser can miss
  • Gives the skin a natural glow leaving it looking healthy and rejuvenated
  • Allows makeup to be applied more smoothly when done to the face
  • Allows natural sun bronzers to be applied more evenly and effectively
  • Moisture is able to better absorb into the skin leaving skin better moisturized
  • Exfoliation cleanses pores thoroughly and minimizes pore size
  • It can remove excess whiteheads and blackheads
  • Your skin tone will be more even
  • Stimulates the skin and can increase collagen production over time
  • May lessen or removve dark spots over time as new skin cells form

Exfoliating Tools We Love

These mitts come in 2 exfoliating intensities, one for more sensitive skin and one that can be used for a little tougher skin type. They work amazingly well and fit nicely. 

I love the fact that they are mitts because it makes it easy to lather soap products and apply them as your scrub for a gentle exfoliation of the skin. Your skin will feel so silky smooth after using these. This is my favorite exfoliating tool for the body. They last a long time, also, which makes it even more worth the money.

This loofah is also available from Beauty By Earth and holds many positive reviews. They make high quality products that simply work. However, there are other loofahs available that will also benefit the body.

For those opting to not use a glove, this loofah is a nice alternative. It smooths out the skin nicely and effectively. The back of the loofah has a loop that hooks to the hand allowing for firm and gentle application.

This post gave the best not toxic body scrub and exfoliants to use to uncover a smoother and healthier skin.

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