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10 Great Rebounder Exercises For Lymphatic System

Find yourself struggling to have more energy? Do you struggle with bloating, joint pain or poor circulation? Increasing lymph flow with the use of a mini trampline can help with these health struggles. These rebounder exercises for lymphatic system are simple and effective and a great place to begin and can be easily added in to an already established healing journey.

rebounder exercises for lymphatic system

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Benefits of Rebounding

As I have stated in previous posts, the lymph system has been an important part of my healing journey. I implement routines into my every day life that gets my lymphatic fluid moving. It is such a critical part of the immune system.

Lymphatic drainage is important because it allows lymph carrying toxins to enter the blood stream and be siphoned out by the liver and kidneys. Congested lymphatic vessels can set the body up for contracting diseases and developing a weakened immune system.

Getting excess fluid moving with rebounding exercises is a great way for the human body to rid itself of metabolic garbage. The gentle bounce gives the lymphatic system the nudge it needs. Plus, it is physical exercise for the entire body. I see that as a win-win.

This post provides the best rebounder exercises for the lymphatic system that will get your lymph fluid flushing out toxins, heavy metals, and nitrogeneoous waste in no time.

Benefits of Rebounding 

  • Rebounding widens the Lymphatic ducts. This improves lymphatic drainage and lymphatic circulation. The quick up and down motion enforces this with the added gravitational pressure.
  • Landing on the trampoline applies 2 times the gravitational pull, therefore, making it more effective than some other up and down activities.
  • The muscle contractions, gravitational pull, and massage to the lymphatic valves that occur while rebounding help the lymphatic system to pump.
  • Additionally, you will improve balance and coordinate due to the body having to stabalize itself during the exercise.
  • Physical activity increases bone density and is healthy for the heart as well.

Rebounder Exercises For Lymphatic System

#1  Gentle Up And Down Bouncing

This exercise consists of just a quick and gentle up and down bouncing motion. This is prefered to do as a warm up prior to performing the other rebounder exercises. If you are new to bouncing on a mini trampoline or do not exercise often, then you may want to only begin with this one until you have the hand of it and gain your balance.

#2  Squat Bounce

rebounder lymphatic system

The Squat bounce is when you bounce up and down while bending your knees a little more than normal down into a squating position. You will need good balance and coordination for this one. The stronger force against landing on the trampoline helps get the lymph fluid flowing.

  • Get your feet about hip width apart
  • Swing your arms downward while pushing your heels against the trampoline and jumping into the air
  • Land lightly in the slightly wide stance while swinging your arms upward to keep your balance.
  • This bounce will be forceful but not as quick as the first bounce.

#3  High Knees Bounce

rebounder for lymphatic system

The high knees bounce is a marching bounce. You swing your arms up and down while picking your knees up to waist height. This is another bounce that requires concentration and focus.

An alternative to swinging your arms as if you are marching is to hold them over your knees palms facing down. You then would bring your knee up to hit the palm of your hand with each bounce.

#4  Light Weights Bounce

Using light weights is another form of exercise that offers great health benefits for the entire lymphatic system. This rebounding exercise can be performed multiple ways as well. The weights add more core stability and provides the further benefit of muscle toning.

  • Hold  3-5 lb. weights in your hands
  • punch your arms outward while bouncing. 
  • Make sure to not jerk the arms to avoid injury
  • Begin with your weights facing in a vertical up and down position
  • Then twist the weights to a horizontal position as you extend your arm out
  • Alternate arms, bringing the other arm back into your body as the alternate arm punches outward. 

#5  Leg Switch Bounce

The leg switch requires you to maintain a quick and constant, light bounce while alternating your legs. For instance, you right leg steps out in front while your left foot steps out in back at the same time. Then the legs switch with every bounce.

Your left leg with then be out in front with your front leg landing in the back. Make sure the stance is comfortable and not too wide to stabalize yourself on the trampoline. The opposite arm will go up in the air with each change of the legs. 

#6  Side to Side Twist Bounce

This rebound exercise is great because you have the stronger force of gravity due to the trampoline, but you are also twisting the body activating lymph drainage in different parts of the body.

Stimulating the lymph nodes in all parts of the body helps with the flow of lymph and in turn can better rid the body of metabolic waste. This will help protect the body from degenerative diseases by getting the waste products that cause these illnesses into the circulatory system. It also allows the white blood cells to then focus on doing its job.

  • Begin bouncing up and down on the trampoline.
  • Then twist the body slightly as if doing the dance the twist.
  • You will twist the body with each bounce. 

#7  Jumping Jack Bounce

The jumping jack bounce gets the cardiovascular system revved up while helping you  maintain a healthy lymphatic system. The exercise is a little more vigorous due to the additon of the arms. Simply bounce up and down while doing a jumping jack at the same time.

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#8  Arm Swing Side To Side Bounce

rebounding for lymphatic system

The arm swing bounce consists of keeping your arms straight down by your side and swinging them gently to the left with a bounce and then swinging them to the right on the next bounce. Therefore, you will bounce up and down while swinging your arms to the right and left with each continous bounce.

#9  Arm Swing Up and Down Bounce

This rebounder also uses the arms, however, with a different motion. Again, bounce up and down, but you will swing your arms up into the air and down to the ground with each bounce. This increases the heart rate while stimulating the lymph nodes in the armpit region. 

You may leave one arm up in the air while gently tapping the under arm area as well for extra stimlation.

#10  Skiis Bounce

This bounce is a side to side bounce. It may be considered more advance and requires increased balance and coordination.

  • Keep legs together
  • You will bounce up and down while moving from side to side.
  • While doing so, the arms with be bent and they will push back together at the same time as if you are skiing.
  • This movement will take some getting use to. Each time you raise your arms to the front, you will keep your legs together and twist them at an alternate diagnal direction while swinging the bent arms back in sync.
  • You may want to practice this motion on the floor first before attempting it on the trampoline

Great Mini Trampoline Options

A Great Rebounder - more Affordable option

This trampoline from Amazon offers a lower price point. It still offers enough surface room to do various exercises to get the lymphatic fluid flowing while changing up the routine. It has great reviews as well.

For Serious Rebounders - Expensive option

This rebounder is very pricey, but for those that are avid jumpers and want a high-quality rebounder that will last a long time, this rebounder is a great option. Firstly, you are able to adjust the firmness of the bounce which is a great added feature. 

The price point offers other additional features too. For instance, the frame is sturdy enough to lean the body against for other exercises such as pushups without the worry of the rebounder tipping. Additionally, you are able to customize the trampoline to a certain extent.

This is a rebounder to purchase for those serious and experienced rebounders or people who do regular exercise. You should go with the first option if you are only looking for a rebounder that still offers the needed functioning of jumping for lymphatic support.


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