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Lymphatic Drainage Facial Benefits: What To Know

Do you have puffy, sensitive, dull or irritated skin? Stiffness in the neck area? Getting excess fluid cleansed and moving from the face back into the circulatory system may help these problems. We will go over all the lymphatic drainage facial benefits you will get with a lymphatic face massage. 

lymphatic drainage facial benefits

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The lymphatic system is not a focus for most people. Feeling the symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system becomes a normal part of life for many people and the symptoms are just accepted.

These symptoms, however, worsen over time as these waste materials are not properly disposed from the body tissue through the lymph vessels. Who wants to live with symptoms that alter the productivity of our everyday lives when we can easily help our bodies?

Informing people of the different techniques available to increase and cleanse blood flow, help skin conditions, and promote better joint functioning is a great way to begin helping. There are many options available and a lymphatic drainage facial is one of these ways. 

This posts gives you must-know lymphatic drainage facial benefits that are important for a better lymphatic system and better body with less toxic buildup.

What Does a lymphatic Facial Massage consist of?

A facial lymphatic massage is the use of gentle movements and gentle pressure on the facial muscles. This strategic, gentle stimulation increases the flow of lymph fluid.  The massage particularly focuses on the lymph nodes of the face. This allows fluid build up to be drained from the lymph nodes resulting in the removal of toxins. 

Why get a Facial Massage?

A facial massage helps with the removal of waste products from the body. Increasing transportation of lymphatic fluids will activate the cleansing system of the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system. This will leave you with the many benefits that are listed below.

A good lymphatic system is a crucial part of a healthy working immune system. White blood cells are located in the lymphatic system. These cells protect your body from disease and infection. Therefore, a good working, cleansed lymph system will support better immunity.

Why receive a facial massage from a trained professional

Getting a lymphatic facial massage from someone that has been trained in this type of massage is best. Knowing how to increase lymphatic flow with the right amount of pressure is important. Also, using proper technique is important.

It is vital that lymph is manually manipulated to flow in the right direction leading to the right lymphatic duct. Otherwise, proper drainage may not occur not helping the body as needed. 

This type of massage may be beneficial for most people including people with Lyme disease, Lymphedema, chronic headaches, or other autoimmune disorders. However, accurate performance of the massage is needed for accurate lymphatic drainage results.

A Helpful tool to use for facial massage

Although the below tool offers added benefits to a facial massage, hands are the best tools. A person will receive better circulation and lymphatic drainage stimulation with the more focused and deeper applied pressure that the hands provide.

Gua Sha Stones

These stones are helpful in promoting natural healing ability of the skin. Gentle, light pressure is applied to create better lymphatic drainage. The benefits include decreased puffiness, increased collagen production and increased circulation. Therefore, decreased wrinkles and fine lines may be an added benefit. 

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Benefits

Drainage of Toxins

The massage therapist activates the lymph nodes that are located under the skin. A lot of lymph nodes reside in the face and the neck regions. Since the lymph nodes cleanse the lymph moving through, toxins and waste buildup are removed for elimination and cleansed lymph is released into the circulatory system.

Improved Circulation

Circulation is also increased naturally as the gentle pressure is applied to the face. Increased blood flow and oxygen will give a healthy look to the skin. This can also help with dark circles in the eye area.

Better Immune Functioning

A facial lymphatic massage promotes a better immune system. Increasing lymph flow as well as stimulating the lymph nodes allows the immune system to perform better.

The lymph carries nutrients which will be utilized by the body when the lymphatic system is properly working. Also, white blood cells are found in the lymph nodes. When these nodes are working properly, bacteria and viruses can be properly dealt with in the body. 

Decreased Puffiness

Reduction in fluid buildup creates less puffiness in the face. Also, a release of toxin and bacteria build-up due to better lymph flow reduces inflammation in the face. This promotes a healthier look to the facial area.

Less stress in face

Stress aggravates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. it also reduces collagen levels. A lymphatic facial massage will help with this problem by relaxing muscles through the strategic massaging of the face with gentle, circular motions.

Improved skin conditions

A facial drainage massage may help with skin conditions such as acne. The increase in white blood cell production is able to fight off bacteria on the skin. Additionally, the removal of bacteria and toxins from the skin through better lymph node production will decrease acne breakouts.

More Glow/ Less Dull complexion

Another benefit of a lymphatic facial massage is better circulation in the face and increased oxygen levels. This will produce a more glowing complexion and reduce dullness and dry skin. 

Lessens appearance of fine lines and Wrinkles

A lymphatic facial massage stimulates collagen production and the removal of dead skin cells. This as well as the stimulation of new cells all help to diminish and lessen fine lines and wrinkles. Overall, it improves the skin tone and skin texture of the face.

Increases Nutrient circulation

Nutrients are carried through the lymph. Better circulation and drainage of lymph will naturally improve nutrient flow as well. However, keep in mind that the digestive system needs to be functioning well to appropriately pick up and distribute the nutrients.

lymphatic system massage benefits

What to do after a facial lymphatic massage


It is best to drink lots of fluids after a facial massage. This will help eliminate and flush out toxins from the body. Also, talking to a trained medical professional about taking an absorbing toxin supplement such as activated charcoal or clay, this is a great one, is recommended. 


High quality supplements can help with the absorption of the waste released into the body's system when the lymph nodes are properly activated. Also, these supplements absorb toxins to better help with lymphatic drainage. Therefore, the benefits are helpful looking at it from either end.

This posts gave you all of the lymphatic drainage facial benefits that are important for bettering your skin's appearance and promoting a healthy working lymphatic system.

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