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Best Organic Blankets: Sustainable & Fair Trade

Who does not want to wrap themself with a cozy blanket at some point? It is a great way to signal for the body to relax. But choosing from the best organic blankets made with natural materials on the market is even better for the body.

best organic blankets

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Nighttime is my favorite time for me to grab one of my many blankets  and lay it over me. It signals for me the hanging and relaxing process with my husband. This is often true for warm and cold days. However, it is a must that I avoid the harmful chemicals that come with many conventional blankets.

Many of us know that pesticide use runs rampant when it comes to cotton and other materials involved in blanket making. So this quick list to run through gives you the ins and outs of what each brand has to offer.

Properly caring for these investments is also important because buying highest quality blankets is not always cheap. Find out the best ways to care for your organic blanket below.  Each blanket is nicely categorized for convenient shopping as well.

This post shows you the best organic blankets to choose from that are also often sustainable, fair trade, and eco-friendly.

What makes a blanket organic?

A blanket that is labeled as organic needs to adhere to a stricter set of standards than another blanket sold on the market. It begins with the farming practices and includes the processing of the materials.

Certifications are acquired after a third party ensures the brand has used proper precautions and made a blanket without pesticides or unhealthy chemicals.

Making sure the product is organically certified is best because this verifies that harsh compounds were not used in the processing of the fabric used to make the blanket. It is also best to look for naturally dyed blankets that also don't include the "bad" chemicals.

Other Things to look for

Some blanket brands go beyond just the organic certifications for their products. They include practices to make sustainable blankets that are a certified b corporation, which means that they are transparent in their manufacturing process. Also, companies are often time fair trade which means the brand is concerned with the application of fair wages among workers and make sure fair procedures are in place.

best organic blankets

organic blanket

This blanket from Boll and Branch is soft, breathable, and lightweight which is great for hot sleepers.  It is a high quality blanket which is made of sustainable fabric. It comes in 4 neutral colors since the company avoids using toxic chemicals and dyes, and it comes in more than just the average sizes. 

Additionally, a basketweave design gives the blanket a flowing look which can easily be laid over a chair or bench. The sustainable materials and practices of this company makes it a solid choice if you are looking for a blanket for layering or to use on days that don't require a heavy blanket.

organic blanket king

This blanket is also designed to be breathable yet with a slightly heavier weight than the blanket above. The herringbone pattern gives the blanket more substance without sacrificing softness.

The availability includes 3 color choices and 3 sizing choices offering options besides just neutral.  The natural fibers meet the the global organic textile standard (GOTS) reassuring the customer that harmful substances are not used in the making of the blanket.

organic cotton blankets

This blanket is great if you are looking for a heavier weight blanket. The great thing is that it is also soft and plush.

Organic certified cotton is used to make the blanket and the company has the GOTS and the Oeko-Tex Standard certifications. It is available in 3 colors but only 2 sizes, which are both on the large size.

Therefore, if you are looking for a blanket to cuddle with on the sofa, then this may be a little too large for you liking. However, if you want a blanket for the bed to add extra warmth, then this is a perfect option.

Do keep in mind, though, that although this blanket is made with organic cotton, it does not mention the coloring process. Artificial dyes may be used in the process which means chemicals are added.

organic wool blanket

Another comfortable blanket available from Coyuchi is this one made from organic cotton and organic wool.  The ratio of 70 percent cotton and 30 percent wool makes for a warm, soft, and cozy blanket.

This blanket actually comes as a blanket or a throw. This makes it convenient and possibly more affordable.  You also have 4 lovely colors from which to choose. 

organic blanket

Another top contender among the organic cotton blankets out there is this Boll and Branch cotton waffle, pre-shrunk blanket. It is available in 3 sizes. Also, there are many color choices which range from dark to pleasantly light.

The manufacturing process is among the best using organic fabric and natural dyes throughout the entire process. The blanket is soft and spongey as the company terms it, giving it a cozy-up feel.

natural blanket

These blankets are honeycombed weaved in a fair trade certified factory in India. The GOTS-certified and Made Safe certified cotton is also grown in India ensuring a pure fabricated blanket.

Since these organic products are created using natural colors, it is recommended that wool balls are used in the dryer in the place of fabric softeners. 

This is a soft organic blanket that has been created with a timeless design. There are lovely, muted colors to choose from as well.  Also, the blanket's weight is stated to be between medium to heavy in weight.

organic wool blankets

I love how this blanket is available in so many sizes, making it perfect for all occasions. Durable and lightweight in design but still enough substance to add warmth.

Undyed Merino wool is used in the making process of the blanket. Therefore, it is available in only the color shown. The organic wool is sourced from New Zealand.

The positive about a wool blanket is that the wool will help regulate your body temperature and can be used year round.

If you are looking for a heavier weight blanket or a blanket to use as a weighted blanket, then this is a great option. The cotton napper is the blanket specifically made with organic fabric.

The blanket weights are available in 10, 15, 20, or 25 pound weight increments. you should try out different weights to see what is best for your specific body weight.

Some people find a weighted blanket allows their body to rest better at night. My daughter used one for a while until we were able to regulate her sleep needs. It can make a world of difference for some people.

Organic Throw Blankets

organic linen throw

This organic throw is handmade in India. The linen makes it user friendly for both warm and cold weather use. 

The design is beautiful and simple. It lays nicely over furniture and bedding as well adds to the décor of a room. We have 3 of these throws (got them on sale) and love them.

organic bamboo blanket

The color options for these organic throws are subtle and beautiful. Additionally, bamboo is a great fabric for both blankets and clothing. This natural material makes for a soft and cuddly blanket.

Bamboo is also sustainable, but knowing that this bamboo is organically grown is ideal. This is a sure way to know that pesticides and harmful chemicals are not absorbing into your skin.

This material is also hypoallergenic, making it a friendly blanket for most people. Finally, the blanket is lightweight and great for all seasons.

organic cotton blanket

Another incredibly soft and comforting blanket made with organic materials is this blanket from Coyuchi. It uses a honeycomb design created in a fair trade factory in India. The GOTS certified throw is available in neutral only without the use of any dyes.

Machine wash friendly makes this blanket easy to take care of. The downside is that it is not available in a variety of sizes. However, with it being a heavier weight, the blanket is easier to maneuver making it one of the best organic weighted blankets.

organic throw blanket

Here is one of the top friendly throw blankets. The throws are available in a solid or slightly designed style. However, availability may vary.

The blanket is machine washable in cold water, the same as many of the blankets mentioned. Also, pure, certified organic cotton is used to create a lightweight and versatile throw.

organic baby blanket

Here is a soft organic baby blanket to add to the list of must gets for any new parent. There are different blankets to choose from made by MakeMake Organics, but this one shows off a simple and delicate pattern. 

The materials are certified organic and made with no artificial dyes. Also, it is hypoallergenic, breathable, and comes packaged in a reusable gift sack. 

This company is GOTS, OEKO-Tex certified, and a fair trade company as well. It will be comforting to know that safe materials are cuddling your baby's skin.

organic quilt

Another great blanket on the list includes this organic quilt blanket. Sleep quality will be enhanced with this all season quilt.

Three color choices are available as well as 3 size options. Additionally, long fibers are used to create a quilt that is soft and lays luxuriously. What makes this quilt great is that it is breathable and hypoallergenic.

best organic comforter

Lastly, Sol Organics makes organic comforters that are just heavenly. This is a one hundred percent down filled, hypoallergenic comforter that is all enclosed with organically certified cotton on the outside.

They sell duvet covers available in colors which are naturally dyed with no harsh chemicals. The company is a transparent company using sustainable and fair labor practices.

We have had several of these comforters as well as several different colored duvet covers. They are luxurious and warm without being too hot. We absolutely love them and what the company stands for.

This post showed you the best organic blankets to choose from that are also Certified Organic,  sustainable, fair trade, and eco-friendly.

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