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Fragrance Free Cleaning Products (The Ultimate List of MUST-HAVES for Allergies & Chemicals Sensitivities)

Using fragrance free cleaning products are a MUST for people with allergies, the chemically sensitive and people with kids or babies.  However, all people will majorly benefit from using these products. Changing cleaning products can change your life. You will be shown how switching to not toxic cleaning products can be a game changer in so many ways. The list below shows what this can exactly mean for you and which products are worth your time!

fragrance free cleaning products

We found out how important it is to use clean, non-toxic, all natural and safe cleaning products in our family.  My daughters have a more extreme chemical sensitivity reactions to harmful chemicals and toxins.

I needed to find effective and natural cleaning products that use simple ingredients and don't cause harm.  These products all have fragrance free options for those that are bothered by any type of fragrance, including natural ones.

We share these with you and your family to offer better cleaning choices that will make a great impact in your family's life.  Read through the proven safe list of cleaning products to find which products are best suited for your needs!

This post is all about the MUST-HAVE fragrance free cleaning products that can change your life by changing your toxic load.  

Why Use Fragrance Free Cleaning Supplies?

It is easy to say that these natural cleaning products are better for your health because they do not have the harmful chemicals.  But what does that really mean for you and your family?

  • Feeling better
  • Lessening your toxic load
  • Decrease in skin reactions
  • Fewer chemical headaches
  • Better mood and mood stability
  • More energy
  • Easier breathing and less problems with allergies
  • Less mental fatigue
  • Peace of mind that you are doing something good for you and your family
  • Better air quality

Now some of these are not necessarily going to improve automatically.  It will take time and probably other practices will need to be in place as well.  

Some practices include better eating habits for your body, detoxing, and so on.  But lesser chemicals in the house is an easy to implement step in the right direction and can be started right away.

If you have already done this, then congrats.  We know the impact can be life-changing because it has been for our own family.

Let's dive into the fragrance free cleaning products that can be a life changer in the right direction.

Ultimate List of Fragrance Free Cleaning Products

These products are not in any specific order.  It is specified what each product is used for and the reason why it is safe and effective under each product.

#1  ECOS   One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner

  • Hydrogen peroxide is the main disinfectant ingredient in this cleaner.  
  • It is very effective in killing germs.
  • There is no rinsing needed.  
  • Hydrogen peroxide actually continues to fight against certain types of mold.  In our experience, it is best to let the solution air dry for this.  A mold professional actually used hydrogen peroxide as one of the ingredients to help kill aspergillus for us.
  • This product also works well against grease.
  • ECOS can be bought at many stores which makes it convenient for buying purposes.
  • They pride themselves on using zero waste facilities that are both carbon and water neutral to make their products.
  • The company works towards many positive initiatives including fighting to protect children from toxic harm, advocating for safer and more transparency on what ingredients are actually in products, and good working and living conditions for their workers.

Buy ECOS Disinfectant Cleaner from Vitacost

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#2  Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner's products are great, reliable classic products.  The company's line of supplies have a fragrance free option in many of the products the company offers.  

  • This product has many seal certifications for its pure formulation.
  • This includes the Green Seal meaning it meets a high environmental and health standard.
  • It also has the zero waste certification, and they do not test their products on animals. 
  • The product includes a high majority of organic and certified organic materials.
  • The fragrance free cleaning solution is safe on the skin, even sensitive skin types.

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#3  Branch Basics  Concentrate

This is my personal favorite cleaner.  It may be because I resonate with Elaina's story about her son's chemical sensitivities. He had worse sensitivities than ours, but I know the worry, accommodating and determination.

Branch Basics' product line stems from a mom in search of creating a safe cleaning line that was free from harmful chemicals.  Her son had severe chemical sensitivities. They were so severe that she stated having to change clothing after coming back from a store.

This product line has worked so well for us.

  • One concentration formula that is versatile and can be used for cleaning, washing, or laundry.
  • Glass bottles can be purchased for safe keeping of your different mixtures.
  • Each glass bottle is color coded and labeled for easy organization of cleaning needs.
  • The glass bottles have a rubber base around them to protect the glass from easily breaking.
  • Kits and bundles are sold as well, making purchase options more affordable and practical.
  • There are no harmful toxins and chemicals which make it safe for kids, pets and the whole family.

Purchasing this product can simplify your cleaning needs by using one product so many ways.

Buy From Branch Basics Website

#4   Eco Me  All Purpose Cleaner Fragrance Free

  • This company's products hold top ratings by EWG and hold the Green Seal certification.
  • Eco Me is based in California and manufacture their products there.  They locally source materials.
  • The disinfectant only contains 2 ingredients, besides water
  • It is greywater safe, which means the water that is drained off from this product will not be harmful to plants and landscape materials.

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#5  Attitude Nature + All Purpose Cleaner

  • This cleaner holds the EWG certification for safe ingredients.
  • There is a whole line of safe and natural supplies produced by this company from cleaning to bath to beauty to diapers.
  • They use high quality ingredients in the making of their products.
  • Attitude is an eco-conscious company cutting down on the use of plastic wherever possible.

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#6  Bon Ami

  • Bon Ami is a powder that is added in to make different cleaning products.
  • The Bon Ami site gives directions on how to make an all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant and floor cleaner.
  • The product can be purchased in a 14 oz. or 21 oz. container.
  • This product has been around for many years and is regarded safe to use as well as non toxic.
  • The product is effective at removing scuff marks off of plates and floors.

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#7  White Distilled Vinegar

Vinegar is an inexpensive classic cleaner that I am sure you have heard about.  It provides so many cleaning uses and is safe to use.  

  • It does give off a strong odor, but it does not include added fragrance, so I consider this a fragrance free cleaning product.
  • Vinegar is safe and effective on floors, sinks, counters, toilets, windows, washing machines, and the list can go on.
  • It is safe to use around kids, babies and pets.
  • It can be easily mixed with other ingredients to suit cleaning preferences.  

#8  Dropps Fragrance Free Fabric Softener Pods

Cleaning bedding, tablecloths, couch covers, rugs, etc. is also an important part of a thorough cleaning process.  This item is useful if you are in need of keeping a fabric softened.  This is a safe, natural product to use for those cleaning needs.

  • This cleaning product is used in the washing machine as a fabric softener.
  • All you need to do is drop the pod in-easy usage.
  • Dropps use the mineral bentonite to keep materials feeling soft and the product helps to prevent pilling.
  • These products are said to be manufactured in the United States.
  • The pod breaks down safely in the water.

I do not recommend the fragrance products, only the fragrance free!

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This is indicated as a stain fighter for laundry machines.  I included it because it can be used for treating cushion covers, curtains and so on.  All aspects need to be dealt with when thoroughly cleaning a house.  This covers the areas that may not be gotten to as often.

  • The stain remover can simply be added to a washer machine that is filled with stained fabric or fabric that needs freshening up.
  • It can also be used to soak stained clothing prior to washing, which will be needed if a fabric is heavily soiled.
  •  The process may need to be repeated several times with this product depending upon the severity of the stain.

ECOS carries a whole line of great, safe and natural products from bath supplies to cleaning supplies. They are great for allergies and chemical sensitivities.  We use several of their products.  

The one product of ECOS that I don't recommend is the dish detergent.  It is safe and non-toxic, but I do not find that it cleans dishes well enough.  A lot of the product needs to be used and grease is difficult to cut through with this product.

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#10  Branch Basics Oxygen Boost

As I stated previously, this company is Fantastic!  Not only are their products amazing, I love what the company stands for.

This is another option if you are needing stains to be removed. Keep in mind that if it is a tough stain, you will most likely need to use this product a couple of times and soak it.  

Although this is an effective product, I do not find it to be tough enough as a stand alone product for certain stains.

  • It only contains 2 safe to use ingredients.
  • Oxygenated has the EWG seal which is the highest score of purity that you can receive from the Environmental Work Group (EWG).
  • The product also has the MADE safe seal which is a non toxic certification.

Buy From Branch Basics Website

Other Cleaning Product Supplies

The products below are not necessarily fragrance free cleaning products.  Instead they are useful cleaning supplies to help you better accomplish your cleaning routine.

They are included to provide you with the most useful cleaning supply list for allergy and chemical sensitivity needs.

#11  Dropps Cleaning Cloths

These cloths can be used in place of paper towels.  Another cleaning option that has proven helpful for others.

  • This company uses a combination of plants from FSC certified forests and repurposed cotton to create their products.  This cuts down on waste and ensures product quality.
  • The natural cleaning cloths are biodegradable.
  • They dry quickly which eliminates odor build up.
  • Dropps cloths absorb liquids well.

Buy From Dropps Website

#12  Squeegee

This cleaning accessory is an amazing tool to having among your cleaning supplies.

We use it especially for cleaning the outside of windows on our house.  It saves so much time, (well, for my husband at least), that I am sure you will love it as much as we do.

  • Can be used with water only or with an added non toxic window cleaner.
  • The squeegee extends to prevent having to balance on a ladder.
  • It is easy to remove microfiber to wash it after using the squeegee.
  • The squeegee does a great job at cleaning without leaving streaks.

Two options are included giving you an opportunity to buy the squeegee with our without the microfiber, depending on your allergy and sensitivity needs.

Buy Squeegee from Home Depot

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Safe & Natural Cleaning Product

(But not fragrance free)

The below product is not fragrance free, but I wanted to provide you with a safe and natural window cleaner option.  Using this product for the outside of windows ensures the scent to less agitate sensitivities.

#13  Attitude Glass & Window Cleaner

  • The glass cleaner works well to clean windows without streaks.
  • It can be sprayed on and does not have to be rinsed off.
  • This cleaner is easy to use with the useful window tool discussed above.
  • The company is ECOLOGO certified.  This means that they avoid contaminants in their products to the highest standards when sourcing their product ingredients.

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This post Provides You with The most helpful list of fragrance free cleaning products to use in your home.  these non toxic cleaning Products are not only a must have for allergies and chemical sensitivites, but also are useful when eliminating toxin use around kids and babies.

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