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9 Best Ways To Improve Liver Function (Natural and Effective)

A liver that is not functioning properly is setting the body up for a host of health challenges. The following processes deliver ways you can help liver function as well as help heal and maintain the liver.

help liver function

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My family and I have had to work on our livers in order to get better.  We still have to be conscientious of keeping them healthy.  I am constantly striving to help my kids and husband by implementing the techniques talked about below.

Not only is it important to implement healthy practices, but it is equally important to inform yourself through proper research.  Seeking out a professional that is knowledgeable and properly trained is important.  Only because a person is a doctor, it does not mean that they are the right fit for you.  

We have sought the advise of professionals, and I have done extensive research to deliver my family practices that I believe are ultimately beneficial to help liver function.  These are the many ways we have helped our livers to heal and work better.  

This Post Is All About Natural Ways To Help Liver Function So Your Body Is Able To Better Fight Ailments That Come Your Way!

Liver Function Overview

There are several ways to help your liver whether it be to help your liver heal, help it function properly, help the liver detox or simply maintain good liver health.  It is an overworked organ especially in this day and age due to the overuse of chemicals, unhealthy food choices and prescribed medications.  It is vital that we treat it properly and take good care of it.

There are various signs of a struggling liver.  Some of these symptoms include, but are not limited to, fatigue, anxiousness, acne, irritability, unclear thinking, rashes, dark eye circles, high cholesterol or blood pressure, and bloating.  Of course, some of these symptoms are part of other disorders.

The liver is an underlying issue that accompanies the other difficulties the body is having.  Dark eye circles for instance may be a sign or kidney issues, but it relates to a liver in trouble which can in turn create kidney problems.

Take proper precautions and implement helpful steps to help your liver's health.  Below is a diagram showing what the liver is in charge of.

liver function

 HOW To best Help The Liver

#1  Use A Sauna

sauna for liver health

An infrared sauna pulls toxins out of the body.  We have one we use regularly, and I highly recommend saving up for one. Every day toxin exposure can take a toll on the liver, especially if your liver is compromised.  The reasons can include genetic mutations such as the MTFHR, becoming overloaded due to mold exposure, being born with a heavy toxic load, and so on.  

Make sure sauna use is right for you before using one though. They are a powerful way to help your liver by detoxing your body through the skin. They can lighten the load of heavy metals, chemicals, and mold, but they should be used in a proper way.  Read the article on sauna use linked below if you are in need of more information on them.

They can be pricey, but opting for a cloth designed one may be a better option if you are on a budget. 

We have a cloth designed one. If you are interested, this is the one that our family uses.  I love the fact that we not only save room, but we are able to move it easily and readjust to fit our needs. Also, this specific sauna is made out of materials that are all natural, safe materials.

#2  Supplements For Liver

There are two supplements that we take to help lighten our liver's load. The first one is a zeolite. There are many on the market, and they do not all work the same or have the same reputation.

There are two specific ones that I would recommend:  Zeolite option #1  or Zeolite option #2The zeolites encapsulate the toxins and safely secrete them out of the body.

The second supplement that has worked very well for us is The Liver Toxin Elixir supplement. This toxin works both phase 1 and phase 2 liver pathways. There are 2 steps for toxin removal. 

Not all detox methods target both phases which is needed for the liver to most successfully be detoxed. This one does so safely through the use of water frequency. It is a little complicated, and I suggest referring to their website for a detailed explanation on how it works. 

#3  Remove Chemicals and Toxins As much as possible

This may sound obvious and like something that you would like to do, but how do you do it?  There are things that people can do to significantly lessen the burden on the liver.  

  • Natural Cleaning Products - Clean only with natural cleaning products.
  • Buy Natural Furniture - furniture with no dyes, perfumes, no unnecessary harmful chemicals.  Off gas the furniture in the sun if possible if natural furniture is not an option. Also, purchasing bedding and pajamas that are organic is beneficial.
  • Use Natural and Organic Beauty Products - Of course, you need to make sure the products are actually non-toxic.  The term natural can sometimes be used loosely among this category. Opt for ones you can afford with the least amount of chemicals. They can be pricey. However, making your own is a great option as well.      W3LL People  And 100 Percent Pure
  • Add an Air Purifier to your House or Room - There are many out there, and some definitely work better than others.  They each remove certain toxins to a certain degree.  For instance, some are more specific to removing mold particles. 
  • Install a Car Purifier - I know that items start adding up quickly.  However, cars have a crazy amount of chemicals. Investing in our car air purifier was such a wise choice for us because we spend quite a bit of time in the car being in the country.

#4  Dry Brush Regularly

dry brushing for liver

Dry brushing is when you rub a bristled brush over the body in a specific pattern and motion.  It activates the liver if done correctly.  This stimulation supports the liver in doing the job it is meant to do.

There are different types of dry brushes from which to choose. Some bristles are harder than other, so see which is best for your skin type.  

#5  Eat Foods That Help The Liver

Here is a list of the foods that we incorporate into our diet regularly to help our liver. There are more out there, but I am sharing the ones that tend to be safe for people with histamine problems as well. They may not work for everyone, but they have been extremely beneficial for us.  

These foods have specific attributes that make them a powerful food for the liver:

  • wild blueberries
  • dandelion greens
  • mangos
  • asparagus
  • apples
  • arugula
  • Brussel sprouts-higher in histamine
  • celery
  • cilantro- I added this one because it is great for the liver.  
  • garlic- Careful for sulfation issues or if you have SIBO.
  • grapes
  • honey
  • artichokes

#6  Acupressure and Acupuncture

acupressure for the liver

We used acupuncture for daughter.  Although this did help her liver, we had other issues we had to work on as well.  But this is a great option if you go to a very knowledgeable and credible acupuncturist.

I absolutely love acupressure. I would rather have an acupressure massage over a regular massage any day. 

There is a specific location on top of the foot that is one of the best acupressure spots for liver health.  It can help with a range of symptoms from headaches and dizziness to depression, blurry eyes and irregular menstruations. These symptoms are physical and emotional responses to a liver in need of help.

A depression on the top of the foot between the first and second metatarsal bones is the acupressure spot. Rubbing that spot for 30-60 seconds can help with liver health.  This is NOT to be used during pregnancy.

#7  Foot Detox Bath

foot detox for liver

Foot baths with magnesium Epsom salts and baking soda can make for a powerful detox for the body.  We prefer to do feet baths because they are easier to fit into our lifestyle.  Make sure you add a small amount of salts if you have a difficult time with sulfation.

Although it is great for the body, if the sulfation pathways are not working properly, the magnesium sulfates can be a lot for the body to handle.

#8  Chew Food Well & Smaller Meals

This may sound like a strange thing to add for helping the liver.  But truth is, it is a big one for digesting, so it is a big one in turn for the liver.  

The better you are able to digest your food, the lesser the load on the liver.  I found this to be very beneficial to me when I began to do this. 

#9  Drink Herbal Teas for Liver Care

Herbal teas are something that we drink regularly.  These herbs are highly effective when it comes to liver care and maintaining its health.  They help to cleanse the liver of toxins and help it work properly.

The herbs best for liver care include milk thistle, dandelion and burdock root.  You can purchase quality tea here.

This Post was All About Natural Ways To Help Liver Function So Your Body Is Able To Work Properly And More Efficiently!

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