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Sauna Benefits (and Getting the Most Out of Using One)

The benefits of sauna use may surprise you. This post focuses on the use of an infrared sauna will be looked at in this post, as well as the dry sauna would be beneficial for you to add to your health care routine. Saunas are widely used these days in health regimens.

Sauna Benefits

Saunas have used around the world for centuries. The word sauna itself indicates dry heat, although some types of sauna use moisture. We are going to focus on dry heat saunas.

My family has reaped many benefits that a near infrared, dry sauna has to offer. So many toxins are all around us that our body becomes overloaded quickly. If a body is compromised, has difficulty filter toxins due to a congested liver or another problematic pathway, then a sauna is able to help lessen the toxic load.

You will learn what saunas are, how they are beneficial, if it is right for you, supplements and practices to add in to maximize sauna benefits, and more.

This post is all about sauna benefits and the concerns you may have when thinking about using one.

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What is a Sauna?

A sauna is made up of a wooden or fabric enclosure that uses bulbs as a heat source. The enclosure traps in the heat that is provided by the heating element.

The dry sauna provides a dry heat which heats up the body’s core temperature to induce sweating. Infrared saunas use infrared incandescent lamps as a source of heat which are reddish in color.

The wavelength given off by the lamps mimic the sun’s infrared wavelengths but do not contain the sun’s harmful ultraviolet wavelengths.

How Long have Saunas been Around for?

Sauna usage has been around for many years, however, the time frame varies according to the type of sauna being discussed.

My focus is on the infrared sauna, which is the one my family and I use. Many studies have found that not only are saunas safe for users, but they offer an array of health benefits.

I have asked a health specialist for advice when choosing a sauna to use and have researched sources that I find extremely credible. I have found it safe for our family to use.

Ask you health care professional if using a sauna is right for your body. There are certain circumstances where sauna use should be cautioned or began very slowly, which will later be discussed, or in some instances, not used at all.

Sauna Benefits

  • Cleansing, detoxing and purification
  • Maintaining of health
  • Relaxation
  • Helps with chronic fatigue
  • Increases yang energy
  • Healing
    • can reduce chronic pain in joints and muscles
    • studies have shown health and healing benefits for people with hypertension and cardiovascular issues
  • Increases local blood circulation
  • Helps to heal viruses
  • Can boost mood
    • according to Christopher Lowry of the University of Colorado at Boulder, a group of neurons, called the dorsal raphe nucleus, release serotonin into part of the brain when body temperature is raised. Serotonin is a chemical that sends signals between nerve cells. One of the jobs of serotonin is to balance mood and happiness.
    • Different mood experiences may occur, however, as the body initially works through the beginning stages of detoxing with a sauna. This is according to Dr. L. Wilson. Body’s work differently depending on a person’s previous exposure to toxins, diet, mental and emotional state of health, etc.
  • Anti-aging treatment
    • Metabolism, amount we sweat heal time and rate which we eliminate toxins are reduced as we age. A sauna reverses those traits, providing a highly effective anti-aging effect on the body.

Sauna Benefits of Cleansing and Detoxing

Humans are exposed to a high level of toxins every day. These include chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, toxic metals such as mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic. Mold, bacteria, fungi and parasites are also highly problematic and cause health issues. Mold has caused an array of health issues for my own family.

80% of deaths related to cancer are associated with toxic chemicals in accordance to the EPA, (United States Environment Protection Agency). A near infrared sauna can pull some of these toxins out of the body through water molecules when sweating occurs.

Fat Soluble versus Water Soluble Toxins

Keep in mind-most toxins are fat soluble. Toxins are attracted to fat cells. The toxins are the converted to water soluble as long as the digestive and detoxification systems are working properly.

However, if a body is compromised, then the process for turning the toxin into a water soluble to be excreted may be compromised as well. The body needs to be able to convert a fat soluble toxin into a water soluble compound in order for it to be eliminated from the body through sweating.

Supplements to Consider with Sauna Use

Supplements may be taken in order to help with this conversion process. However, assistance from a trained health professional to ensure the appropriate supplement is taken is something to strongly consider.

Supplements for helping toxins to become water soluble and be eliminated:

  • Zeolites
    • I use this brand– this particular zeolite (Extra Formula) get toxins outside and inside the cell
  • Toxin Elimination Elixir from GHA-
  • Freeze dried garlic
    • sulfur compounds contains in garlic allows lead, cadmium and mercury to be oxidized, helping to become water soluble

Supplements for binding and refueling the body:

Non-Supplements but useful tools to help with elimination

Things to Consider Doing While in a Sauna Session

  • Replenish with Water
    • It is extremely important to make sure the body is well-hydrated prior to using. You also need to drink plenty after too. Have a nearby glass of water to drink while in the sauna. I recommend room temperature water.
  • Play Relaxing Music
    • Try playing music at 432 hz to give your body a natural healing frequency.
  • Dry brush while in sauna This stimulates the liver.
  • A Great time to Pray
    • Prayer raises your body frequency, which actually calms the body. Scripture versus are a great thing to recite or meditate on during this time.
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
    • I have definitely noticed that I begin to sweat a lot more when pushing energy downward through deep breathing.
  • Posture
    • The better your posture is, the easier it is for oxygen to flow through the body.
  • Use a Roll Brush/stick to massage muscles / Option 2 for massage roller
  • Provide Colors to Help you Heal
    • Different colors can stimulate different systems of the body and enhance your sauna experience. Consider using a certain colored towel to sit on, a washcloth or a picture of a certain color to view while relaxing. The color you choose will depend on your target area.
  • According to Dr. L. Wilson, placing hands with the palms side facing the infrared bulbs helps to increase the effects of the sauna. Many reflex points are found here.
  • Turn the body if a side becomes to hot. End the sauna session if you becomes dizzy, weak, or feel as if your body has had enough.
  • Use Safety Glasses if facing the infrared lights.
  • Make sure you are a safe distance away from the red light, and slowly stand up when finished. One may feel light-headed or off balance, so take it easy.

Which Sauna to Purchase or Use?

There are many saunas on the market; Choosing one may become overwhelming. It is important to choose a high quality sauna that is safe and effective. I have used two saunas. I have one in my home that we all use often.

SaunacomfortThis is the one I personally own and LOVE!!! It is by far one of my favorite items!!

This near infrared sauna also emits zero emfs. I have the fabric enclosure design due to moving and space ease. It was easy to put up, fits nicely in a space ans also allows for conversion depending on your set up needs. Their customer service is wonderful. The delivery time was wonderful as well, and I was informed during the process.

Saunaspace – This is another sauna that I used at my nutritionist’s office and highly recommend.

This near infrared sauna, which claims to emit zero emfs, is a fabric enclosure system around a wooden frame. I used this sauna often at my health specialist’s office, and I loved it! There are several choices to choose from including one that converts your shower into a sauna for affordability and space saving purposes.

There are other saunas that are highly recommended by people, but I have not used them. They tend to be pricier and usually take up larger spaces. However, that does not mean they are not worth looking into.

Build Your Own – You may also build your own. Check out this site for details on building your own sauna or for further reading: Dr. Wilson’s Plans for Building a Sauna

Saunas can be a great addition to an overall health routine. Proper precautions just need to be kept in mind when using one. Using the above supplemental resources above will provide you with getting the maximum benefit of using one.

This post is about the positive benefits of using a Sauna and what to do for to get the best detox and cleanse benefits.


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