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Parasite Protocol (Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention)

In need of a parasite protocol or want to know more? These nasty organisms wreak havoc in a body and create lots of problems. Learn about the symptoms to look for, the parasite cleanse to put into place and tips for preventing parasite infection in the first place.

Parasite Protocol

Dealing with parasites can be difficult. There are many different types of parasites and each type is affected differently by treatment.

You need to find out what works best for you and look at all of the symptoms that you have. Take into account other health issues that you have because it is all connected.

We have dealt with this problem ourselves due to all our health issues. We sought out a professional and treated all of our health issues. There are steps to take in order to make sure the treatment plan is effective and long-term. Routine maintenance may be required to ensure reinfection does not happen.

This post is all about parasite protocol-what parasites are, how to deal with them, symptoms to look for and how to prevent getting them in the first place.

What are Parasites?

Parasites are organisms that live off a host (with a cost to you). They can multiply and divide within the host, therefore getting rid of parasites can take time.

They deplete the host of minerals and nutrients and cause havoc on one’s body. It is not uncommon for people to have parasites. However, parasites are not easily diagnosed because symptoms are similar to those of other aliments and diseases.

There are ways to help your body get rid of parasites. This is dependent on the person and their circumstances.

Also, several factors can influence protocol effectiveness. These are the types a parasite the person is infected with, the length of time the person has been infected, gut health, and the willingness of the person to incorporate different health measures.

Symptoms Caused by Parasites

Symptoms vary depending on the type of parasite the person is infected with. Overall general symptoms include:

  • digestive issues- watery stool, constipation blood in stool, bloating
  • strong sugar cravings
  • reoccurring yeast infections
  • itching around anus, mouth
  • stiff and achy joints/ especially first thing in the morning
  • chronic fatigue
  • grinding of teeth-during the full moon phase my child’s jaw would hurt in the morning from grinding so much
  • anxiety and nervousness
  • skin problems-acne, rashes, ulcers
  • nutritional deficiencies-Zinc, vitamins A and B12, magnesium and iron-Our family were extremely low in these nutrients. A connection was made to parasites due to digestive and immune issues as well as environmental toxins that we encountered.
  • headaches
  • bleeding gums
  • nail biting-we saw this increase according to the moon cycle as well
  • iron deficiency
  • mood disorders
  • difficulties with memory
  • increase or loss of appetite

Parasites are often problematic and occur alongside other underlying health issues. Therefore, the above symptoms can be intertwined among other health ailments, making the parasite cleanse a piece to the puzzle.

parasite and moon

Parasites and Full Moon

A person’s body increases in serotonin and decreases in melatonin production around the time of a full moon. Parasites’ movement and feeding activities are aided by increased serotonin. This makes it possible for them to correspond with each other. Biofilms (a group of microorganisms encased in slime) are created due to this communication, and in turn makes it more difficult for your body to get rid of them. Creepy, right?

What to know Before doing a Parasite Protocol

What can you do about parasites? You can do a parasite cleanse.

First of all, there are may different products advertised that are effective. However, some are harsher on the body than others. It takes the body longer to get itself back into balance after using certain cleanses.

Some are milder and come with ingredients all in one bottle. These can be convenient, but the effectiveness varies.

Definitely do your research when choosing parasite protocol and take into account the factors that fit your needs. I am offering information that I have received and researched only. Seek the advice of a qualified health professional that you trust when implementing a cleanse.

The parasite protocol below goes over ingredients individually. The strength of the cleanse is dependent on the number of products you use together as well as dosing.

These supplements are helpful with your parasite problem, but something stronger may be needed. Overall gut healing needs to be considered for a better chance of long-term parasite removal.

Some of the supplements listed below help with gut health in conjunction with cleansing parasites. The healthier the gut, the more likely parasites won’t want to stick around. Again, not all of the supplements directly relate with killing off parasites, but I have noted their purpose.

Make sure the person on the protocol is having regular bowel movements. This ensures better removal of the parasites. I listed some things that may help with increased bowel movements.

Check with a healthcare professional to see the best recommendations for you or a loved one.

NOTE: Parasites become resistant to certain herbs, so use them for a restricted amount of time. Resistance can make the parasite stronger and harder to get rid of.

Foods and Supplements for Parasite Protocol

  • Black Walnut oil
    • This herb can come as a single or ingredient or mixed with other ingredients in the same bottle.
    • Black walnut can interfere with sleep in some instances, so be cautious if deciding to take at night.
  • Wormwood Oil
  • Oregeno Oil
    • Again, keep in mind that antifungals such as oregano oil can strengthen an organism. Be cautious to use this for a given amount of time and appropriately.
  • Coconut Oil- like Dr. Bronner’s
    • Effective in killing parasites as well as viruses, bacteria and yeasts.
    • Extra virgin is the best for this.
  • Pumpkins Seedsyou can get here
    • These seeds contain agents (anthelmintic properties) that kill parasites and parasite eggs. They are high in minerals. This is beneficial because minerals are often depleted in individuals with a parasite infection.
    • The seeds can assist with chelation due to their protein isolates. A study on this is found at the following source- Pumpkins Seeds Study .
    • The best way to get a higher amount is to use in different forms (seeds, oil, pulverized in smoothies, etc.
    • Soak the seeds first- you can digest a seed more easily if they are first soaked
  • Garlic
    • Look for a form with 2% allicin
    • An organosulfur compound know as allicin is formed when garlic is crushed or chewed. This chemical compound fights against parasites and acts as an antibacterial and antifungal as well.
    • You may not want to take garlic if you have a sulfation issue.
  • LauricidinYour can get it here
    • This helps balance gut bacteria and yeast levels
  • Digestive Enzymes– This enzymes breaks down fats very well
    • Also, you may consider an enzyme with oxbile which helps to break down fats.
    • Or look for bromelain which eases joint pain, soothes digestion and eases inflammation
  • Lower Fat Intake
    • decrease fat intake can help with bowel movements if bowel movements are a difficulty
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
    • I am a huge fan of this supplement for naturally helping with bowel movements if they are a problem.
    • Make sure to begin with a slow amount and increase as needed, especially if stool is too loose.
  • Low Sugar Intake
    • Sugar feeds yeast and parasites making it more difficult to get rid of them. A lower sugar intake in general helps to promote a healthier gut, which can help with a whole bunch of health problems.
Please Note

Taking supplements can get pricey. Sticking with the protocol will shorten payout for the supplements. It’s best to not take all of these supplements long-term.

This is of course dependent on the supplement and a health specialist’s advice. Not all of the products need to be used, or they may be implemented at different times. Below are some options that include several ingredients into one supplement.

More Parasite Cleanse Options

Parasite Prevention Tips

Cooking and Storing Meat

  • Meat keeps best on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. This is according to an Alton Brown episode of Good Eats . Also, keep it away from other food. Buy well-packaged to meat to avoid cross-contamination.
  • It is best to keep meat sufficiently cold and keep it chilled when transporting it home.
  • Thaw frozen foods in refrigerator, again, considering packaging and placement guidelines above.
  • Freeze meat after purchasing it to kill off any parasites contaminating the meat.
  • Finally, cook meats properly as well making sure thy are not raw.
parasite cleanse


  • Wash hands thoroughly after petting animals and handling pet items. Use gloves or wash hands thoroughly after changing litter boxes.
  • De-worm pets and take proper precautions when doing this
  • Parasites are not easily detectable. Symptoms are a guide to detect a parasite problem.

Be aware that certain products are more effective than others. Knowing what steps to take can be overwhelming. You know your body best, so consider this when deciding if the product is appropriate for you or a family member.

This post was all about parasite protocol- Symptoms to look for, What to do When Infected, and Ways to Prevent Infection.


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