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Simple Exercises For Lymphatic System: Boost Drainage

Need to get lymphatic fluid circulating better in the body? Avoid fluid build-up and improve the lymph flow with these simple exercises for the lymphatic system. Decrease pain and swelling, improve circulation, improve breathing, better the immune system, and increase energy levels by simply doing these lymphatic exercises. 

exercises for lymphatic system

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The lymphatic system is something that I focus on for better overall health. There are different effective ways to maintain a healthy lymphatic system which I have linked in posts below this article. 

At the center of lymphatic health is lifestyle which of course includes exercise. There are certain exercises in particular that boost lymphatic drainage and flow to ease negative symptoms that come with lymphatic fluid build-up. 

Doing these exercises will help your lymph system if you are currently experiencing problems. However, it is good to consider implementing these exercises to maintain and help empower the lymph system before problems arise.

This post Includes the best exercises to do to help the lymphatic system 

Simple and Effective!

What is the Lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is part of the body's immune system that maintains a healthy flow of excess fluid (lymphatic fluid) which accumulates in the tissues.

The lymphatic system circulates the fluid back into the bloodstream to avoid fluid build-up. It also protects the body from foreign invaders through the releasing of white blood cells. 

Lymph is sent to the lymph nodes to filter toxic crud and build up from the fluid before sending it into the circulatory system.

How Does Exercise Help The Lymphatic System?

Certain exercises and activities have been proven to help with lymphatic flow. Lymph vessels are activated when muscles are active. Also, blood circulation increases when appropriate exercises are performed. 

The up and down activity of the body stimulates the opening and closing of valves so fluid can be pushed through the lymphatic vessels. Also, lymph nodes are all over the body. Exercising the entire body with a variety of exercises gets fluid in all body areas flowing.

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Types of Exercise For Lymph System

  • Aerobic
  • Bouncing
  • Yoga
  • Floor Exercises
  • Strength Training
  • Head and Neck Exercises
  • Deep Breathing

Best Exercises For The Lymphatic System

Large Muscle Exercises/ Aerobic:

Exercising the large muscle groups creates lymph flow activation. Aerobic exercises creates blood flow and circulation while also activating muscles. Muscle contraction is one of the ways that lymph is pulled from the tissues back into circulation.

Activating large muscles with one of the activities below activates lymphatic vessels and lymph flow and creates circulation.

  • Elliptical Machines 

  • Tai Chai

  • Swimming

Bouncing/ Rebounding Exercises:

exercises for lymphatic health

Bouncing or gentle rebounding is a great exercise for maintaining healthy lymphatic system function.  The lymph vessels in the arms, legs, and torso run vertical, making the up and down bounce motion very effective in getting lymph to move.

Here is a great mini trampoline if you want to try this exercise type out for yourself. Performing this exercise for at least 10-15 minutes is most helpful in triggering lymph flow from tissues. 


Yoga is another great exercise which activates many parts of the body all at once. This type of activity gets stagnant fluids flowing as well as increases blood flow. A few yoga activities that are particularly helpful for lymphatic health are the ones listed below.

  • Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations with activate lymph flow in many parts of the body as you move through the yoga movements. These movements stretch the body parts as well which is also helpful for lymph drainage and cleansing.

  • Forward Fold

exercises for lymph health

Lymph is able to be release in the upper part of the body with the forward fold. Circulation increases triggering the lymph to be cleared. This is done with the upright motion coming out of the forward fold. Remember to breathe in and out with this exercise to increase effectiveness.

  • Cat and Cow

exercise for lymph health

Lymph nodes are everywhere throughout your body. The cat and cow releases lymph from the abdomen area as well as the spine. This is a simple exercise that is a great stretch as well.

Floor Exercises

  • Pelvic Tilt

Performing a pelvic tilt exercise on the floor is beneficial for the lower half of the body. This article accurately describes how to do a pelvic tilt. This is another simple exercise to increase lymph fluid flow.

  • Floor Angels

Here is another simple floor activity that is shown in this example from a trained lymphatic drainage specialist.  It is relaxing and only requires a few minutes of time.

Strength Training

Strength training is beneficial for moving lymph through the lymphatic vessels. Doing several sets using slow movements and making sure to breathe will increase the effectiveness of this. You should focus on careful muscle contraction to get the circulatory system working.

Strength training should be used carefully and gently increased. Using a certified trainer can help create a program to accommodate to your special needs.

Squats with Breathwork

exercise for lymph system

- Squats are a good strength training exercise to do. Lifting your hands up over your head while performing the squat is a great way to activate circulation.  Adding a resistance band is also beneficial to get extra contraction work.

Head and Neck Exercises

  • Seated Neck Stretches

exercises for lymph system

This neck exercise releases fluid from the neck area and passes the fluid through the lymph nodes. This helps with drainage. This also is great for those in front of the computer a lot.

Deep Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is an excellent and simple exercise for lymphatic drainage. The breathing acts as a pump for the lymphatic system. The movement of lymph needs to be activated because it does not have its own pumping system.

Deep breathing is also beneficial for relaxing and circulation. When using an appropriate breathing technique, the vessels are able to easily contract and push the lymph into the bloodstream as well as cleanse toxins from the body tissues.

Lymphatic Drainage Massages

A lymphatic drainage massage is a person massaging specific areas of the body to activate lymph movement throughout the lymph vessels. This type of massage is usually used on lymphedema patients.

Moving lymph from tissues to the lymph nodes, which filter out bacteria and infectious matter, eases possible swelling in body parts. It is healthy to clear lymph out of body tissue and get it flowing through the lymph vessels.

Benefits of a lymphatic massage include:

  • Increased circulation
  • Better immune function
  • Toxin removal
  • Reduced swelling
  • Reduced bloating and puffiness
  • Better flow of lymphatic fluid 


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This post Included the best, Simple exercises to do to help with

lymphatic system drainage!

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