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10 Best Herbs For Lymphatic Drainage And Support

Your body feeling sluggish? Supporting the lymphatic system with herbs is a powerful way to help your body begin the journey to feeling better. There are certain herbs that are great for lymphatic flow which is a vital part of a healthy functioning immune system. But what are these herbs for lymphatic drainage and how do they exactly help?
herbs for lymphatic drainage

It is amazing the positive effects herbs have on the body. Each herb has its unique characteristics to contribute. As long as you use discretion when and how you use them, the benefits can be outstanding.

We have used herbal tinctures under the care of a doctor for several years. There are certains ones that target the lymphatic system. These specific herbs help increase lymphatic flow and help with lymphatic congestion.

I cannot stress enough how effective an herbal regimen can be when trying to heal or improve certain health issues. These lymphatic herbs are worth a try if your immune system is struggling or compromised.

We use certain herb in conjunction with our body's specific needs. Although all of these herbs are beneficial to the lymphatic system, it is important to know which ones are right for your body. Through thorough research or with the help of a professional, you can successfully find out which herbs of these herbs would be best for you.

Disclaimer:  No content on this site should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor, a qualified clinician or other qualified health care professional.

This post goes over herbs that can stimulate your lymph nodes, open lymph glands and lymphatic vessels, and create a better working lymph system.

If you are looking for an all-in-one tincture to give the lymphatic system a gentle and effective boost, then try this. But do not begin with the full dosage at once. Work yourself up to an amount that is best fit for your body and do not exceed the bottle's recommendations.

Best Herbs for lymphatic circulation


Cleavers is a great supportive herb for lymphatic function. It activates the movement of lymph fluid and pushes out waste products which are toxic to the body.

Additionally, cleavers support and improve immune function. This is due to the herbs ability to promote the growth of white blood cells to fight against disease in the body.

Red Clover

Red cleaver is another herb used frquently in ayurvedic medicine. It has a long history of use to help one gain a healthy lymphatic system. This herb supports the body with its high vitamin content. Also, it provides lymphatic support by creating healthy lymph flow to push toxins promptly in the right direction.

Through stimulation of the lymphatic system, red clover helps the body remove toxins efficiently into the blood system to be alleviated by the body. The inflammatory compounds are also removed. Red clover has a long history of being used to help skin conditions due to this ability.

Astragalus Root

Another great herb that supports lymphatic health is astragalus root. Studies have shown the herb to have promising effects on autoimmune disesase. Partly, this is due to the herb's ability to regulate the activities of lymphocytes which are a type of immune cell.

This is important because lymphocytes have the jobs of producing antibodies and killing harmful cells. Additionally, astragalus root is shown to help activate the lymphatic system and get lymphatic fluid moving. This is a promising herb to add to your regimen if it proves acceptable to your body.

Sweet Woodruff

Also effective on the lymphatic system is the powerful herb woodruff. It contains the compound coumarin which is also found in sweet clover. The compound can have be effective as a blood purifier and has shown beneficial effects on lymphodema.

Sweet Woodruff gets lymph moving through the blood stream and also has the ability to reduce excess fluid from the body. It has been used this way in herbal medicine for years.

Chinese Skullcap

Chinese skullcap is also beneficial to the body's lymphatic drainage system. This herb plays a vital role in so many aspects of the body's overall health. Traditional medicine has found it beneficial when it comes to stimulating the lymph nodes to work properly.

Burdock Root

Another friendly herb to the lymph system is burdock root. It helps with detoxification by stimulating the lymph carrying toxins to be removed from tissues. The waste then can be moved back into circulation and filtered out of the body. Additionally, this process helps with purifying the blood.

Poke Root

According to medicinal herbalist Richard whelan, poke root helps with lymph circulation and allows the lymph nodes to become less swollen and congested. Thomas Bartrum states this powerful herb as being lymphatic as well as even helping some types of cancer cells that are spread via the lymphatic system.

Additionally, if lymph nodes are swollen or problematic, poke root is a favorable herbal practice among many herbalists. However, some herbalists say that poke root should only be used if prescribed by a certified herbalist with experience using this herbal remedy.


The herb Echinacea is a popular herb known for boosting the immune system and using in times of cold and sickness. However, it is also great to use as an anti-inflammatory and to boost lymphatic drainage.

Some of Echinacea's other benefits include reducing free radicals in the body due to the herb's antioxidant properties and its healing properties of wounds when applied topically.

Red Root

Another lymphatic powerhouse is red root. This herb is helpful to both the lymphatic system and the digestive system. In addition to getting lymph flowing it is also helpful in maintaining healthy blood vessels and improving the immune system.


The herb figwort is also used in many herbal remedies to improve lymph circulation. It has shown to be helpful when dealing with swollen lymph nodes and in the detoxifcation of the body. It also helps promotes a healthy metabolism.

Skin irritations and problems can often accompany a sluggish lymphatic system. Figwort helps with these conditions when taken both topically and internally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you naturally drain the lymphatic system?

There are many ways to activate lymph flow, stimulate the lymph vessels, and activate better lymph node activity. Some of these ways include

What teas drain the lymphatic system?

This post shows all of the best teas to drink to stimulate lymph flow. Click the picture to be taken to the post.

Lymph health is important for cleansing and detoxing the body. Problems with lymphatic drainage cause many health struggles. Drinking the best tea for lymphatic drainage is a simple and highly beneficial first step to take.

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