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Best Lymphatic Cleanse Tea Recipe: Detox Support

Dealing with lymphatic congestion is difficult. It brings about many unpleasant symptoms. Doing all you can to remedy the problem is a must. Help lymph drain naturally and rid the body of toxins with this lymphatic cleanse tea recipe. It supports the immune system and detox pathways.
lymphatic cleanse tea recipe

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I have written several posts on how important a smooth flowing lymphatic system is. Many take for granted a system that the body usually operates on its own.

However, what some people do not know is that the lymphatic system needs to be activated. It does not have a pumping system to help it along.

It relies on our bodies being healthy, active, and working correctly to trigger lymph from the tissues to the lymph nodes and into the circulatory system.

Using herbal teas is an amazing way to support this process. It is easy to incorporate into daily life. You will feel good knowing you are helping your body while carrying on with your productive day or while choosing to sit back and relax.

This post is all about the Best lymphatic cleanse tea recipe: Help lymph drainage and maintain a healthy lymphatic system.

Herbs to Use For detoxification of the lymphatic system

This tea consists of 4 herbs that are beneficial to lymphatic health. There are many herbs beneficial to the lymphatic system, however, this herbal blend is one of the best that have limited side effects, does not boost the immune function too quickly, and tastes pleasant.

lymphatic system herbal tea detox

Dandelion Flower or Dandelion Root

Everyone is familiar with this common weed that bombards yards and gardens every year. The benefits that come from this weed are honestly astounding.

The addition of dandelion flower or dandelion root into the tea helps with lymphatic flow and getting rid of toxins in the body as well.  This common weed is wonderful for the liver and the digestive tract also.

A congested liver creates problems for the lymphatic system. Therefore, supporting liver function is important for better toxin removal from several of the body's systems.

This herb is a diuretic. This means it will help the body get rid of excess fluid that often accumulates when a lymphatic system is backed up.

You can buy this herb in bulk or find them in single use tea bags. 


Calendula also promotes healthy lymph node function which is important for clearing the body from infections.

Lymph nodes that are swollen benefits greatly from this herb. This allows for a better immune response because it activates white blood cells. It also assists lymph fluid to flow better and drain back into the circulatory system.

Red Clover

This herb promotes detoxification of the lymphatic system by increasing the removal of metabolic waste from lymphatic fluid.

Therefore, red clover is a powerful purifying herb for the lymph system. It is full of minerals which are much needed for the body to function optimally.

Additionally, it is known to help with skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is the final herb used in this lymph detox tea recipe. This herb is included because of its potent effect on lymphatic health.

Burdock root is helpful for lymphatic congestion and cleansing the blood. It stimulates free radicals and harmful substances to be extracted from the lymph fluid.

Therefore, it is a helpful purifying and detoxifying herb to use in this tea recipe.

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Lymphatic Drainage Add Ins:

Moringa (OPTIONAL)

Moringa pulls toxins from the tissues to provide you with a deeper cleansing and detox. It is available in many grocery store's health food sections. 

This superfood also contains all essential amino acids as well as other vitamins and minerals.

Simply add the powder into the tea. Add a smaller amount than indicated on the package, however, at first. This tea is a powerful tea as it is, so you do not want to overdo it.

If your body handles the tea well, then you may consider adding in more.

Does Lemon Water Drain Lymph Nodes?

One of the health benefits of squeezing fresh lemon juice into a glass of water is the stimulating of lymph node drainage. If lymph nodes are backed up, then drinking some lemon water in the morning. Adding it to your daily routine is a simple way to stimulate lymph flow.

You can also add lemon juice to your lymphatic cleanse tea recipe for an enhanced detoxification effect.

What are the symptoms of poor lymphatic drainage?

  • Low energy levels
  • Digestive issues
  • Stiffness and muscles cramps
  • Joint pain
  • Frequent headaches
  • Depression
  • Increased allergies or food sensitivities
  • Sinus congestion
  • Swelling in arms and legs

How Do You Cleanse A clogged Lymphatic system?

(Other Helpful Practices)

  • Regular Exercise- See my post Simple Exercises For Lymphatic System
  • Diet- An unhealthy digestive system can effect lymph flow
  • Dry Brushing using a natural bristle brush
  • Lymphatic Massages
  • Infrared Sauna- This is the specific one we use and Love!
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
  • Bouncing or Rebounding
  • Drinking plenty of water
best lymphatic cleanse tea recipe

Lymphatic Cleanse Tea Recipe

Yield: 1 cup
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

This tea is the ultimate for getting the lymphatic system back on track.


  • 2 tsp. Dried Calendula
  • 2 tsp. Dried Red Clover
  • 1 tsp. Dried Dandelion Root
  • 1 tsp. Dried Burdock Root
  • 8 ox. hot filtered water


  1. Heat up 8 oz. of water to a slow boil
  2. Spoon all herbs into non-bleached tea bag
  3. Poor water over tea bag
  4. Let the herbs steep for 10 minutes
  5. Take the tea bag out or strain herbs
  6. Enjoy your lymphatic cleansing tea

This post is all about the Best lymphatic cleanse tea recipe: Help lymph drainage and maintain a healthy lymphatic system.

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