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15 Best Organic Kitchen Towels And Dish Cloths

Organic kitchen towels may not be at the top of many people's buying list. But for something that is used so often, the investment is worth looking into. Drying hands and dishes on an organic towel will only further benefit your journey to living a healthier, less-toxic life. 

best organic kitchen towels

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Not everyone has the budget for an organic kitchen towel. However, putting it on a wish list or gift list is always an option.

We do not use organic kitchen towels for dirty jobs or cleaning up awful messes. However, we find it important to buy organic for drying our hands and drying clean dishes.

My family knows that these towels are "precious" and are to be used on washed hands and for dishes that are cleaned well.

It is important to pick an organic towel that is high quality and free of toxic chemicals if you are spending out the money. Cotton is one of the best materials for towels, however, hemp, and linen dish towels are great options as well and are included in the list.

This post includes the 15 best organic kitchen towels and Organic dish cloths that are sustainable and safe to use.

What are the qualities of a good kitchen towel?

  • Organic or natural materials / No use of harmful chemicals or use of toxic pesticides should be used in the production of materials.
  • Cotton material is often highly recommended due to its ability to remain durable and soft after many washes. It is a strong and absorbent material as well. Of course, organic cotton should be used and better yet GOTS-certified.
  • Softness is important, especially since these towels are used for drying dishes as well as drying hands.
  • The material should be of high-quality and created with care. The towels should be well-made.
  • Kitchen towels that have a positive environmental impact are easily sought out these days. Many companies are mindful of environmental practices as well as ethical labor practices.
  • Surface area is another feature to watch for. This may vary depending on personal preference.
  • Appearance is of course another important attribute. A kitchen towel or dish cloth adds an extra touch to the overall feel of the kitchen.

The best organic kitchen towels

These tea towels are created from organic cotton and come in 3 lovely natural color choices.

This extra large kitchen towel is high in absorbency. It is created to disperse heat as well which is nice when it comes to having to handle hot item. Also, it becomes softer with every wash.

Additionally, you have the option to complete the set with matching oven mitts and pot holders.

This comes as a set of 3 oversized organic cotton dish towels.

These kitchen towels come in a set of 6 all offering muted color options. Several other color options are offered.

The waffle-weaved kitchen towels are made from cotton grown in India and is also processed in India. Additionally, the weave makes for a higher absorbency towel than a flat weaved towel.

The great thing about these towels is that they are GOTS certified making them a premium option.

These towels are beautifully crafted sporting a vintaged homestead feel.  The vintage design is inspired from grain sacks used on farms in France.

The materials consist of GOTS certified cotton. Also, the towels can be matched with an organic table runner or organic table cloth.

Rawganique makes an organic cotton kitchen towel which is not dyed nor bleached. If you are looking for a non-toxic, plain kitchen towel, then this would be your best option.

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These are among the best kitchen towels on the market and can be bought in sets of 1, 2 or 4. Drying dishes will be a more pleasant experience with the use of the natural fibers of linen used to create these towels.

The linen is created from European flax seed and is certified under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Also, the towels are produced ethically with no toxic chemicals.

Under the Canopy dish towels are also made using a weave that allows for a more absorbent towel with the use of less energy. 

organic hand towels

  Shop Etsy

This Oeko-Tex certified dish towel is also created from linen which means this towel is fully biodegradable. 

There are six natural color options which are all handmade with a practical loop  which can be used for hanging the towel out to dry. 

The great thing about this sustainable dish towel is that there are many size options available. Each towel ordered is made to the size specifications you request.

Another basic organic cotton towel is this organic flour sack towel. Great for a variety of uses such as cleaning, covering, washing, drying, and so on. Another positive feature is that these cloths are lint free.

These flour sack towels are made with no harmful pesticides and no dyes. They are sized at 27in. x 27in. and come in a set of 10.

These towels are great to have on hand as all purpose utility towels and are easy to throw in the washing machine. You can easily cut down on using paper towels with the purchase of these flour sack cloths.

Wild and Stone hand towels are highly permeable as well as soft. This makes them great for drying hands in the kitchen and drying dishes too.

The materials come from responsibly managed sources and are organic. They are also made with safe and effective dyes. 

A hanging hook gives you the option of convenient drying after each use. Also, there is a nice selection of colors available to purchase.

This stone washed organic kitchen towel is perfect for drying dishes or cleaning up spills. Created with organic certified cotton, this makes a great eco-friendly option.

These are a better option that terry clothed towels or flour sacks when it comes to absorbency. 

Deliah offers a Turkish, GOTS-certified cotton kitchen Towel. These household items will become one of your go-to, favorite dish towels. These are lightweight for dry dishes with but are also soft and fluffy for drying hands.

These dish towels are also machine washable and may be dried on a low setting. Lastly, these towels come sold as a pack of 4.

These towels are a wonderful choice compared to conventional cotton towels. They are colored by hand using natural dyes so the coloring is not uniform. This means that there may be darker spots on the towels in some areas than others.

This brings uniqueness and an earthy, rustic feel to the towels which I personally love. Also, the dyes are non-toxic and natural.

The kitchen towels are sized at 28in. x 28in. and may be purchased as a set of 1 or 2. These towels are a little pricey, most likely because of the time it takes to make the towel.

These washcloths are more affordable and come in a set of 3. They are designed to be more durable and offer more of a scrubbing option versus just a smooth cleaning surface.

They also offer 3 color choices from plain, a multi-bright, or a multi-muted color option. These cloths are also made with non-toxic dyes.

organic wash cloths

This Etsy seller sells dish cloths that are versatile and can be used as an exfoliating wash cloth for the skin as well. They are sold in a nice variety of colors to go with all color profiles.

These wash cloths are great and created with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton. However, it states that it is undyed cotton. It is not clear the dye that is used for coloring.

There are 3 9 in. x 9 in. cloths in each set.

organic cotton wash cloths

This dish cloth by Wild Stone matches the Wild and Stone Kitchen towel above if you are interested in a matching set.

It is made with the same materials and dyes as the hand towel. Additionally, the dish cloth is great for washing and for cleaning in general. 

These cloths are highly absorbent. They also hold-up well to usage making them a valuable buy.

swedish dish towel

Lastly on the list, but definitely not least in this case, are these Swedish dish cloths. My friend introduced me to these as a gift, and I absolutely love them! They are an eco-friendly dishcloth. 

These are odor and bacteria free cleaning cloths. They are also highly absorbent and come in so many designs and colors.

Additionally, these cloths are 100 percent biodegradable. Just make sure to hang them to dry versus drying them in the machine.

This post Listed the 15 best Organic kitchen towels and Organic dish cloths on the market today.

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