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Best Cleaning Products For Kitchen Cabinets (2024)

How do you keep a kitchen looking at its best while not contaminating your food with toxins from the cleaning products? Simple- Use the best cleaning products for kitchen cabinets that are simple and non-toxic but work!

Best cleaning products for kitchen cabinets

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Part of your cleaning routine at some point will include cabinet cleaning. Drips, spills, and spots accumulate onto the cupboards over time. At first they may go unnoticed, but eventually the dirt adds up and you find the cupboards need a good cleaning.

Using a gentle cleaner, whether it be for a regular cleaning or deep cleaning, is the best way to clean without harming cabinets or yourself.

We use many of these products ourselves or trust them to be the best natural cleaners and cleaning products on the market for kitchen cabinets.

This post offers the best cleaning products for kitchen cabinets available that leave the kitchen clean without harsh chemicals.

Best Cleaning Products For Kitchen Cabinets

These cleaning products are natural and do not contain the harsh ingredients found in many cleaners. A simple clean cloth and soapy water in a vinegar solution is what is recommended by many cleaning experts. It works wonders for us!

This cleaning method is a simple, gentle cleaning solution that works effectively. Also, this works for both laminate cabinets and wooden cabinets. 

Further below are some non-toxic cleaners for a variety of surfaces that may also be used on kitchen cabinets as well as glass surfaces.

First, you will see the top effective soaps to use with your vinegar solution.

Best Cabinet Cleaner (Simple)

castile soap for cleaning

Castile soap was traditionally made from olive oil. Today, different oils are used to make up many of the castile soaps on the market.

Dr. Bronner's Castile soap is effective and natural made from organic coconut, olive, hemp, and jojoba oils. It is one of the highest-quality. organic castile soaps to use.

It comes in a variety of scents. However, the unscented is what we use for a purely clean smell. The oils in the soap are good for the cabinets surface and leave them with a nice finish as well.

ECOS dish soap for cleaning

ECOS dish soap is what we use most often to clean the kitchen cupboards. This soap is gentle and non-toxic. ECOS dish soap actually works better for us on the cupboards than it does as a dish soap.

If your cupboards are full of grease, you may want to consider using a different dish soap. From our experience, ECOS does not cut through grease as well as some soaps.

Although this is the case, ECOS is still gentle and effective at cleaning basic grime and spots off of the kitchen cupboards.

branch basics for cleaning

Another great soap solution that is an all purpose cleaner is Branch Basics. This concentrate can be used for washing, laundry, and cleaning. That is how gentle it is.

Additionally, since it is a concentrate, Branch Basics last a while. The correct ratios are given for adding water to create a cleaning solution. 

This solution works so well and is a great addition to all your cleaning products due to its all natural ingredients and versatility. 

White Vinegar

Lastly, white vinegar is needed for your vinegar and soap cleaning solution. This is one of your best options because it is cost-effective. It cuts through mineral build-up and grease effectively removing spots and most stains.

Distilled white vinegar is the type of vinegar to use. Some may not prefer to use vinegar due to its distinct, strong smell. After using white vinegar for cleaning for a while, you likely will begin to be reminded of clean when you smell the scent.

This is my favorite way to clean kitchen cabinets without using chemicals that penetrate the air that we breathe. It is available many places and serves many purposes. Also, it is great for cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets along with stains.

Best Cleaner for Wood Cabinets

ECOS for kitchen cleaning

ECOS again makes the best cabinet cleaner list. This is a furniture cleaner but it works well for wooden kitchen cabinets because it nicely cleans and polishes cabinet doors.

You will want to make sure that you spot test this cleaner on a small inconspicuous area prior to using. Also, the cabinets need to be made out of wood for it to most effectively work.

Using a small amount of cleaner on a clean, dry cloth is all that is required to give shine and newness to your cabinet surface.

ECOS uses the US EPA's Safer Choice program to create a safe and non toxic solution. Additionally, olive oil is the primary ingredient that will add the shine to your clean cupboards.

Best Glass Cleaner

Some people have glass cabinets as part of their kitchen décor in addition to wooden and laminate surfaces. Using a non-toxic glass cleaner is also important. Below are the best, effective glass cleaners with non-toxic ingredients.

attitude for kitchen cleaning

Attitude glass cleaner is created from a mixture of plant and mineral-based ingredients. Many reviews like the effectiveness of this cleaner. One reviewer states:

                         "Does not leave film or streaks, works better than windex!"

Additionally, the cleaning agent contains ingredients which help kill free radicals and bacteria. Lastly, it has a citrus smell which is attributed to the essential oils used in the cleaning solution.

Another great cleaner option for windows is Aspen glass cleaner that is also EWG (Environmental Working Group) certified clean.

Aspen Clean carries a whole line of EWG certified products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and efficient at cleaning. But I do wish the corn-derived alcohol used in their cleaner was organic certified to verify that there are no glyphosate contaminents.

The company does however have transparent practices and great product reviews which make it a top contender of glass cleaners to use.

ECOS for kitchen cleaning

The third ECOS product that is great for kitchen cupboard cleaning is their glass cleaner.  We use this product the most and you are likely to find it to be a favorite as well. It cleans well with the use of no harsh chemicals.

PUR Home Glass Cleaner

PUR Home Glass cleaner is also a great glass cleaner option. Although this product is rated A on the EWG site compared to a purely clean certification.

This is due to the essential oils and a couple other ingredients in the cleaning formula. Keep this is mind for your chemical needs. However, it still in an efficient and natural product that works well.

Most Useful Tools For Cleaning Cabinets

There are a few basic tools that are useful for cleaning kitchen cabinets no matter what the surface. Of course, paper towels are handy, but they sometimes leave lint and can be wasteful. The equipment below are practical and can be used many times while cleaning.

microfiber cloth for kitchen cabinet cleaning

Using both a dry microfiber cloth and a damp cloth for cleaning is key. These microfiber cloths are wonderful for any type of finish.

It is important to clean the dry the cupboard with a separate cloth after to avoid any water damage on the cupboard or in the hinged areas. Getting the excess moisture off of the cupboard will also prevent the growth of mold.

These cloths are both economical and free of lint making them a wonderful option for use on the kitchen cupboards.

Soft-Bristled Brush

Using a soft-bristled new or old toothbrush is the best way to get dirt out of creases or gently remove particles or food stains.

kitchen cleaning products

A glass spray bottle is convenient to have on hand when cleaning the cupboards. Simply pour the solution into the clean spray bottle and spray on the microfiber cloth as needed.

Glass bottles are much better to use because they won't leach chemicals from the plastic into the solution. This is more important if you are going to keep the solution in the bottle for a elongated period of time.

I love these types of glass spray bottles because the silicone at the bottom allows them to not easily chip or break and color codes solutions for you.

portable vacuum for kitchen cabinet cleaning

This tool is handy for a deep cleaning of the inside of the cupboards and tops of the cupboards.

This post gave the best cleaning products for kitchen cabinets.

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