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Gifts For Mom (For The Health-Conscious Mom)

There is so much advertising to decipher through when choosing a gift for mom. Besides being bombarded with ideas, you need to take into account what specific likes and needs the mom you are giving the gift to has. The gift list below incorporates great gift ideas into a simple and concise list for easier shopping.

gifts for Mom

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Mother's Day for me is one of those days that can become complicated because you are trying to celebrate one day for so many at one time. I mean, I am a mom, but then there is my mom and my mother-in-law, and one day most likely my daughter's will become a mother. 

How do you encompass everyone together while still making it feel like you are celebrating your mom? I, personally, am not that sentimental of a person when it comes to holidays like this. I want to acknowledge my mom and let her know I am grateful for what she does, but I am usually happy when it is all over due to the complexity of it all.

Taking any stress out of the situation is a much appreciated thing. Therefore, I decided to create a list of specific gift ideas, (brands included where applicable), for the mom who is into clean living. This list is great for any time of the year that you are buying a gift for mom, not just Mother's Day.

15 Gift Ideas For Mom 

This skincare set includes a cleanser, exfoliator, and hydrator with a bonus lip ointment. All of these products include high-quality natural and organic ingredients specifically designed to leave the skin clean, nourished, and glowing.

If this set does not fit your mom's needs, they offer a wide variety of individual items and offer other skincare sets. There is sure to be a product that would make your mom happy.

I first tried this toner when it came as a free gift with my self-tanner purchase. I instantly loved it. It is refreshing, firming, and leaves a nice, clean glow to the skin. The clean ingredients and the company's practices make it even better.

These steamers are a practical yet indulging gift for any mom, and they don't break the bank. They scent the air when used in a hot shower offering health benefits. She can use them for an uplifting experience, when she feels her immune system needs a pick me up, or just when she feels like pampering herself a little bit.

A steaming device is another great gift idea. This device will give her a peace of mind knowing that she is killing off harmful substances that linger around the home. If the mom you are gifting enjoys a thoroughly clean house, then this may be a great option.

There is an attachment that can be used for furniture, countertops, crevices, anywhere really. And the mop makes it handy to get to a large space at once. These are super for the crunchy or health conscious mom.

Another handy cleaning device is this robot vacuumer cleaner. It does not mean she will never have to vacuum again, but it will definitely help her to vacuum less often.

It is also great when it comes to cutting down on allergies with dust and pet hair. The vacuum works on auto pilot once turned on, cleaning floors with the abiity to empty itself.

This back roller is great for any mom who enjoys fitness. This back roller is made out of cork compared to the foam rollers available. It is designed for alleviating sore muscles and tension and promoting circulation.

These are an affordable luxury in my opinion because they are so helpful after a workout but also for stress in general. Note that the size of the roller because it may be smaller than the foam rollers you have seen before.

Sheet Set (Boll & Branch)

I gave this sheet set to my mom and she absolutely loves them. These Boll and Branch sheets are free of toxic chemicals and are created using organic cotton. The reviews on the sheets speak volumes. The best thing is they are super comfortable.

They are high-quality, created with sustainability in mind, are soft, breathable, wash well, and come in a variety of colors. These are an investment but will be greatly appreciated by mom.

Any of the hydroflask products are an excellent gift for the mom on your list depending on mom's needs. These ideas are practical and non-toxic. None of their products contain lead making them safe to use.

I use their water bottles daily, and they are absolutely the best. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and with different drinking spouts. Additionally, they have bowls that are great for keeping meals warm or cold on the go like this one. I Love their products and find them very practical.

What mom doesn't want an essential hoodie? They are convenient for any day. This one is from the company Pact, and they use all organic materials. Also, they have pleasant color choices to choose from but not too many to be overwhelming.

My daughters and I have this roller and love it! Any mom will enjoy rolling it acrossed her face to decrease puffiness and awaken her senses. It is a nice calming treat that feels good on the face. 

It just needs to be put in the freezer to chilled, and then can be applied to the face at any time. Also, it assists with lymphatic drainage as well. It makes a very thoughtful gift that a mom may not get for herself.

If you mom is into cooking, then this is a great non-toxic pan that she is sure to love if you have the budget for it. It is versatile and can perform many functions. You are able to use the pan for 10 different functions. The best part is that it is free of nasty chemicals that can contaminate your food.

Your mom may prefer to bake instead. If this is the case, then here is a complete non-toxic bakeware set made of high-quality stainless steel. If you have more of a modest budget, then you can choose one piece of bakeware to buy instead. She will still love it. The company also sells prep sets and pieces such as cutting boards.

This gift idea does not perfectly fit in with the health-conscious topic, but mom will most likely not splurge on a bag like this for herself so I am throwing it in as an option. But she will definitly appreciate the thought.

This bag comes in lovely color choices and is convenient to bring to so many activities. For a little bit more money you can also get the slightly bigger bag called the weekender. They are both great options.

This perfume set is affordable and includes 5 mini trial scents. These are a great gift for someone that loves to wear perfume. Additonally, all perfumes are created with no toxic chemicals.

Sometimes it is difficult to know which specific scent to choose. However, this lets the mom explore which she prefers and gives her several options at once. Alternatively, you can purchase a larger bottle if you know the specific scent she would prefer.

This plate is a pricey gift, but it offers great health benefits. The company also sells larger vibration plates if interested, but this one is more affordable and is still great.The Lifepro Waver vibration plate helps muscles recover from a workout and helps them to loosen as well as reduces soreness.

It is also great for the lymphatic system and increases circulation. I often use a larger device at my gym and swear by the positive benefits from this machine. It makes a phenomenal gift for a person into fitness.

Choosing a gift for mom can seem easy enough until you go to actually get the gift. This list offers a variety of gifts for all different personalities and interests while still focusing on offering clean health benefits.

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