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17 Best Organic Cotton Towels For The Bathroom

Are organic towels worth it? They certainly are. Using these best organic cotton towels will give you a great bath experience. These are created better without the harmful and unnecessary chemicals. Don't clean yourself only to have your body touched with materials that were created with impurities.

best organic cotton towels

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Bath time should be a time for getting clean but also washing away the stress from the day or reviving the body to take on the world. Okay. That is a little dramatic. However, we all know that at some point and time taking a shower or bath is something that is looked forward to.

There are certain towels that work better for some than others, but we know that cotton is a favorite by the far majority. These towels are comforting. Wrapping yourself with coziness to dry off makse the experience so much more pleasant.

I know that I want my family coming in contact with as few of toxic chemicals as possible. Buying bath towels from the list below is one simple way to ensure this.

This post shows you the best organic cotton towels to use in your bathroom to provide you with a better bath time experience.

The 17 Best Organic cotton towels

The great thing about these organic towels is that the company works with family-owned factories and farms. This allows the company to closely monitor the manufacturing process verifying no harmful chemicals are used.

The towels are also GOTS and OEKO-Tex certified. GOTS approved dyes are also only used. The large majority of cotton farms that the cotton comes from to make the towels are located in parts of India that receive a large amount of rainfall. This allows less water to be used.

Additionally, natural materials such as potato starch are used in place of acrylic plastics and marigold flowers are used in place of pesticides.

organic cotton hand towel


What a beautiful range of colors. These Grund organic bath towels are not certified but a good choice compared to conventional cotton towels. The natural fiber is free from pesticide use and toxins that are applied to conventional cotton.

The towels are available in sets and 4 different sizes including a bath sheet. A bath sheet is an oversized, extra large bath towel. The company also allows you to use the towels risk-free for 60 days. You would need to carefully read or inquire about their exact risk-free policy before purchasing.

Magnolia Organics are another affordable organic towel. They come in a set of 2 for the price of $39.95. They also offer 5 color choices. Additionally, this is another GOTS certified company.

The bath towels have good reviews. They are created with non-toxic pigments. This company offer sizes from washcloth to large towel sizes.

Coyuchi offers super luxurious towels that are GOTS certified and fair trade. These are one of the best organic towels, but they come at a heftier price tag. 

This is one of the top sustainable brands. Their manufacturing process lessens the carbon footprint. These are also Made safe certified meaning that the factories making the products meet safe and ethical working conditions.

West Elm towels are another great choice for organic bath towels. They are beautifully colored with safe, non-toxic dyes. GOTS certified organic Turkish cotton is the only natural fiber used in the manufacturing process.

These natural bath towels are fluffy, soft, and are a great addition to any bathroom. They are created to give a spa like feel. West Elm offers organic as well as non-organic.

These sustainable bath towels are stated as being quick-drying and are high absorbency. The towels are made in their family-owned factory located in Portugal. They carry GOTS certified cotton products as well as ones made with non-toxic hemp. They also work with fair trade farms.

This brand is a vegan brand as well. They clearly have a love for animals through their vegan commitment as well as naming their company after a heart-warming animal triumphant story. 

Avocado offers organic cotton bath towels that are Made Safe and meet the global organic textile standard. However, these towels are pricey. They offer the whole bath set from wash cloths and hand towels to bath towels and even bath sheets and bath mats.

The towels have 5 star revies on their site. Additionally, the towels are offered in 4 neutral colors. The company is carbon neutral as well, which means they are better for the environment. One percent of their profits goes to helping the planet.

Pottery Barn is known for beautiful home decor. So it only makes sense that they will offer bath towels as well. Their towels are organically grown. Additionally, they are plush and meet GOTS and OEKO-Tex standards. Lastly, their white towels are contract grade. This means they are made to withstand rigorous usage.

These are GOTS certified organic cotton towels. This means the highest standards have been met when it comes to not using pesticides in their products. Additionally, these towels are created for optimal absorbance.

Under The Canopy towels also hold the OEKO-Tex certification due to ethically sourcing from facilities that provide healthy and proper work conditions for their employees. They come in many colors including lovely neutral colors such as that as above.

These are something to consider trying to catch on sale. They may be pricier at regular price, but if you buy them at sale price, they are a better option than the affordable bath towels options included further down.

Pact is a carbon neutral company offering many products. Among these products are their bath towels. The extra-long loops on the towels give it a spa like feeling to the skin. These Turkish towels also dry quickly.

The sizes range from washcloth size to a bath sheet size. The towels are created in Turkey under safe working conditions with cotton that is also grown in Turkey under GOTS standards.

Misona is another one of the top picks which offers organic cotton towels. They come in lovely, light pastel colors. The company offers many sizes and sets as well.

Not only do they have the GOTS certification, they hold the OEKO Tex certification making it safe for even sensitive skin types.

Sunrise Bliss hair towels are great because they are made from t-shirt material. They absorb water well for drying hair, but they also do it without damaging hair like the conventional towel.

Their site states you will have less frizz and breakage with the use of their hair towel. They come in 3 different sizes making it perfect to fit so many head sizes. The sizes also nicely accommodate to amount of hair on your head.

These hair towels are all made with certified organic cotton and use an interlock weave with low-impact dyes.

These organic baby towels are included to cover bath time for all possible family members. Colored Organics offers a certified organic cotton baby towel that comes in gray or white. It is hooded for easy head drying as well.

The company that makes the bath towel hoodie is a women-owned company named Natemia. They offer organic and eco-friendly products.

Lifekind offers towels which have received a lot of 5 star reviews on their site. As you can see, the colors are a bit muted and basic but can be brightened with some white towels as well.

The cotton is grown using Global Textile Standards in Texas. The towels are meant to give off a classic feel as opposed to some of the fluffier towel sets above.

L.L. Bean offers you a more affordable towel set. This towel, known as Bean's organic cotton towel, holds reviews for being a very good option.

The downsides I noticed, however, are that they are not certified organic. Also, they do not offer much information on the product.

This is a good purchase if you are looking for an absorbent towel free of chemically saturated synthetic fibers because it come at a more affordable price.

These soft and plush towels are created with longer loops. Also, they are created out of organic materials and organic dyes.

Please note that it is not certified cotton. But if looking for a high-quality non-toxic cotton towel, this is a great option. They are available in several color options.

Another affordable option for buying organic are these hand towels. They come only in white but are sold as a set of 6. They are GOTS certified as well. They also have very good reviews on Amazon.

They are an affordable option and may not be as luxurious as some of the more expensive brands above. However, we are talking about hand towels. They may be worth the savings since all you need to do is dry your hands with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Conventional Cotton and Organic Cotton Different?

best organic cotton towels

How Does Using Organic Cotton Impact the Environment?

  • Organic cotton uses crop rotation which better helps with the nutritional value of the soil.
  • Crop rotation also allows for the plant to keep water due to better soil conditions. This uses 90% less water than conventional farming of cotton.
  • Pesticides and insecticides are not used in organic farming. This allows the soil to not break down due to planting on the same soil year after year. This allows for soil to have better drainage and aeration.
  • Organic cotton is picked by hand which allows the cotton to come from mature plants versus premature ones. This best utilizes the plant to the fullest with less waste.
  • Toxic chemicals are NOT used avoiding spillage, run-off, or dumping of toxins onto the land.

Why Use Organic Cotton Towels?

Using organic cotton towels is better for the environment and the health of the people. Organic cotton farming methods allow for less harmful chemicals. This offers better quality of life for the farmers and the customers who use the towels.

This post showed you the best organic cotton towels to use in your bathroom to provide you with a better bath time experience.

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