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Best Organic Girls Underwear Brands (2024)

Want to know the best organic girls underwear to buy? The best brands are listed below that use safe materials from trusted sources. Shop confidently for the best girls underwear made with non-toxic, organic materials.
organic girls underwear

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Underwear is an important garment that is best made with organic materials. Sensitive areas are susceptible to absorbing chemicals and toxins, and buying organic cotton insures that less toxins will be taken into the body.

You want the best for your child, so buying the brands below will give you a little peace of mind. Also, the last item on the list is specifically included for kids with extreme sensitivities to chemicals.

I know the importance of buying organic and non-toxic products for those sensitive to chemicals. My kids were extra sensitive, and my daughter was extremely sensitive. These will alleviate some of the affects.

These are the best of Organic girls underwear that are safe and comfortable.

What to Look For When Buying Organic Underwear For Girls

There are certain things to be aware of when purchasing organic underwear. Here is a list of of what to look for and why it is important.

  • GOTS certification- Global Organic Textile Standard- They set high requirements for the use of organic fabrics and textiles in clothing, furniture, and more.
  • Non-toxic Dyes should be used- One such dye is called azo which is also environmental friendly.
  • Cotton is a great material due to breathability. Bamboo is also an alternative that many prefer, however, due to the chemical process used to breakdown the bamboo into a usable material for underwear, bamboo is not certified organic. This does not mean it is not an alternative. Bamboo works well with many children's sensitivities.
  • Fair Trade certified indicates that the sourcing of materials come from a company practicing and setting policies with good work place standards.
  • Eco-friendly indicates that the company also packages materials in packaging that is friendly to the earth.

The Best Girls Organic Underwear

Hannah and Anderson

Hannah and Anderson is one of the best girl's underwear brands. They provide extra comfort due to being made out of thick organic fabric. Additionally, they come in classic brief and hipster styles.

Also, the company holds the Global Organic Textile Standard for using the best sourced organic fibers. Their underwear is tested for toxic chemicals by Hohenstein textile experts.

Girls will be ultra comfortable as well with the flat seams and an elasticized waistband that is hidden and does not touch the skin. These organic cotton underwear come in basic and bold colors, and fun patterns. Their organic cotton socks come in fun designs too.

Shop Hannah and Anderson Underwear

organic girls underwear

Q for Quinn Organic Cotton Underwear

This company sells both all organic cotton underwear as well as 95% organic and 5% spandex. Therefore, choose the style that best suits you.  The spandex option will give more of a stretch fabric to the underwear.

Besides using GOTS certified organic cotton, non-toxic, environment friendly, azo dyes are used in their clothing. It is recommended to machine wash in cold water to keep the bright colors.

Additionally, all the underwear come in hipster brief styles, and there size chart ranges from 18 months to 14 years. These ultra-soft natural fibers are sure to be perfect for the most sensitive skin type.

Shop Q for Quinn

best girls organic underwear brands

Lucky and Me

Another great girls underwear brand holding the GOTS certification is Lucky and Me. You will receive a few more organic panties than in the previously mentioned brand making it a more affordable option.

Also, the company promotes their organic panties as a perfect fit without itchy labels. The panties also have comfortable leg openings that stay put. Reviews verify these claims, however, I do not have personal experience with these.

Tank tops are available as well if looking to purchase a complete set.  Also, a full refund is an option including free return shipping if you would like to give them a test run.

Lastly, they do not come in boxer briefs, but do offer delicate colors which are both patterned and plain.

Shop Lucky and Me Organic Undies

organic girls underwear brands

PACT Organic Girls Underwear

Pact has many great organic clothing options and of course sell organic kids underwear too. They make sure production takes place in a fair trade factory and their girl's underwear are made with GOTS certified organic cotton.

In addition to their cute girls underwear styles, Pact uses soft organic cotton and tagless labeling for ultimate comfort. The options for girls are primarily hipsters. Not only do they sell smaller size options, they sell tween sizes too. 

Shop Pact 

best organic girls underwear brands

Earth Mama Organics 

Earth Mama Organics underwear is made with organic cotton but also uses 8% elastane.  They state that this combo makes sure your little mover is comfortable in soft cotton underwear.

This company is also fair trade certified, uses non-toxic dyes, and there textile product is cruelty free. 

Additionally, the sizes range from 2-11 but come in only briefs. You have the choice of several pleasant, non-patterned color choices.

Shop Lucky and Me Organic Undies


Lastly on the list of best organic girls underwear brands is Cottonique.  This brand offers only white underwear options with the use of no dyes.

I included this company for extra sensitive children. These underwear are perfect for kids with chemical sensitivities.

100% organic cotton and allergy-free materials are used that are not treated with any chemicals. Sizes in years range from 2-12. They are available for both girls and boys as well.

Shop Cottonique kids' underwear

This is the best selection of Organic girls underwear that are safe and comfortable.

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