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10 Best Natural Hair Products For Babies

Want to protect your baby's skin in all ways possible? Then using these best natural hair products for babies should be on your list. The ingredients are clean and non-toxic. It is difficult to know which products are actually safe due to misleading advertising and wording. However, there are products out there worth using like the ones below.

best natural hair products for babies

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Baby's skin is pure and fresh. Protecting it with pure and natural ingredients will go a long way concerning the future health of your baby.

Things may not be apparent at first, but problems manifest many different ways.The last thing you need to add to you or your baby's list is additional health-related problems to deal with. It is busy enough being a mother in the first place. 

I was not aware enough of the products I used on my babies. I always went for the natural and "better" products, but I pretty much took the company's word for it.

As they became toddlers, I began digging deeper and realized that there is much more to be aware of than what is on the surface. This list of products is to make it easier for you.

How Were Products Chosen?

Researched Ingredients: I researched ingredients on EWG's (The Environmental Working Group) site. In doing so, I read through all ingredients of different products to verify which ones I would pick to use on my baby even if they were EWG certified. Ultimately, I picked the shampoos that would be a great choice even if they were not specifically made for only baby.

Kept Sensitiveness in Mind: My kids were always sensitive, and I would have to be very specific on the choices I came to make. This led me to look specifically at any added herbs and oils that were used in the product's formulation and choose the formula best suited for baby's skin.

Read Through Reviews For Effectiveness Lastly, I read through reviews to view other's experiences with the product. All babies have different needs for their skins. I went with an overall concensus of happiness with ingredients, reactions, smell, and effectiveness. 

10 Best Natural Baby Hair Care Products


Oats and calendula are both gentle and soothing on the skin and are not known to cause skin irritation. Also, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients are used without the addition of synthetics, silicones, or other harmful chemicals. This makes it a safe product to use on baby's sensitive skin.

However, this shampoo is not specifically designed for baby. The company has a sensitive baby formula that many people are happy with. However, due to a recent change in their formulation, some people have had negative reactions. This made me hesitant enough that I would not choose it over this shampoo if it was my baby and, therefore, did not put it on the list.

  • Does not include soy, dairy, or nut products
  • Cruelty-free
  • The company is a Certified B company
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Available at a variety of retail stores which makes it easier to access

Pipette's shampoo formula helps potect baby's natural oils with the use of a sugarcane derived squalene oil. This type of oil mimicks baby's natural moisture and helps to protect your child from getting a dry scalp.

Additionally, the product is a gentle cleansing formula made with clean ingredients and verified through third party testing. Their fragrance-free formula does not contain synthetic fragrances but leaves baby's hair smooth and nourished.

  • Formula includes squalene oil, glycolipoids (cleansing component), and glycerin to increase moisture
  • Reviewers like how this shampoo protects and nourishes the hair and scalp
  • Pipette brand offers many safe and high-quality products for baby
  • Full bottle and travel size options are available
  • Available at a variety of retail stores which make it easier to access

Honest Company's fragrance-free shampoo is another product that includes the soothing ingredient chamomile. Aloe is also included which adds vital nutrients and protection to your child's skin. However, although this product does not indicate it is made specifically for baby, it is made safe to use on baby.

Reviewers are happy with how effective the shampoo is and that it works well for senstitive skin types and hair types. Many people mention that they use this shampoo for their baby and are happy with the results.

  • Offers Refills as an option
  • A USA Certified Biobased Product (contains renewable biological ingredients)
  • Offers many baby product options
  • Available at a variety of retail stores which make it easier to access

EllaOla Baby also makes the list of gentle shampoos for baby. The 10oz. shampoo does come with a more expensive price tag than some, but it is most likely due to the quality of the product and ingredients.

It is both EWG and biobased certified and holds the seal from the National Eczema Association. This makes it a great option for babies with eczema prone skin.

Also, the reviews speak volumes in terms of its gentleness on baby's skin. This is especially the case when it comes to certain skin conditions such as acne and rashes.

This shampoo is a fantastic choice if you have tried other high-quality products with pure ingredients that are still not as effective as you would like them to be.

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This shampoo uses coconut oil and coconut derived ingredients in its formulation. It also uses other seed oils and fruit and vegetable extracts which promote healthy hair.

This company also holds awards for biobased ingredients and Eczema sensitivity. Additonally, reviewers hold this product to high regards when it comes to soothing and hydrating baby's skin while gently cleansing baby's delicate hair.

Last on the list of shampoos for your child's hair is Attitude Natural Hair Wash. If you are a person that prefers foam, then this may be the shampoo for you and your baby. However, Keep in mind that you receive a little over 8 oz. of product for the price tag.

The shampoo is made with oatmeal which offers moisture to the hair follicles, strengthens hair, and promotes hair elasticity. It is also non-irritating and offers protective properties to the scalp.


Pipette Condtioner is a great option for anyone looking for a conditioning component to their baby's hair care routine. It is a non-heavy, silicone-free conditioner and is great for dry hair. The squalane oil gives baby's strands nourishment and keeps baby's natural oils thriving.

Additionally, quinoa is added to provide kid's hair with minerals and amino acids which are important for strong and health strands. Vanilla extract and orange oil add a touch of delightful fragrance as well, but most importantly they are clean sourced and safe ingredients. 

The second recommended option for a baby conditioner is the one offered from the company Baja Baby. This product also is a citrusy smelling conditioner which gets rave reviews from consumers.

Again, high quality ingredients are used, and some of the ingredients are organically grown. Pro-vitamin B5, organic grapeseed oil, and organic avocado oi are some of the ingredients which add great benefits to the health of the hair.

This conditioner only needs to be used sparingly, which is helpful seeings it has a hefty price tag.

Other Natural Hair Products

Combing through baby's hair is not fun when you have knots, and this can happen for many reasons. Detanglers are a great for this! They saved us from a headache on many occasions since our kids are blessed with thicker hair.

This detangler spray is a weightless leave-in conditioner spray. It helps you comb through knots which much more ease. Like Pipette's conditioner above, vanilla and orange are added for a pleasant scent.

Baby's scalp sometimes can get dry and flaky. Vivvi and Bloom's scalp oil for baby is a great product that helps with this problem. The oil is made with coconut and sunflower oil. This scalp oil is designed to be massaged into the scalp prior to washing your baby's hair.

This post gave you the best Natural hair products for baby that clean effectively, are nouishing, and are created with the cleanest and best ingredients.

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