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16 Amazing Benefits Of Natural Soap & Why To Switch

Conventional soaps are loaded with toxic elements that seep into the skin and have the potential of negative consequences, whether short-term or long-term. The benefits of natural soap on the body are many and the effects could definitely be a game changer, especially for those with sensitive skin .

benefits of natural soap

Benefits of Natural Soap

We use nothing on our body but natural washes. There are so many products out there that offer the body a healthier cleaning experience that using soap with toxins. Some natural products are better than others, however, so it is important to read the ingredients in the product.

Even natural products can create skin irritations depending if your a sensitive skin type. However, commerical products create havoc and worsen certain skin conditions. I am sensitive to synthetic chemicals but can tolerate many natural products. This is because the natural ingredients react better with the skin.

There are many thngs to consider when choosing the right soap for you and some exploring may need to be done. Everyone has their favorite scent and some prefer unscented. Also, some oil bases react better on some skin types than others. 

You will want to explore the best soap options as well. I have included a link to these best options at the bottom of the post.

This post Gives you all of the important benefits of natural soap, what is does for your skin, and all the reasons to use it.

Why Natural Soap Is Better Than Conventional Soaps

Natural soap in the sense of soap without harmful ingredients to the skin and environment is what we are referring to here.

Conventional soap may contain dyes, perfumes or synthetic fragrances, antibacterial elements such as triclocarban and triclosan, other preservatives, as well as other harsh chemicals which can be not only harmful to the skin but parts of the body such as the reproductive system. These ingredients disrupt or kill things on the skin that protect the body from infections and keep the skin healthy.

Natural soap is created with ingredients that benefit the skin. They do not contain synthetic components which cause skin irritation and cause harm to the skin microbiome.

Although natural is the best choice, you still need to consider your skin type and the oils and ingredients that react best to your body. 

Amazing Benefits Of Natural Soap

Healthy Skin

benefits of natural soap

#1  Gentle Skin

  • Natural Soap contains ingredients that are plant-based or use animal fat. They are void of harsh chemicals that cause skin irritations and strip the skin of its natural oils. 
  • Commercial soap contains sulfants and antibacterial properties that have been shown to shift the microbial community of the skin. The skin's microbiome is comprised of things like bacteria, fungi, protozoa which help maintain a healthy body. The range of these microbes are great and many and work together to protect the body. 
  • Commercial soap companies include harmful chemicals that disrupt the skin's microbiome. Natural soaps which include ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter leave the microbiome in tact without disruption while gently cleansing the body.

#2  Nourishing 

  • Natural soap bars and natural liquid soaps have moisturizing properties to alleviate dry skin without further skin irritations. Plant oils which make up many natural and organic soap bars are attributed to restoring the skin to its natural homeostasis.
  • Additionally, you will find natural soap makers using ingredients that provide therapeutic benefits. These soaps soak into the skin to create long-lasting nourishment and a preventative barrier against any harsh elements.

#3  Natural Ingredients vs. Synthetic Ingredients

  • The following is taken from the journal Science Of Total Environment discussing the need for better soap options due to the toxic chemicals left behind from commercial soaps invading the environment.
natural soap benefits


#4  No harsh Chemicals

  • Synthetic ingredients are also harmful on the skin. Case studies show skin problems such as atopic dermatitis to worsen or continue to be problematic with the use of surfactants found in conventional soaps.

#5  Best for Allergy Sufferers & Chemical Sensitivities

  • Anyone suffering with allergies or chemicals sensitivities are easily susceptible to the chemicals found in mass-produced soaps. Allergic reactions range in severity and symptoms, but dry skin, eczema, and inflammation are often involved.
  • Also, the toxic substances found in commercial soaps agitate and promote water loss and disturbs the skin's barrier. This worsens symptoms for allergy sufferers.

#6  Pure Essential Oils or Fragrance-Free VS. Synthetic Fragrances

  • Those sensitive to chemicals need to avoid artificial fragrances. Even some natural soaps contain fragrance oils which are irritating. Essential oils are frequently used in natual soaps which are a friendlier option for this population base. Fragrance-free options are usually optimal though and readily available in handmade natural soaps and natual soap companies.


#7  Herbs and Botanicals

  • Herbs and Botanicals have been used for many years to treat the body as well as skin disorders. Women of colonial times began using it in their home regiman in the United States.
  • The use of these herbs and botanicals have become more popular in the last couple of decades. This includes the use of them in handmade soaps, organic soaps, and other personal care products.
  • Skin disorders such as eczema, acne, bacterial and fungal infections, psoriasis can be treated with the natural benefits that come from using these herbs. However, using high-quality herbs and botanicals that are free of contaminates are a must for them to be most effective.

#8  Natural Clays and Plant Oils

natural oil for skin
  • Natural clays and plant oils also are used in natural soaps that offer the body many great benefits. Some of the natural ingredients include cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, castor oil, olive oil, and so on.
  • Natural dyes are also used which is better for the human skin than the toxic dyes used in conventional soaps.


#9  Sustainable Ingredients

  • Using natural soap products for overall health is important, but using natural soap has other benefits as well. The plant-derived base oils and other natural high quality ingredients used in the production process of these natural product are sustainable.
  • This means the ingredients do not negatively impact the environment or wildlife unlike the ingrdients found in many commercial soaps. Soaps and chemicals wash off into the ocean affecting ocean life. Most natural ingedients will not offend these creatures to the extent of harsh chemicals.

#10  Biodegradeable Ingredients

  • The ingredients used in natural soaps are better for the environment and will break down unlike the ingredients in conventional products. Chemicals such as triclosan remain in the environment and are often found in waters which can be harmful to plant life. 

#11  Eco-Friendly Packaging

  • Another benefit of natural soaps is that the far majority offer eco-friendly packaging. This is important with the increase of soap usage in recent times.
best natural soap benefits

#12  Lower Carbon Footprint

  • A lower carbon footprint is an additional benefit to using natural and handmade soaps. They are often created in small batches, locally accessible, and are created from natural resources.
  • This makes it better for the environment because of the easier decomposition of product waste. Also, when ingredients are locally grown and sourced, there is less transporting of the product, therefore less toxins go into the air.

#13  Reduced Water Pollution

  • The ingredients do not negatively impact the environment or wildlife unlike the ingrdients found in many commercial soaps. Soaps and chemicals wash off into the ocean affecting ocean life. Most natural ingedients will not offend these creatures to the extent of harsh chemicals.

#14  Reduced Chemical Pollution

  • Ingredients such as formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and dyes are found in commercial soaps. These wash into the waters and ground causing harm and disruption to the land and endangering animal welfare.
  • These ingredients are used for different reasons such as a bacteria preventative or scent option. However, natural forms are available that still cleanse and prevent bacteria without the harmful polluting of the earth. Soaps created with natural ingredients are a better choice for this.


#15  No Animal Testing

  • Another important benefit to using these soaps is the protection to the animals. Many soap companies of these natural products state that they do not participate in animal testing of their products.
  • Leaping Bunny is a certification available for companies that do not use testing on animals. This lets the consumer know that the product is certified and no animal testing was performed.


#16  Supports farms and Local Businesses

  • Lastly. but just as importantly, farms and local businesses are positively impacted with the buying of natural soaps. Farms produce the herbs and botannicals used in the soap making process.
  • Also, there are many small businesses involved in the soap making process. They sell these natural products and reap the profits.

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This post Gave you all of the amazing benefits that natural soap has to offer and the reasons you should switch.

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