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Best Organic Spray Tan (A Natural Tanning Solution)

Getting that golden and bronzy glow is highly sought after by many women. However, doing it without soaking in harmful chemicals needs to be strongly considered. Those nasty chemicals will only harm your skin and health further in the long run which defeats the purpose of you enhancing your skin in the first place. There is a way to do it safely if you use the best organic spray tan designed to give you that glow.

best organic spray tan

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I have girls that want that bronzy look when spring begins to come about. After being cooped up for the winter, our skin becomes quite dull after the long winter months. 

Therefore, finding a better tan solution than the toxic spray tans on the market quickly became a priority for me. There are company's which offer tan products containing organic ingredients. However, the non active ingredients are still not too toxic for us. a

Therefore, we were left with two tanning solutions which I have discovered. These meet the wants of a natural-looking tan and are formulated with natural and organic ingredients.

Both of the spray tanning products come in a lotion form as well. There are also a great selection of other tanning products offered by both companies including mouses, face mists, bronzers, serums and tanning tools.

Both options are included below for you to compare and try out if you would like to. The products included contain both organic ingredients and carefully sourced, high quality natural ingredients.

This post Will show you the top two best spray tan contenders made up of a signature solution Containing high quality ingredients to give a natural tan look.

How We chose

  • Safe and High Quality Ingredients -  The ingredients needed to be organic or the company needed to source high-quality and natural ingredients. The ingredients listed score a 1 or better on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website.
  • Best Experience - The product needed to be user friendly and offer a good tanning experience. This means that either we experienced a smooth application process that can give flawless results if applied properly or reviewers had a positive experience. 
  • Convenience - There are a few organic spray tan options that may include safe and all natural ingredients, however, they require an in-person visit. The spray and lotion tans below are designed to be used by you conveniently at home.
  • Safe For Sensitive Skin - People with sensitive skin need to be careful of what they apply on their skin. Otherwise acne, dryness, or rashes such as eczema may occur. No one wants a tan if blemishes or rashes are going to show up on the skin because of it.
  • Natural Fading - It is important to want the best results after applying the tanning product, but it is also important that the color of the tan fades away evenly as well. We took this into account when looking for the best solution.

best Organic and natural spray tan solutions

Beauty By Earth is the company that we use most often. The company uses plant based ingredients which are not tested on animals. Additionally, the tanner works well for all different skin tones and skin types. 

You get a soft and gentle tan look which can be built upon depending on the color you purchase and the amount you use. We do not find the product to look too orange in appearance either. However, it does give the skin a nice glow.

Their custom spray contains DHA that is derived from sugar beets. The beets are sourced from reputable sources and are ECOCERT certified (meaning they meet strict farming practices concerning non-toxic farming).

The DHA reacts to amino acids in the skin providing you will a tanner or browner look. You will want to exfoliate prior to using the tanner for it to absorb better. Additionally, application will last approximately 7-10 days but fade gradually. Some may want to reapply between 5-7 days if they are looking to keep building on their tan look.

Main Ingredients:
  • Sugar beet derived DHA, witch hazel coconut water, aloe vera, green tea extract, cucumber, pomegranate extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, calendula extract, citrus orange oil, peppermint oil

How long does it take to show?

  • It goes on clear
  • The tan will show in 4-6 hours

What color does it come in?

  • Option 1 - Fair to Medium  
  • Option 2 - Medium to Dark 

Can you use on the face?

Other Tanning Products Offered by Beauty By Earth
  • Tanning lotion
  • Tanning mouse
  • Tanning drops
  • Tanning face serum
  • Tanning spray mist
  • Exfoliating mitts
  • Tanning mitts
  • Tanning brushes
  • Tanning body cloth

EcoTan by Sonya

EcoTan by Sonya offers several spray tan options. The above organic spray tan solution requires a spray tan machine which can be done at home.

The tanning formula uses natural but mainly organic ingredients free from any pesticides or synthetics. The aloe vera makes the formula nourishing while the cocao makes the bronzy color come alive on the skin.

The company is licensed through Peta meaning no products are tested on animals. They also offer a long list on their site of the harsh chemicals they avoid using in their product. They pride themselves on using clean and the highest quality ingredients in their premium solutions.

Hempitan Body Tan Water (Spray-on Tan)

If you are looking to go with a spray tan that you can use without a sprayer, then you may want to try this one.  This spray tanner will give you a rapid tan in as little as an hour. Also, you can develop a darker color tan with the use of this product according to their site.

This spray on tan may be more convenient for those who do not have a tanning spray machine, but both options are great depending what you think the perfect spray tan option is for you.

Main Ingredients: 

How long does it take to show?

  • It will show in as little as in 1 hour but may fully develp in several

What color does it come in?

  • The color will show up medium to dark. This is their darkest colored product which can be built upon itself. The company offers other tanning product options as well depending on the color you are looking for. 

Can you use on the face?

  • Yes
Other Tanning Products Offered by EcoTan
  • Face Tan Water
  • Tanning Mousse
  • Invisible Tan Lotion
  • Winter Skin Lotion
  • Exfoliating Glove
  • Double-Sided Tanning Applicator Mitt

How To Get The Best Results

There are certains steps which can be taken to ensure that you will get the best tanning results possible from your self-spray tan solution. 

  1. Exfoliate the skin 24 hours or less prior to applying the spray. This allows you to remove dead skin cells from the body making the tanning product stick better to the body.
  2. Moisturize elbows, feet, hands, and knees with a little moisturizer before applying. This allows for a more even tan because those parts of the body may absorb more of the product than other parts of the body.
  3. Follow guide lines on the wait time before taking your first shower after application.
  4. Refer to the color guide videos, tutorial, or directions when purchasing your product and deciding which color to pick.
  5. Make sure that the natural products you purchase are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, or other harmful chemicals which will absorb into the body.
  6. Invest in the tanning tools recommended when you have a chance. We know from experience that these tools make the application process so much easier.
  7. Follow directions carefully when applying the tanning product. For instance, shave 2 days prior to applying the tanner to avoid pores looking darker due to  being more absorbant than the rest of the body.

This post Gave you the two best organic spray tan options for a do it

yourself at-home tan

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