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12 Best Clean Perfume Brands of 2024 (Actually Non-Toxic)

Searching for clean perfume brands but not sure where to start or who to believe? After looking at the brands out there being called clean, I can definitely understand. There are many sights showing perfumes to be clean, but apparently standards on what one considers clean vary quite a bit. This frustrated me, so I decided to narrow the list down for you on the actual best non-toxic perfumes without harmful ingredients.
clean perfume brands

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Browsing through the store has made me aware of how many perfumes are stated to be clean but still contain either harmful substances or questionionanable ingredients. Many of these natural perfume brands are better than the conventional perfumes, but they still do not have the clean formulas that many of us sensitive individuals are looking for.

Additionally, many sights I browse online include fragrance brands as being clean perfumes when they should not be. This can be frustrating, and hopefully this Fragrance guide will help alleviate some of that frustration.

Quick Best Perfume List:

Henry Rose

Carter Jane

Dime Beauty

The 7 Virtues

Edens Gardens

Qst Botanicals

Inesscents Second Natural

Kenko Hugs

Just The Goods

Rosey and Earnest

Summer Solace

Proudly Calm Spray

12 best clean Perfume Brands

  • Sustainable
  • Void of toxic materials
  • High clean beauty standards
  • Rave reviews across all scents
  • A nice selection of scents offered
  • Full bottles and sample sets
  • Unisex scents
  • Founded by Michele Pfeifer
  • EWG Certified clean ingredients and Practices
  • Recyclable and green practices from beginning to End

Saying goodbye to synthetic fragrances will be a breeze once you are introduced to Henry Rose. They are one of the cleanest brands in the fragrance industry.

Their ingredient list is pure and created using the highest standards. Only safe ingredients are used to avoid allergic reactions.

Not only are sustainable ingredients used, but sustainable practices are also set and met. This is proven with the company's Cradle to Cradle and Environmental Working Group certifications.

Not only is this perfume void of harmful chemicals, recyclable materials are also used in the packaging process from start to finish. Hemp paper, renewable energy, glass bottles, and soy-based compostable caps are some of the reasons it is a top sustainable perfume brand.

My daughter who had chemical sensitivities at the time was gifted this perfume sampler set. She was able to wear the perfumes with no negative reactions. Additonally, she was happy with many of the scents. I highly recommend this perfume for sensitivities to fragrances and smells.

  • Formulared with certified organic ingredients
  • Only roll-on perfumes are available
  • Affordable due to size
  • Handcrafted in USA
  • Made with organic essential oils and organic grapeseed oil
  • Many scents available

These roll-on perfumes are a pleasant add-on to the company's skin care product profile. The company Carter and Jane are named after the founders, both successful and experienced beauty experts. They are well-known for their skin oil develped to address specific skin concerns such as acne.

The perfume scents range from floral and woodsy to beachy and calming, truly something for everyone. Also, the price point is made affordable with the offering of roll-on bottles, which are also convenient for travel and easy access.

  • Clean and transparent practices 
  • EWG certified
  • Leaping Bunny cruelty-free
  • Sustainable practices in product creation
  • Sold as large bottles, roll-ons, and in sampler sets
  • Wide variety of scents offered
  • Price point is fair compared to some other brands

The nice thing about Dime Beauty is not only are their ingredients top quality and meet the highest clean standards, buth their website is clear and easy to use. A simple description and quick view of the scent type is helpful when choosing a perfume.

Additionally, their are many scents to choose from which is not always an easy task when formulating natural products. Dime Beauty's products get rave reviews and are sold in elegant bottles. Lastly, they are certified clean and meet high standard practices.

  • A company originating on principals of empowerment of women and peace 
  • Variety of scents offered with great reviews
  • Only offered through Sephora
  • Helps Afghanistan farmers through the buying  of their highest quality oils 
  • Large bottles, sample sets and travel sprays are sold
  • Sustainable and B Corp certified practices

The 7 Virtues is another clean perfume brand just missing the EWG certification mark. Nevertheless, the founder, Barb Stegemann has helped develop a clean beauty perfume using sustainable fragrance oils.

The perfume was created with the intent of freeing farmers from the production of the poppy crop used in the producuction of opium. Buying natural oils from these farmers has helped the Afghanistan farmers to create a profitable income and has led to the development of non-toxic fragrances.

  • Comes in spray form only
  • Perfume lasts up to 12 hours according to their site
  • Created with 100% natural essential oils
  • Comes in several scents
  • Sustainable fragrances

Edens Gardens is commonly known for their high-quality essential oils. In addition to these oils, they sell a variety of perfumes. The perfumes are in spray form and come in a 30ml bottle. 

Their botanical perfumes are ethically and sustainably sourced just like their essential oils. If you have used Edens Gardens in the past, then you know that their oils are well-crafted. Therefore, you may want to keep in mind trying out something from their fragrance line.

  • Created with organic ingredients
  • Perfume base is made of sunflower oil
  • Recognized by USDA Organic and Oregon Tilth certification programs
  • EWG and Leaping Bunny certified
  • Recognized by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
  • Have won numerous awards
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Available in small perfume bottle or sampler set

Qet Botanical's products are used regularly by dermatologists as well as naturpaths, estheticians and acupuncturists. This is because of the non-toxic ingredients used in their organic beauty products including of course their fragrance line.

Qet is free of nasty ingredients including synthetic dyes, fossil fuel derivatives, talc,  and any of the other long list of harmful ingredients that cause skin irritation and are endocrine disruptors. Instead, their perfume is created from natural oils and botanicals.

  • Uses organic jojoba oil as a perfume base
  • Formulated with organic and high-quality oils
  • More affordable price point
  • Sold as roll-ons
  • Sell body oil and roll-on sets of the same fragrance

Inesscents is a company that sells 9ml liter roll-on perfumes in a convenient roll-on form. They also sell an Egytpian musk perfume which seems to be geared towards women mainly.

The company's fragrances are created with minimal ingredients which are mostly organic. The other natural ingredients are free of contaminants or other harmful chemicals. The size of the perfume can be used easily for travel as well.

  • Perfumes available for both adults and kids 4 yrs of age and over
  • Created with organic and high quality oils
  • Available in bottle form only
  • Development of fragrance is with both mother and child in mind
  • Information is more limited than other sites

Kenko Hugs is unique because they design their scents for both women and children in mind. The company states that the fragrances are chosen specifically to inspire memories and moods to be shared together.

This perfume is a good choice if you are looking for a scent that is designed for children in mind. They sell a few choices but not as many as many of the other brands.

  • Base of perfume is coconut oil
  • Sells several scents
  • Only available in small bottles
  • Very affordable due to product size
  • Perfume is in oil form (applied as you would a body oil)
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Just The Goods is a small business owner that developed a product based on affordabily, clean ingredients that are mineral and vegetable based only, and enjoyable.

The base of the perfume is coconut oil which differs from many of the other brands. One of the founder's motives was to keep the price point of a clean product affordable to many.

  • 2nd original Perfume co. to get EWG certification in US and first in Canada
  • One of the higher price points
  • Offers 2 scents only
  • Sample set is available at an affordable price
  • Great reviews

Another perfume company with 100% transparency is Rosey and Earnest. After finding out that there are over 3,000 possible toxic ingredients that hide in traditional perfume products, the founders of Rosey and Earnest set out to create a perfume brand without synthetic ingredients.

Although Rosey and Earnest deserves to make the list for their high-quality and clean perfumes, their limited fragrances at a higher price makes them not a first choice on my list. However, the reviews show that the purchase is worth it to some.

  • Natural and simple ingredients used in the perfume formulation
  • Created using water as a base
  • Offers only 2 scents in perfume mist form
  • Spray form perfume

Summer Solace is a mist type perfume formulated using water as the base. It contains only a few ingredients which are all-natural and free of synthetic ingredients or harmful toxins.

They are simple in design as well as creation. Additonally, they are limited in the scents that they offer. However, if you are looking for a body spray that is safe for sensitive skin, then this may be a consideration for you, especially since the base is water and not an oil.

  • Versatile fragrance spray for the body and room
  • Affordable price point
  • Comes in 2 oz. bottles only
  • Great for individuals with anxiety and children

Although this fragrance is more of a body spray than a perfume, the fragrance spray is included for those looking for a soothing spray to wear. Proudly Calm spray is helpful to those that respond with anxiety to many frangrances. This body spray is designed for calming the senses.

The formulation consists of calming oils including lavender and calendula. It comes in a small bottle size only which is great for travel and easy to tuck away.

There are perfumes that are not on the above list that are included on may lists spouting non-toxic perfume choices. Some of these fragrance options include Rosie Jane, maison Louis Marie, Nue Co., and Sana Jardin as well as quite a few more.

I did not feel comfortable offering you these as the best non-toxic perfume choices because of some of the ingredients included in their formulation. Although many of the brands are transparent about their practices and they use many quality ingredients, some of their ingredients set up too many red flags for irritations.

That being said, the perfumes on the list are still a better choice than conventional perfumes that consist of a high level of harmful chemicals to the body.

Having a family with high-sensitivities, including myself, I dived deep into many ingredients and searched for the best standards. The above perfumes on the list are the ones that met these standards.

This post gave you the best clean non-toxic perfume brands. these natural fragrances are made with natural ingredients and do not contain toxic chemicals like traditional perfumes.

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