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Apple Cider Vinegar (Non Organic vs Organic Brands)

What are the differences when it comes to apple cider vinegar vs organic apple cider vinegar? The are more important than you may know. Especially since there are many health benefits to adding apple cider vinegar into your diet.

apple cider vinegar vs organic apple cider vinegar

The main differences between apple cider vinegar vs organic apple cider vinegar are the fermenting process, production methods and the use of pesticides in non-organic apple cider vinegar compared to organic vinegar. 

Apple cider vinegar is used many different ways these days. It is commonly used in salad dressings, occasionally used as a hair rinse, incorporated into the diet because the good bacteria it has to offer the body, as well as its other potential health benefits.

Using a high-quality apple cider vinegar that is not contaminated, however, is the best way to incorporate this valuable product into your daily diet and we review over why.

What is Organic?

Organic refers to the production method of the of a food product and the guidelines used to grow or raise the food.

The organic Trade Association states the rules that need to be followed in order for a food to be considered organic. They are as follows:

  • No synthetic pesticide, fertilizers or toxins are to be used in the growing and production of the food
  • No genetic engineering in the process
  • No antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors are to be added
  • No usage of sewage sludge or irridation

Following these guidelines qualifies the food to be labeled as USDA Organic.

Apple Cider Vinegar Vs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

The Fermenting Process of organic Vinegar is Natural

(Note: Most of the time unfilter apple cider vinegar is organically produced, however, this is not a guarantee for all. Therefore it is best to check the brand.)

One main difference between organic and non organic apple cider vinegar is organic apple cider vinegar is not heated, distilled or filtered. This means that the nutrients of organic AVC is preserved and provides better benefits to the body. Although the shelf life of conventional ACV is longer, the heat kills off some of the nutrients.

You can usually tell the difference between organic and non organic AVC by simply looking at the appearance of the vinegar. The unfiltered apple cider vinegar has a cloudy appearance with visible particles. This is due to what is called the Mother of Vinegar. 

The Mother of Vinegar is the beneficial acetic acid bacteria which comes from a natural fermentation process. This is why it is found in organic apple cider vinegar compared to its non organic counterpart. This signifies a high quality vinegar.

Organic ACV = More Diverse Bacteria production

It is also interesting to see that in this study from Food Technology and Biotechnology organic apple cider vinegar was shown to have a more heterogeneous acetic acid bacterial microbiota than non-organica apple cider vinegar.

Heterogeneous bacteria is stronger against antibiotic use and generates a more diverse population of gut friendly bacteria. This is important for a healthy gut microbiome.

Organic means No pesticides or harmful chemicals

Organic is better because organic apples are used in the production of organic AVC. Pesticides and toxic fertilizers are used on non organic apples. These apples are used in the production of conventional apple cider vinegar. The pesticides are used to increase crop production and keep produce-damaging insects away. 

There is a price to pay for this. Conventional AVC contains harmful chemicals that can create problems after it is consumed. The apples used in organic AVC are not treated with these pesticides providing you with the best quality apple cider vinegar.

Organic Apple Cider vinegar is Higher in Nutrient Content

More nutrients are preserved in organic apple cider vinegar than non AVC. This is again due to the production process. Heating the vinegar to kill off bad bacteria and increase the shelf life of the vinegar also kills off nutritional compounds in the vinegar.

Therefore, organic AVC preserved the nutritional content as well as have a high acetic acid content compared to non organic AVC. This is better for overall health of the body and gut microbiome. 

Benefits of ORGANIC Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Healthy bacteria is added to the gut by consuming organic AVC
  • It has beneficial enzymes for the digestive system
  • Healthy strands of proteins are found in this type of vinegar
  • Organic AVC has been shown to lower blood sugar levels
  • Antibacterial properties that is pocesses may help with certain skin conditions when applied cautiously and diluted

Controversial  Benefit

May be helpful with weight loss

There have been a few small studies showing vinegar positively impacting metabolism and energy levels. Some of these studies include vinegar in general and some specify the use of apple cider vinegar.

Although weight loss may be a benefit for some, it may have to do with the needs of the gut and how that particular body is adapting to the high acid of the vinegar. It also may be due to the bacteria content if it is organic apple cider vinegar.

There are many reasons one can find as to why ACV may help a body lose weight, however, using apple cider vinegar solely as a weight loss tool may be a harder task than an easier one.

This is, however, my conclusion after reading the scientific evidence and research studies concerning the production and benefits of apple cider vinegar on the body.

What to Look for in an organic apple cider vinegar brand

  • A vinegar with no added sugar or lower sugar content
  • No added flavors or colors
  • A price point that matches the high quality of the vinegar
  • One that only contains organic ingredients

A good article to check out on what are the best AVC brand options to buy is this one.


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