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Best Non Toxic Countertops And Materials For Installation

Creating a safe space to cook, gather, and eat is important to setting a healthy and thriving environment. Do you want you family exposed to unnecessary toxins that could have been prevented? If the answer is of course not, then you will find installing one of these non toxic countertops to be worth it. 

non toxic countertops

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I love being able to share information on this topic. Several years ago we renovated our kitchen. At the time our chemical sensitivities were flourishing. Therefore, it was so important for me to find the least toxic as possible materials to use in our kitchen.

Most of the people I ran into had no idea or at least never considered the actual effects these materials have on the body. Some just did not seem to care or expressed passive annoyance that they were asked to think of it.

Considering all aspects that can easily change one's life forever is important. There are products that can simply be exchanged out that sometimes cost more but often do not. Weighing the costs and considering what is most beneficial will help you to be practical and choose the wisest options for your family.

But you need to think about more than just the countertops. It is just as important that the materials you use in the installation process contain as little of toxins as possible as well. I have included a few trusted sources and brands.

This post explores the best and safest non toxic countertops for your home and the best materials to use made of the most natural ingredients.

Best Non Toxic Countertops For any room

Quartz Countertops

These countertops are continually becoming more popular in kitchen settings. They are beautiful and can come in large slabs that require fewer seems. Additionally, the uniform and consistent patterning of quartz is appealing to many customers. 

Quartz stone is considered non toxic although it contains approximately between 5-10% resin binders as well as other additives. These binders need to be used because quartz does not come in large chunks when mined. The manufacturing process crushes the mineral into different sizes dependent on its use.

Therefore, binders are needed to hold the quartz together. However, the slabs are heated compressing the countertop together. This makes the man-made quartz slabs safe for home usage.


  • Larger slabs available for less seems and joint connections.
  • Highly heat resistant
  • A hard and durable
  • Non-porous and resistant to bacteria buildup
  • Resistant to Bacteria
  • Greenguard Stamp of Approval


  • Expensive- pricier than many countertop options
  • Can crack if something hard is dropped on it
  • Raw materials need to have binders

Concrete Countertops

Another good option to use for kitchen countertops is concrete. These countertops are durable and last a long time with proper upkeep. They should be sealed every year or two in order to maintain them and to keep them bacteria resistant. Waxing the concrete can also help manage stains better as well.

They offer a high scaled look. They can also be designed with embeddings such as glass or stone. Your best bet for a non toxic concrete option is to go with the natural concrete color although they can be dyed in a wide range of colors. The dye would have to be checked in order to make sure it is still non toxic. Keep in mind that some homeowners have expressed that regardless of sealing some stains will show.


  • Hard and durable making it chip resistant
  • Low maintenance (only sealed with natural sealant once a year)
  • Easy to clean with mild soap
  • Offers a high-end look
  • Bacteria resistant if sealed
  • Heat resistant


  • Needs to be sealed otherwise highly porous and will harbor bacteria
  • Heavy in weight so proper installation is crucial
  • Cracks and hairline fractures are still possible
  • Stains may show even when sealed

Granite Countertops

granite countertop

Granite countertops have been a popular choice for many, however, a surge of new preferences are coming about. Although some find this a good option, radon has been found in some granite slabs making it a cautious contender for me. I would personally not use it in my home but it is stated that it is safe and non-toxic. You may want to check radon levels in your home if you choose to use granite. 

Sealing the granite supposedly makes the countertops free from emitting any radon. Additionally, granite comes as slabs or as thinner overlay pieces. Consider using the slab over the overlay. This will allow you to avoid the use of particle board which will off gas additional toxic chemicals.


  • Price is more reasonable than before
  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable compared to some countertops


  • Emits radon if not properly sealed 
  • May still show some stains
  • Will need to use plywood if using a granite overlay

Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite, different from quartz, is another great option. Quartzite is non toxic as long as it is coated with no toxic materials. It is natural stone from the earth which is cut into slabs. It then is used as a countertop. Quartzite is another high-end countertop look for the kitchen.

The natural materials are porous prior to being coated. The coating makes it a durable surface so it can be used as a countertop that is resistant to bacteria. 


  • Highly heat resistant
  • More durable than granite
  • A natural stone so no adhesives are used for binding to stone together
  • The color will not change due to sun exposure


  • More susceptible to staining than quartz
  • More expensive choice
  • Need to make sure the quartzite did not have a toxic coating used

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Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone countertops are a wonderful choice to use to avoid harsh chemicals invading your indoor air quality. We decided to go with soapstone for our kitchen counters and island, and we absolutely adore it! It is beautiful and offers the look we were going for.

Soapstone is a renewable resource without negative environmental effects which is an added bonus. The material composition of soapstone is softer than other countertops. This makes it prone to nicks and scrapes.

We are very conscientious of our countertop so it stays in real good shape. However, scrapes and scratches have occurred. Often they can be smoothed out with a little Real milk paint soapstone sealer.  Either way, you will definitely want to consider the softness of the stone.

Soapstone comes in darker gray and black colors with some white marbling throughout it. Therefore, it is intended for people that would like a darker countertop in their home.

Another huge advantage to using this as your material of choice is that it is nonporous. This means that you do not have to seal it in order it to be bacteria resistant, it naturally is on its own.


  • Offers a timeless beauty look
  • Nonporous without being sealed
  • Naturally bacteria resistant
  • A renewable resource making it eco-friendly


  • Pricier than some countertops
  • A softer material
  • Prone to nicks and scratches

Marble Countertops

marble countertop

Marble countertops offer a high-end look to a kitchen. It has a richness and luxuriousness that instantly shines through. High quality marble should be durable and hold its own against nicks and scratches. However, it is still prone to chipping if something heavy is dropped on it.

The countertop should be sealed with a non toxic sealer to keep it from being porous and breeding bacteria. It is important to not use synthetic sealers on your countertops.

My chemical-free house says there is one sealant for marble countertops that offers no off gassing, harsh chemicals, or toxic PFAS, also known as forever chemicals. This is the product SimpleCoat


  • Very durable and holds up against nicks
  • Long-lasting with regular and appropriate upkeep
  • High end and luxurious looking
  • May increase your home's value


  • Not heat resistant
  • One of the more expensive countertops on the market, especially Calacatta marble.
  • Needs to be sealed yearly to avoid stains

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel is another countertop option that would be safe for chemical sensitivities. This non toxic countertop gives a modern look to the home. They are nonporous and hold up extremely well against spills, stains, and heat.

I spoke to a person while in the process of renovating our kitchen that had extreme chemical sensitivities. Her condition was actually life threatening and she appeared on television to share her story.

She was in the process of having a place designed specifically for her needs. Stainless steel is what they chose to go with for a countertop because it is considered to be a safe material and a friendly option for chemical sensitivities.

The downside to consider is if you are sensitive to EMF exposure. Stainless steel can enhance EMFs if a lot of technology is used in the area.


  • Creates a modern look
  • Easy to clean
  • Heat resistant
  • Don't have to worry about chipping


  • May be a little too cold of a look for some
  • May acquire scratches if not coated with a non toxic sealer
  • May enhance EMF sensitivity

Bamboo Countertops

If you are looking for green countertops that do not break the bank, then this bamboo countertop may be for you. Teragren Bamboo countertops are considered eco-friendly and sustainable countertops. They offer a warm touch to a kitchen opposed to some of the cooler tones of the stone countertops.

Bamboo is also a renewable resource. It resists bacteria as well. However, although bamboo can give you a butcher block look, it may not be used as a cutting board. 


  • More affordable than many countertop options
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable and holds up well
  • Lasts a long time


  • Not heat resistant
  • Prone to visible stains
  • Seams show

Glass Countertops

Glass tiles are another option to use for your kitchen countertop design. This material is great because it is stain resistant and surprisingly enough considered durable. They offer a beautiful and unique look to the kitchen.

In addition to the advantages above, they also are bacteria and scratch resistant. These countertops offer a range of options such as a smooth glass look or you can choose an etched, translucent or colored look. This gives you some artistic room to play.

You will want to consider the fact that although glass countertops are durable, if a piece of countertop breaks, the countertop may need to be replaced. This means that you will have to be careful in how you take care of your countertop, especially if you have other family members.


  • Durable for the most part
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Nonporous and bacteria resistant
  • Comes in many designs and color options


  • Will need to replace a large amount if broken which can be costly
  • May offer a warmer look than stone countertops

Let's Find the Right products to use with the Countertops

This sealer can be used on several types of countertops. We used it on our soapstone and it worked beautifully. It nicely darkens our black countertops and it gives it a vibrant look. Additionally, it seals really well. 

The sealer is made of walnut oil and carnauba wax. It is non toxic and free of any volatile organic compounds. This makes it ideal to use in the home. This natural sealer works on more than just soapstone. You can also use it on slate, granite, marble, concrete, and other natural stones.

Another natural wax that works really well on countertops is Daddy Van's Beeswax Countertop Care. The wax formulation consists of beeswax and carnauba wax which gives a richness to the countertops. It is safe to use but may need to be applied every so often as needed. 


A non toxic grout sealer is a must for creating a safe backsplash. This grout sealer works well both for backsplashes and for baths and showers. Users have found it to be easy and detects low or no odor. This is great for people sensitive to chemicals. 

AFM Safecoat is a safe, non-toxic, and solvent-free adhesive that you can use with your countertops. We used it for our soapstone countertops in place of the harsh chemicals that they were going to use in the installation process. We had no problem with our chemical sensitivities with this product.

It can be used with other natural stone products, concrete, glass, and more. The adhesive is used to bond the countertop with the cabinets. This stuff bonds well and does not cost a lot either. I have linked a reputable dealer that offers it at a low and fair price.

This post explored the best and safest non toxic countertops for your home.


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