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The Amazing Parsley Juicing Benefits on Health

Want to easily add vitamins and minerals to your routine that will clear out free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and give you more powerful antioxidants? Adding parsley to a juice cocktail provides you with the chance. You will find out all about the amazing parsley juicing benefits on health and why adding this green herb into your juice recipes will give you an edge on immune system health.

parsley juicing benefits on health

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I juice weekly and am strongly in favor all of the health benefits juicing provides. Adding parsley to my juices is a frequent practice due to its valuable health benefits. it is also loaded with nutrients that my body is in need of. Using parsley in addition to other fruits and vegetables provide you with a satisfying and powerful vegetable juice.

This post covers all of the things to know about parsley juicing benefits on health and why it should not be ignored.

can you juice parsley?

YES! Many people add parsley as a herb to season recipes or as a garnishing element. However, juicing parsley is a fantastic way to reap the mounds of health benefits this herbal food has to offer.

(Disclaimer:  No content on this site should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor, a qualified clinician or other qualified healthcare professional.)

Pregnant Women need to see a doctor prior to consuming parsley juice. Parsley impacts the menstrual cycle and contractions.

11 Effective Parsley juicing benefits 

There are health benefits of parsley juice that are simply important to address.  Adding simple things to your routine can benefit your health greatly. Using parsley root, stem, seeds, and leaves are all beneficial to the body and contribute different medicinal benefits.

#1  Urinary Tract Health

Parsley's anti-inflammatory properties help clear infections out of the urinary tract system.  This herb is well-known for being used in treatment of bladder infections throughout history. The circulatory stimulation provided by the herb as well as its diuretic property discussed below assist in healing urinary tract infections. Parsley roots are best for juicing if using specifically for UTIs or bladder infections.

#2  Antioxidant

The antioxidant properties of parsley help with free radical damage.  Free radicals cause harm to cells and accelerate disease and aging. Combating these molecules with this herb in a delicious juice is both helpful and yummy.

#2  Rheumatoid Arthritis and swelling

Parsley juice is also helpful for clearing out toxins and waste that promote stiff muscle and joints. The less congested vessels allow for better detoxing and cleansing.  Therefore, ailments such as Rheumatoid arthritis are positively impacted through ingesting this herb.

#3  Kidney stones and kidney health

This study shows the potential that parsley has in supporting kidney health and pushing out kidney stones. Parsley provides diuretic effects which stimulates the flow of blood to the kidneys. Therefore, kidney stone removal may be aided when parsley is consumed as a juice.

#4  Elevated Blood pressure

Parsley also promotes healthy blood pressure levels.  This is due to the carotenoids in parsley along with it being a natural diuretic. Also, the nitrates in parsley lowers high blood pressure when taken daily. -see science article-

#5  digestion

Additionally, parsley juice is great to incorporate for digestion. Parsley stimulates enzymatic actions which aid in the breakdown of food. Also, the diuretic action that parsley has stimulates toxins, waste build-up, and excess fluid to be flushed out of the body. This in turns positively effects how well digestion is able to take place.

#6  weight loss

Parsley also helps with weight loss through water retention, better digestion, and balancing sugar levels. Its diuretic ability lowers excess fluid levels and works to lessen bloating. Additionally, enzymatic reactions are stimulated to better break down food intake. Chlorophyll has been shown, as in this study, to break down acids from fat at an increased rate. When fat acids are broken down, they are able to be burned and weight loss takes place. 

However, significant weight loss has varied and further studies need to be done on regards to the exact effects of parsley and weight loss. Parsley's attributes help the digestive system as well as the other systems of the body. This naturally promotes an overall healthier weight to be obtained.

#7  Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease and blood clotting are both areas which have shown to reap the benefits of parsley. Using these medicinal properties in the form of a green juice provides immediate benefits to the body. This clinical study shows the positive effects parsley has on helping with blood clotting and blood vessel health. Also, due to parsley's ability to help lower blood pressure, people are at less risk for developing cardiovascular disease and specifically heart disease.

#8  Eye Health macular degeneration

Macular degeneration are night blindness are both areas that benefit from the intake of parsley juice. This herb contains essential nutrients that impact the health of the eye. Some of the vitamin nutrients are vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

#9  blood sugar levels

This study verifies parsley's ability to balance blood sugar levels in rats. The rats were diabetic, and parsley was shown to lower blood glucose to a healthier level.  

#10 Bone Health

Another compound in parsley that has been a subject in a large number of studies is apigenin. This study states, "Here we found that a flavonoid natural product, apigenin, could significantly increase collagen synthesis."  Here is another study finding similar effects on collagen. This shows that both bone density and skin health are impacted from consuming parsley. In addition to bone density, it has been shown to promote anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and antioxidant behaviors.

#11  Highly Beneficial in Vitamins and Minerals

Parsley is high in vitamin k, vitamin A, and vitamin C, and also contains a good amount of vitamin Bs and minerals. Parsley juices are a great addition to your weekly routine due to the nutritional value they provide. Vitamin A plays a critical role in vision health including night blindness, and the high levels of vitamin k helps to insure strong bones.

Parsley is High in Vitamins and Minerals which make it a powerful ingredient in juices

Vitamin Content of Parsley
Minerals Content of Parsley

when should i drink parsley juice?

It is great to add parsley into a juice when you feel under the weather, need additional energy, feel your body could use some aid in detoxing and cleansing, want to strengthen your immune system, need additional vitamins and minerals, or need less fiber for easier vitamin and mineral uptake. Also, adding a juice to your morning routine prior to eating provides the body with high amount of absorbing power.

how much parsley juice should i drink a day?

One glass of parsley juice or a juice with parsley added will suffice for most people per day. Some avid juicers may add more to their routine, however, mostly a mix of fruits and vegetables are rotated to maximize health benefits. If unable to make parsley juice on a daily basis, then adding it in weekly or a couple time a week is another great alternative.

does parsley help cleanse the liver?

Parsley extract has been shown to have positive effects on bringing peroxides in the liver to within normal ranges. There is scientific evidence showing this happening in animal studies using rats.  Also, parsley is a bitter herb, and bitter herbs are used to stimulate detoxing of the liver.

Additional studies need to be performed to better represent the benefits of using this herb for better liver function. However, it is noted in the book National Graphic Guide to Medicinal Herbs by Rebecca Johnson and Steven Foster, parsley was used in European nations during the medieval era as liver and kidney health-related remedies.

What is the benefit of drinking parsley water?

Another way people add parsley into a drink is through parsley water.  Steeping any type of parsley into hot water adds many nutritional benefits as well. This is a less expensive and simple way to use up parsley.  Adding parsley to hot water and allowing it to sit for 7-10 minutes before drinking is a great way to easily add health nutrients into your diet.  Adding lemon is even more powerful.

This post covered all of the things to know about parsley juicing benefits on health and why incorporating it into your diet may be a good idea for those that are not pregnant.

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