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10 Most Useful Products for Mold Prevention

Mold prevention is a MUST for keeping your living space safe. There are many factors that come in to play as to why mold will develop in a space. But if you are in need of some help and reassurance on how to keep mold away, then I have gathered products that have proven to be beneficial in preventing mold from invading your home.
mold prevention

Mold problems in a home can happen due to a range of factors including poor drainage, poor ventilation, a humid environment, water damage and spills, improper plumbing... and so on.  Mold prevention know how can help keep your home a healthy living space for your family.

Biotoxin illness, also known as CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), can be acquired from a mold problem.  Some people are more susceptible to this illness than others. It can cause many problems and make you more susceptible to other conditions.  

Purchasing and knowing about products that can prevent further mold problems can really benefit unnecessary mycotoxins in the air in your home.  Below are some products that we personally use and have found effective in mold prevention.

My family's problem with biotoxin illness really made me cautious of the products that we use. These products are not products that will get rid of your mold problem if you have one. They are, however, helpful products if you want to be proactive in mold prevention or if you have had mold in the past and want to now keep your home as safe as possible.

This post discusses all of the products that have been extremely helpful for us when it comes to mold prevention and keeping a home as mold-free as possible.


#1  Mold Prevention Spray/ Mold  Fogger

It is very important to have a cleaner that you know if effective in preventing the growth of mold while at the same time not off gassing toxins that are harmful to you and your family.

An effective mold spray that we use is from Microbalance.  This spray is non-toxic and helps to ward off mold.  It Does Not fix a mold problem!  Use it regularly for best results.

You are able to spray it on and don't have to wipe it down, which is such a time saver.  It also makes it easy enough for my kids to do without it being a big hassle.  If you want to try it out, you can click on the link below.

You also can purchase the fogger from this company.  We use this regularly, and it is so simple to use that anyone in the house can use it. The fogger gives off such a light, fine mist, that wipe down is not necessary, and it does not leave a wet feel behind;  It dries quickly.  We are so happy with this purchase.  

The same solution is used in both the mold fogger and the mold prevention spray, so one bottle solution can be used for refills.  

Mold Preventive Spray- EC3 Mold Solution Spray

Mold Fogger- EC3 Mold Fogger and

#2  Mold Cleaner & Mold Remediation

This is a wonderful cleaner to use without having to worry about the synthetic chemicals.  It uses an ingredient in thyme oil known as thymol to kill mold and bacteria.  

Make sure you are using gloves in this situation though since it is so effective against killing bacteria.  It is great that it kills mold and odors, but some bacteria is beneficial for having a healthy ecosystem.  Getting rid of mold is of upmost importance, and this product is effective in doing that.  

If you go to their website, you can find all data information regarding the data about its safety.  We use it every so often for a clean through in designated spots such as the bathroom.  It has a pleasant smell that indicates a cleaner, healthier home.

This product is also used in commercial and residential restorations according to its website and testimonials.  I know it has benefited us greatly in our top areas of concern.

Benefect Botanical Decon 30 Mold Cleaner

Benefect Botanical Wipes- These wipes are an alternative to the liquid cleaner, but it is the same cleaner, just in different form.

#3  Mold Test Kit

Testing for mold in your home is something you can do if you expect mold or to give you a peace of mind on how you are doing on mold prevention. Mold can often be present without a person knowing.  Since it can be a hidden problem, testing allows you to be informed and detect it even if it cannot be seen.  You just need to make sure you follow the appropriate directions on the test carefully.

There are two ways we test in our home.  One way is more expensive but thorough and precise, and the other option allows you to get a general idea if mold is present and what type of mold it is.

The first test that we find to be dependable is the ERMI test.  This is how we first detected a mold problem in our house.  It allowed us to further explore where the mold problem was occurring and the type of mold it was.  

We found the test to be rather affordable compared to having a testing company come in to test the situation for us.  It is something the home owner can perform on their own, and allows you to purchase it online and simply send the test in for results to be given a few weeks later.

I highly recommend using the ERMI test for anyone that suspects a possible mold problem.

ERMI Mold Test by EnviroBiomics

The second way a person can test for mold issues is using another microbalance product.  The test is less expensive.  It is not at all meant to be as thorough as the ERMI test, but it is great to use if you need to use it for places where you may think there is mold.

For instance, a family member was having certain worsened symptoms at church.  I simply left one of these detectors in the church to see if their was a problem with mold, and sure enough it accumulated lots of black mold in the plastic tester.  

I did not have to spend out lots of money to at least get an idea that a problem existed.  It is a especially a great way to test a variety of areas where you spend time besides your house.

EC3 Mold Screening Test Kit

#4  Mold Resistant Paint

mold prevention paint

Biocide and VOC free, the paint listed below is a great option for preventing mold from forming.  It is safe for people dealing with chemical sensitivities due to its ingredients, which honestly is great for everyone looking for a natural and safer living space.  We have not tried this paint yet, but it does have great reviews.  I will be purchasing this paint the next time a project comes up to try it out for myself.  

Caliwel Mold and Mildew Inhibitor for walls and ceilings

We have, however, purchased the paint below from ECOS paint in the past for air purification away.  The above product was not available at the time we were painting, so we picked this option.  It is a great paint, and we love the company, so feel free to give this a try.

ECOS Interior Air Purifying Paint

#5  Air Purifier

There are many air purifiers out there, but there are ones made to specifically purify the air of harmful mycotoxins, and these are the ones that you want to choose from when try to prevent a mold problem.

Research carefully to make sure the air purifier is effective against mold. The product you buy from should indicate the process they use for running tests to ensure their product is effective at removing mold and/or preventing mold growth.

You will also want to make sure that you properly clean your air purifier every so often since mold sticks to dust, and you want to make sure to replace filters according to manufacturer's instructions.

We love this individual air purifier listed below.  It operates at three different speeds, and depending on the speed, it is quiet enough to have in the room without being distracted with the noise.

We turn it on high speed often when we are not home, and then lower it to setting one or two depending on the room.  The product will indicate how large of room the purifier is best suited for, so make sure to read all specifications prior to buying.

Austin Air Systems Purifier Allergy Machine

#6  HEPA Vacuum

A vacuum with a HEPA filter that is good enough for removing as much mold and many allergens as possible is also a must have product.  You need to make sure you consider your options carefully.  

For instance, you can choose to purchase one with a bag or one that is bagless.  We have the bagless option, so we need to be diligent about emptying it and cleaning it often.  Although this can be a pain, we have found our vacuum choice to be well worth it.  

If you choose a bagged version, then you can simply remove the bag when done.  This may be a handy feature, but keep in mind that additional bags will need to be purchased.  

The vacuum should be emptied every time vacuuming is completed to best prevent mold exposure.  

The vacuum below is the one that we use all of the time.  It is a mid-priced version.  I love the vacuum and am super happy with how it cleans.  I find it to be light weight enough to easily push around as well.

Walmart- Professional Upright Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Target- Professional Upright Shark Vacuum Cleaner

#7  Bathroom Fan

As you may know, the humid conditions of the bathroom often gives way to mold spore accumulation.  Of course, proper ventilation is a huge factor as well.

A bath fan that is powerful enough to dry the bathroom in between showers is a must.  We made sure we installed the fan listed below when we renovated our bathroom and run it during and after shower usage until the bathroom contains no moisture.

This is extremely helpful in preventing the buildup of mold.  Wiping surfaces down in the bathtub or shower area is also useful.  This fan is quiet yet able to handle our bathroom size.  Make sure to look at the square footage area that the fan covers.

Panasonic Ceiling Exhaust Fan

#8  Mold Free Bath Toys

mold prevention

Many bath toys are known for collecting mold due to water soaked toys not being properly drained or containing adequate drainage.  (AKA-the rubber duckies with a hole at the bottom)

Water is able to get into many toys, but the water is not able to escape. Also, moisture itself is another enemy of a bath toy that wants to remain mold free.

Luckily, there are bath toys now on the market that help alleviate this mold problem.  Please take note of this one if you have littles that like their bath toys.  Mold can be extremely harmful, and protecting kids' health at the earliest age possible from things like this can be so beneficial to their future and yours.

Here is one option for mold resistant bath toys.  I have not personally used these because my teens don't seem to like the bath toys anymore.  But if they were little, and I knew then what I know now, these would be top on my list!

CaaOcho Non-Toxic bath toys

#9  Mold Fighting Laundry Additive 

mold prevention

Adding certain products to a laundry machine load can help kill mold and help it from getting on clothing.  We add a laundry mold additive to certain loads of laundry.  This additive is from the same company from which I purchase the mold spray talked about earlier in the post.

I find it to be effective and does not leave an odor on clothing.  You may choose to buy a product like this or simply add a 1/4 cup of vinegar to the laundry machine.  You can always alternate as well depending the load of laundry you are doing.  I, for instance, would save the Micro Balance product to add to clothing, and I would add the vinegar to a load of towels.

Micro Balance EC3 Laundry Additive

#10 Slotted Wood Bed Base

We got a slotted, wooden bed base to prevent mold and mildew build up on our kid's beds.  We are careful to rotate and flip the mattresses as well for better air flow and to prevent the bed from warping.  

It is not always easy to give up what we are use to, but our kids have been very gracious in allowing us to better their health by taking certain precautions.  Letting the air flow better around your mattress makes a great impact on the health of the mattress.  This in turn makes a huge impact on the health of you and/or your child.

The Slotted Wood Bed Base that we purchased

The purchases you make can really add up when it comes to having an impact against preventing mold.  Mold is a problem that is on the rise.  It is even more of a problem if you are among the 28 percent of the population whom cannot properly detox mold build up.  

Breathing in mold spores can lead to a whole host of health issues.  It can also accent issues that already exist.  Mold is in our every day environment, but it is when the balance of mold species are out of balance in an environment that a problem can arise.

Mold Prevention can be one step to not only helping maintain a healthy home for you and your family, but also implementing preventative steps towards possible illnesses.

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