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Camel Milk- Know how to Properly Use it

Camel milk may seem like an unusual sounding beverage. However, the potential for camel milk to be a valuable and beneficial product in your refrigerator is definitely there. From supplementing orally to the camel milk benefits, cautions and more- we cover it here.

Camel milk  benefits

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Camel’s milk is the closest to human milk. That means it has amazing benefits for us. We have personally used camel’s milk from the company later stated in this article, and we recommend them highly.

Each individual should exercise appropriate caution, however, on whether camel milk is right for them. Reactions such as a Herxheimer reaction, or feeling worse due to die off from toxins, can occur in sensitive individuals.

Due to this You should know what the benefits are, why it is beneficial as well as when and who should drink it.

This post explains the benefits of using camel’s milk, cautions to be aware of, strategies for implementing it, and more!

What is Camel Milk?

Besides being the milk from an actual camel, camel’s milk is a milk that has many properties that have proven beneficial to people with certain ailments, diseases and even autoimmune diseases, autism included. Camel’s milk has antihypertensive, anticarcinogenic and antioxidant properties.

In 2013, Laila Al-Ayadhi (professor at King Saud University) and Nadra Elyass Elamin reported camel milk as containing potent antioxidants that may help the symptoms of autism. They did this by measuring the oxidative stress levels in children with autism. Biomarkers indicated that camel’s milk had a positive effect on oxidative stress reduction.

These characteristics also have make it a valuable supplement for treating diabetes, allergies, high cholesterol and improving metabolic health. However, Please read further down to make sure you don’t just jump into drinking camel’s milk.

What is Special About Camel Milk?

Camel’s milk is high in beneficial vitamins, a good source of many minerals, contains protective proteins and peptides as well as immunoglobulins which are antibodies. These immunoglobulins are powerful. They provide immune support. Their small size also allows the gut to easily absorb them. This also makes it possible for them to penetrate tissue.

Their Nano-size allows them to become intracellular, meaning they are able to clear the inside of the cells from toxins, bacteria and harmful substances that hide in cells. Antibodies are also absorbed easily by the gut and provide healing properties.

The milk is high in many vitamins including vitamins A, C, E and D. Vitamin C helps to make it a strong antioxidant, and it is contains iron. Iron helps calcium be more readily absorbed supporting bone strength. However, remember, calcium is only one aspect of bone health.

The peptides and proteins found in camel milk attribute to protecting the body and helping in digestion and building immunity within the body. Studies show the milk to be antioxidative, which is very helpful in autism and other autoimmune disorders.

Antioxidants help with oxidative stress, free radicals causing havoc on the body’s system. Oxidative stress is prevalent in children with autism and many autoimmune disorders. It also has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties and high insulin content. Studies have shown that the insulin from the milk can be beneficial for diabetes when used alongside other insulin treatment.

Caution Needs to be Used When Supplementing with Camel Milk

As stated prior, camel milk contains tiny antibodies. These antibodies are able to penetrate cells and tissues. They kill off the toxins within the cells and tissues. Die of can occur, also know as Herxheimer reaction. The Imgs, antibodies, kill off toxins and bacteria causing symptoms to spike.

Keep in mind die off reaction is dependent on the circumstances surrounding the individual. This may sound alarming to some, but really it is just best to inform yourself prior to beginning to use camel milk with you or a family member, especially a health compromised child.

Dr. Jodie Dashore recommends that some individuals get a FRA test done before using camel’s milk. The FRA, Folate Receptacle Antibodies test, allows a person to know if one has low, moderate or high markers.

Dairy products from any source should be used with caution when test markers are moderate to high. Before beginning a regimen that includes camel’s milk, one will want to work on gut health prior. A knowledgeable homeopathic or integrative doctor can help with this.

Camel Milk Benefits

  1. Closest milk to human mother’s milk
  2. High in minerals
  3. Low in sugar
  4. functions as an antioxidant
  5. antiviral properties
  6. antifungal properties
  7. antibacterial properties
  8. High insulin content
  9. antihypertensive properties
  10. anticarcinogenic properties
  11. High in vitamins A,C,E,D
  12. Contains immunoglobulins
  13. Contains protective proteins and peptides
  14. Milk’s insulin can be helpful for diabetics

Caution When Using Camel Milk

Some sites advertising the use of camel milk indicate people drinking a glass daily. Certain individuals, especially those on the spectrum or with autoimmune symptoms should be extremely cautious and supplement with the milk slowly.

I know from being extremely sensitive myself, as well as having children sensitive to powerful medicinal supplements, that it is best to acclimate your body slowly when adding something new to your protocol. This goes with most new medicinal practices as well.

I am not able to recommend or indicate any dose that would be right for an individual to take, however, I know that beginning with a very slow amount allows for the body to adjust and to see if any reactions take place. Also, reactions may take two to three days to show. Keep this in mind before increasing dosage each day.

This is an extremely helpful product to take to help absorb toxins that may be released when using camel milk.

Who Can Benefit From Camel’s Milk?

Healthy and health compromised people are able to benefit from drinking camel milk. However, again, the amount tolerated will vary among individuals. Someone from the middle east will likelier have genetic disposition to tolerate higher amounts of camel milk than someone raised in the western hemisphere.

One can build tolerance by increasing the amount taken slowly. But keep in mind that camel milk is expensive. Using it as an occasional or rationed supplement may be more affordable for most.

Raw versus Flash Pasteurized Camel’s Milk

Raw camel milk is straight from the camel. No heating process occurs leaving the beneficial properties in tact. A concern that rises is the transmitting of bacteria and diseases. If consuming raw milk of any kind, one needs to make sure they know the practices of the supplier.

Flash pasteurized camel milk is the process of heating the milk for an extremely small amount of time only to a certain temperature. Then the temperature of the milk is immediately lowered. This process ensures that harmful bacteria is killed off while not harming the valuable properties of the milk.

I prefer the later flash pasteurized method, at least initially. People with underlying health conditions may be able to better tolerate the flash pasteurized method at first, so keep this in mind.

Camel Milk Suppliers

Camel Culture is the company I recommend

I personally can recommend the company Camel Culture due to listening and reading about their practices and using their milk ourselves. They flash pasteurize their camel milk.

They also package their containers well for delivery. Purchase small individualized bottles is an option that I find convenient as well. I prefer not to have it packaged in plastic bottles, but price would most likely increase if glass bottles were used instead though. I will be using Camel Culture until I have a place that is easily accessible by me that uses high standard practices.

Camel’s Milk is a great supplemental tool and shows a lot of promise in aiding the body’s healing process. It also may prove useful t add to your regimen through wise and cautious use.

This post covers why, how and when to use camel milk. The potential benefits of camel’s milk are just becoming recognized in the western part of the word. On the other hand, some parts of the world have taken advantage of the beneficial properties for a while.

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