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Tea For Anxiety and Stress (8 BEST Herbs To Use In Teas For Anxiety and Stress)

Drinking tea for anxiety and stress is a beneficial routine whether you are stressed or anxious at the moment or not. These teas contain herbs that naturally provide the body with calmness for better anxiety and stress management and provide the body with other health benefits.  

Tea For Anxiety and Stress

Tea is a simple and beneficial way to help ease tension in the body. It almost seems to easy to be true. However, herbs are powerful, and when used the right way, they can be extremely beneficial to our health.

Herbs have great medicinal value, but they need to be used cautiously in some cases.  We use herbal teas in our house for managing our stress and anxiety needs.  They are extremely beneficial and useful for medicinal purposes when implemented into a routine properly.

There are ways to use them to get the maximum benefit.  Some herbs bring out potency in other herbs.  Combining them together also adds flavor combinations that are more pleasing to certain taste palates.  You will be shown why these herbs are great teas for anxiety and stress and combinations that work well together.  

Learn about the herbs to make your own combination or simply whip up a recipe that is already included. Either way, enjoy the benefits these herbs have on your anxiety and stress levels.

This post is about the Best Choices of tea for anxiety and stress and why they are so useful.

Best Types of Herbal Tea For Anxiety and Stress

#1  Lemon Balm

  • This herb, (a member of the mint family), has a slight warming effect on the body.  
  • It acts as a sedative and provides the body with a calming and soothing effect.
  • It is great for anxiety, nervousness, a fast heartbeat, and insomnia.
  • This herb also is said to "declutter" the mind.
  • Lemon Balm is used as part of a remedy for a host of other problems including dementia, ADHD, digestive problems, and cold sores.
    • Digestive problems contribute to anxiety as well, therefore, using lemon balm in aiding digestion will in turn help anxiety.  Therefore, you will be receiving two benefits in one.
  • Using lemon balm to specifically ease anxiety was favored during the Middles Ages and Renaissance time periods.  It is used in modern herbal practices as well to calm anxiety and relieve the body of stress.
  • Lemon Balm can be used during the day as well as at night because although it has a calming effect on the body, it is not so strong to cause sleepiness for most people.
  • The fresh form of lemon balm has a greater potency.  Many dried forms on the market are lower in potency, but still are effective in tea.  This is a great lemon balm tincture that works very well if you want something stronger than tea form.

Where to Buy Lemon Balm Tea

Where to Buy Lemon Balm the Herb 

#2  Skullcap

  • Sensitive to light, temperature, scratchy fabric, spouse's breathing?
    • If yes, this herb is for you.  Skullcap is fantastic for anxiety and anyone with oversensitivity issues.  I know this because this is me. 
    • Skullcap is use to treat anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, and nervous tension and is extremely effective in doing so.
  • American Skullcap (S. lateriflora) is a herb that is a member of the mint family.  It is grown in is Eastern North America and not as prevalent as the Chinese skullcap.
  • Chinese skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis), is also a member of the mint family, and the bulk of the root of this plant is grown in China. 
  • It contains glutamine, an amino acid known to help anxiety and have sedative-like qualities.

Where to Buy Skullcap Tea

Where to buy the HERB Chinese Skullcap

#3  Passionflower

  • This herb is classified as cooling.
  • Passionflower is native to the southern and eastern states.
  • It was named by European settlers after the passion of Christ.
  • It has a calming effect on the central nervous system.
  • Passionflower is used for mental, emotional, and physical agitation as well as for restlessness.
    • It relieves nervous tension and is very effective in aiding sleep naturally.
  • If you are one to get moody and irritable when stressed, then this herb will benefit you.
  • This herb can produce a drowsiness effect when calming the body, dependent on the individual, so it is best used before a period of sleep.
  • Compounds in passionflower attach to the same areas of the brain which are areas affected by GABA, a calming neurotransmitter.
  • The flower is an herbal synergist!
    • This means that it enhances the potency of the herb/s it is combined with.  It is important to keep this in mind when combining it with other herbs.  The herb it is combined with will have a stronger effect on the body.

Where to buy the TEA Passionflower

Where to buy the HERB Passionflower

#4  Linden Flower

  • This is a gently acting herb that eases agitation.  It is also great for heart palpitations associated with anxiety, and stress.
  • It is often underappreciated in its usage.
  • Its use for this purpose dates back to the Renaissance era.
  • This herb can be found in mountainous and cold, wet climates.
  • Linden Flower calms the nervous system and eases anxiety, according to some, similar in some ways to Xanax or Valium.
  • The herb is also effective in calming down hyperactivity and headaches due to nerve tension.
    • The moistness and cooling effect of the herb is said to counterbalance the hyperactivity that is associated with being hot and wound up with anxiousness.

Where to Buy Linden Flower Tea

Where to Buy the HERB Linden Flower

#5  Rhodiola

  • This herb can be found in some of the Northeastern states such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Maine and in the mountain areas of North Carolina and Alaska.
  • Its uses are very effective on health and well-being in the areas of anxiety and stress.
  • Rhodiola reduces cortisol levels, so stress naturally is eased.
  • This herb is also good for treating depression, so keep that in mind if you or a loved one suffers from both. Serotonin levels have been shown in some studies to increase when rhodiola is taken, making this helpful for relieving depression too.
    • Keep in mind that a person needs to talk to a health care professional before using this when taking medication.

Where to Buy Rhodiola Powder

Where to Buy the HERB Rhodiola

#6  Lavender

  • This herb is slightly warming and relaxing
  • It is helpful in many ways.  It has a calming effect on the nervous system and promotes sleep.  
  • The herb is also effective on people who are high strung and have nervous tension.
  • Lavender was one of the herbs brought over to America by the pilgrims.
  • The herb can be used for many differenet purposes, but it is best know for its relaxing qualities.
  • Lavender has a drowsy effect on some, so keep this in mind when taking during the day.

Where to Buy Lavender Tea

Where to Buy the Herb Lavender

#7  Valerian

  • Valerian reduces anxiety and nervousness and promotes rest and sleep.
  • This has been used as a sedative for centuries.
  • Valerian has been shown in studies to be effective as a treatment for sleeplessness.
  • Anxiety symptoms such as heart palpitations, tremors and sweating all can be relieved with valerian.
  • Mental overactivity can be eased with the use of this herb as well.
  • Although a very helpful herb, caution needs to be used if dealing with liver problems.  Seek a doctor's advice first if you are aware of any liver issues you may have.

Where to Buy Valerian Tea

Where to Buy the Herb Valerian

#8  Golden Poppy or California Poppy

  • This plant is sometimes called California Poppy and is a native plant to California, as the name suggests.
  • Gold poppy has a calming effect and eases nervousness and irritation in individuals.
  • It is good for mood, anxiety and mental exhaustion.
  • It's also helpful in relieving itchy hives, so if you tend to break out in stressful situations, then this may be a helpful herb for you.
  • This herb should not be used while driving due to the increase in sleepiness after taking the herb.  Also, do not use it when taking other sedatives.

Where to Buy the Herb Golden Poppy

**These are the tea bags that I use to make my own tea combos from bulk herbs.**

How To Use Herbs In Tea (Individually)

Add 1 tsp. of the herb to a tea bag and steep in hot water for at least 10 minutes. The flavor will become stronger the longer you leave the herb in the tea and the tea will become more potent. Some sources recommend steeping the herb for 5 minutes at the minimum.  I find it is best for us to do at least 10 minutes.  This will be according to individual needs.

Make sure to seek a health practitioners advice, specifically one knowledgeable in the usage of herbs.  Herbs are a powerful way to be used in teas for anxiety and stress, but it is best to know which ones are best suited for you, so do your research.

If Pregnant, make sure to check with you doctor to make sure the herb is safe to use.  Herbs that are generally safe may not be wise to use while pregnant.

Herbal Tea Recipes

Here are two herbal tea recipe infusions that are beneficial when relief is needed from anxiety and stress.  These are also great to drink before the onset of tension.

  • Directions:  All of the pre-made tea combinations should be added into a tea bag or tea ball and steeped for at least 10 minutes to get the benefits needed from the herbal tea recipe.

Anxiety Relief Tea For Night Time

(Causes Drowsiness)

2 tbs. Skullcap

1 tbs. Passionflower

1 tsp. Lavender

Mix the above herbs together. Add 1 heaping tablespoon into tea bag or tea ball and steep in very hot, distilled water for at least 10 minutes.

Anxiety Relief Tea For Any Time

2 tbs. Skullcap

2 tbs. Lemon Balm

1 tsp. Marshmallow Root


Mix the above herbs together. Add 1 heaping tablespoon into tea bag or tea ball and steep in very hot, distilled water for at least 15 minutes.

This post demonstrates The Best 8 herbs to use in a tea for anxiety and Stress.

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